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Even though the mention of Phoenix gushes off a depth of warmth to people who reside in colder climates, the weather during the summer season in Phoenix can be a bit too much. The summer months leave the locals panting and sweating their living daylights out. So, it is often a low time for touristy things around. If you don’t want yourself toasting out under the scorching heat of the sun, it is important to know the ins and outs of Phoenix in summer.

In this article, we are going to guide you through the various activities you can indulge in during the scorching heat of the summer in Phoenix.

Weather In Phoenix In Summer

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When it comes to the weather conditions in Phoenix weather in summer during the summer months, the climate tends to hover around the range of 100 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit which is still somewhat bearable.

Often times, the climate tends to get way hotter than normal levels, which are when the problem arises. The summer months between April till August are often a mellow time throughout the day.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Phoenix In Summer

Now that we have walked ourselves through the common grounds of the weather you are going to experience when you visit Phoenix in summer, it is time we guide you through the amazing places and things you can do in Phoenix even with the scorching heat.

1. Visit The Waterpark


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Waterparks are quite abundant throughout the entire state of Phoenix. Even with the scorching heat, locals and even tourists alike like to step out of their houses to bask in the sunlight. One of the best places to cool off the heat is at one of the many waterparks that are available in Phoenix.
If you are wondering which one will be the best one around, the Sunsplash which is located in Mesa is considered as one of the best options for you to indulge in. Apart from being open in the morning, you get evening hours from 7 pm till 10 pm which is one of the best ways to relax and fight off the extreme dry heat around. It also has amazing water slides, tubes and other options for you to look into.

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2. Avail The Summer Resort Deals

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If you know about the weather conditions in Phoenix humidity in summer, you’d guess that the resorts and hotels have a mellow business during that time. This is the perfect time for you to hop on to those discounted and amazing summer resort deals that they offer you. Owing to the fact that it does become hard for the five-star hotels to sell out their room bookings, they tend to offer amazing deals.
This is the best time to avail those offers and get the luxurious feeling altogether. If you want the best kind of deals, visit the Arizona Biltmore. During the summer days, they offer discounts where you can have an amazing three-course meal buffet for 200 bucks.

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3. Take A Cruise On Saguaro Lake

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Yet another amazing way to beat Phoenix humidity in summer is by taking a cruise to the Saguaro Lake. The chartered cruise lines provide you with a narrated cruise along the Saguaro Lake and that too, completely air-conditioned. This trip is a must-have when you are in Phoenix. Not only can you successfully beat the heat, but it also does become easier for you to get a look at the scenic beauty surrounding the beautiful lake.

4. Visit Dave And Busters

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If arcades and gaming are up to your alleys, you can beat the heat by indulging in a day at Dave and Busters. This is an amazing place to chill out and have some fun altogether. Often times, people who want something different for their dates tend to opt for this place. They are known for their wide range of games they host, from old school games to the modern touch to it. It has a complete arcade gaming zone and also hosts an amazing restaurant and bar. The place is definitely a bit on the pricey side but the options are worth it in the end. If you want to avail the best coupons, sign up for their newsletters.

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5. Early Admission Inside The Zoo

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Owing to the scorching heat of the sun, Phoenix zoo tends to offer amazing early admission right from 7 AM itself. The weather during that time is quite pleasant. If you are visiting Phoenix in between the months of June and August, enjoy the early admissions. Majority of the people tend to attend in the later time of the day which makes the experience of visiting a zoo in the early morning even better.

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6. Visit An Art Gallery

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Since the majority of the tourists tend to look for indoor sightseeing options during the summer season in Phoenix, you can easily visit any of the popular art museums around. Some of the best options for you to indulge in include the Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, The Phoenix Art Museum, and The Heard Museum. Scottsdale is also popular for its wide range of art galleries, so, if you are there; make sure to check them out.

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7. Visit The OdySea Aquarium


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Considered as the largest aquarium in the southwest of Phoenix, the OdySea Aquarium is a newly constructed establishment that is attracting more and more visitors. Spread across 200,00 sq. ft, this is home to over 50 exhibits of marine life. Some of the most popular sights around include the restroom shark fish tank, Living Sea Carousel etc. Visiting the aquarium is actually an amazing way to cut out the heat in Phoenix during summer.

8. Hit The Trails

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Now, when we mention, hit the trails, the timings mean very early in the morning. Don’t even think of doing it during the late afternoon or so. There are several amazing trails around like the Camelback Mountain and Pinnacle Peak. These desert oasis destinations do have an amazing number of trails up for offer, so make sure you don’t forget visiting them.

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9. Visit The Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

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Yet another must do during the summer months in Phoenix is plan an eventful day to the Oak Creek Canyon. Cradled in between Flagstaff and Sedona, the Oak Creek Canyon is actually quite a popular tourist destination. The lush blanket of the deciduous trees is actually a good escape from the scorching heat of the sun. Once there, look around for the shady hike trails like the West Fork Trail and just set sail.

10. Visit Prescott

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Prescott is yet another neighboring town located just 1.5 hours away from the main city of Phoenix. This is a place that majority of the people visit when they seek a sudden change in their scenery and weather conditions. The summers in Prescott are comparatively colder than that of Phoenix which makes it a perfect place for a quick getaway. The place is rich in historical events and places and if you are there make sure to explore around. Indulge in a bike ride along the Peavine trail or even check out a local museum if you want to stay indoors or experience the Phoenix summer flowers.

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When it comes to discussing Phoenix, Arizona in summer, the majority of the people tend to run off. Irrespective of the weather, there are actually a number of things one can indulge in while in Phoenix during those months of heat and sweat. If you have been confused till this date as to what to do, this list of the top 10 things can help you out. So, plan a trip to US, head to Phoenix and indulge in the fun!

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