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    Tucked away in the east of Jurong, Clementi is among the most prominent residential towns and planning centers in the city-state of Singapore. The world-renowned Clementi Road, which is a major trunk road, runs through this town. It’s essentially a self-sufficient residential town that was developed between 1975 to 1979. The Clementi locale has 7 major neighborhoods and the town is made up of 4 constituencies. There are various places to visit in Clementi that you’ll surely find interesting! Make sure you add each and every one of the places to see in this charming town to your itinerary. Several of these attractions that you can explore with your friends, family, better half, or even solo, are listed below.

    5 Best Places To Visit In Clementi

    Clementi is among the most accessible towns in Singapore owing to the smooth transport network that it has with other towns and cities of Singapore, as well as its strategic location. From taking a stroll in the famous botanical gardens to birdwatching, there are several exciting avenues in Clementi that you can explore with your loved ones.

    1. Japanese Garden


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    Built in 1974 by a JTC Corporation, this is an opulent garden located on the island of Jurong Lake and is considered as one of the best places to visit in Jurong East. Spread over 13.5 hectares, this is a picturesque, manicured garden with stone lanterns, rock arches, and bridges. Also known as Seven, this garden has gazebos where people can sit back, relax and enjoy the surreal beauty of their surroundings. Adjacent to it is the Chinese Garden, which is joined with the Japanese Garden by a beautiful bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty.

    Location: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795
    Opening hours: 5:30 am – 7 pm

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    2. Science Centre


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    Apart from the Japanese Garden, the Science Centre is one of the most popular places to visit in Jurong East. This institution promotes scientific and technological know-how and awareness. A branch of National Museum of Singapore, this place was inaugurated in 1977. It features an array of scientific instruments, innovation replicas, models and journals. The extra-terrestrial observatory consists of a telescope, by the means of which people can see the position and movements of planetary bodies.

    Location: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
    Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm
    Entrance charges: INR 300/- per person

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    3. Singapore Botanic Garden


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    Another attraction worth exploring in Jurong East is Singapore Botanic Garden. Located on the Cluny Road, this is one of the oldest gardens in Singapore, and the only tropical garden to be listed in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It houses endangered as well as common species of trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasslands. This place attracts nature lovers and botanists throughout the year.

    Location: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
    Opening hours: 5 am onwards

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    4. National Orchid Garden


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    National Orchid Garden is located within Singapore Botanic Garden. It houses a wide variety of exclusive orchids. This place was inaugurated in 1995 and presently displays about 60,000 orchids from 1000 orchid species. The most interesting part about the National Orchid Garden is the display and layout pattern of orchids. All the species are arranged as per the four seasons of the year. The yellow and cream orchids represent spring, red and pink signify summer. Purples are for autumn while snow white orchids epitomize the beautiful winter season.

    Location: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
    Opening hours: 8 am – 7 pm
    Entrance charges: INR 257/- per person

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    5. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum


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    One important aspect of the Chinese Garden is the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum. A museum of its kind, this place has numerous breeds of turtles and tortoises collected from various parts of the world. From snake-headed turtles and Matamata to Golden Terrapin and the six-legged tortoise, the place has an array of collections. Many people consider turtles as lucky charms and visit this wonderland to seek their fortune and blessings. The Sulcata Tortoise is believed to impart luck, while Thailand’s Golden Temple Turtle iconizes wealth and fortune.

    Location: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795
    Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm
    Entrance charges: INR 257/- per person

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    Best Time To Visit Clementi

    Boat tour

    Though Singapore is a year-round destination, we suggest you avoid the peak tourism months in order to avoid all the touristy crowds and sky-high prices of accommodations in Singapore. Other than that, Clementi can be visited in between the summers and winters months, a time which is quite pleasant for exploring this beautiful town. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities at this time. The months between November to January are the wettest months, when Clementi, and all of Singapore, receives frequent showers that can last for long periods of time. On the other hand, the hottest months are May and June.

    How To Reach Clementi

    Singapore June Weather

    Clementi is connected to the different cities and towns in Singapore via a well-laid out transport system. If one wishes to travel by train, they can simply take a train from any city of Singapore to the Clementi MRT Station (EW23) on the East-West MRT Line while gazing at beautiful views of the countryside passing by on their relaxing journey. One can also easily get to Clementi by road. Travelers can either rent a vehicle and drive to Clementi, or simply make use of the frequent and air-conditioned Clementi Bus Interchange bus service that will take them to Clementi from anywhere in Singapore. It’s also a reliable mode of transit for your intra-city commute. The Clementi Bus Interchange is used mainly by SBS Transit and Tower Transit. When it comes to air transport, one can take a flight to Changi airport, which is the nearest airport to Clementi. From there, one can take the bus or cab all the way to Clementi which is just 30 minutes (33 km) away from Changi.

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    So, what are you still waiting for? Start planning your holiday in Singapore right away! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to include all these amazing places to visit in Clementi to your list, and your vacation will surely be memorable!

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