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    Best Places To Visit In Hambantota

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    Hambantota is a town in Hambantota district of Sri Lanka. This town was badly affected due to Tsunami in 2004 but the government worked hard to transform it from an underdeveloped area to a city which attracts several tourists and has turned into a major urban hub. It is promoted as the second commercial hub after Colombo and is now bustling with people. The city has a tropical wet and dry climate like the rest of the country. It is famous for its salt pans which supply quality salt to the entire country.

    Hambantota offers an overview of Sri Lanka’s religious aspects and diverse wildlife. It lures several tourists who want to explore the wild and get lost in the beauty of it. Hambantota has been an important city from even before the colonial time and hence the depths of the past that one can uncover here is uncertain.

    The majority of the tourists visit Colombo and hence, Hambantota is not explored by many but it is indeed one of the most beautifully subtle places in the country to traverse to. There are a number of places to visit in Hambantota that one must explore to be familiar with the culture and lifestyle of the city!

    11 Best Places To Visit In Hambantota

    Sri Lanka undoubtedly is known for its biodiversity, beaches, resorts, and heritage sites; Hambantota is one of the cities which brings all these aspects of the country in one particular place. The neighboring cities that have many tourist attractions are also easy to access from Hambantota. Some of the best places to visit in Hambantota are:

    • Yala National Park
    • Mahapelessa Hot Springs
    • Ussangoda National Park
    • Birds Research Centre And Resort
    • Mirijjawila Botanic Garden
    • Agro Technology Park
    • Walawe River Safari
    • Ramba Viharaya
    • Sithulpawwa Buddhist Monastery
    • Mulkirigala Rock Temple
    • Kataragama

    1. Yala National Park

    Yala National Park

    Image Source

    Yala National Park is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka and is one of the most visited national parks in the country. There are 32 recorded species of reptiles and various kinds of birds. It gives the tourist a chance to witness the diverse wildlife of Sri-Lanka.

    So hop on the jeep and get ready to spot leopards during your safari!

    Location: Hambantota, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 112 888 585

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    2. Mahapelessa Hot Springs

    Mahapelessa or Madunagala Hot Springs

    Image Source

    If you are looking for those places to visit in Hambantota district where you can sit back and relax, then this is it! It is because one of the unique experiences of taking bath in a hot spring is provided here. This place attracts several locals and tourists on a regular basis.

    There are 7 hot water tanks with 7 different water temperatures so one can choose from which to take bath according to their comfort.

    There is also a small park for kids and a place with animals- like rabbits, turkey, hens and fishes.

    Location: Mahapelessa, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 91 2 224072

    3. Ussangoda National Park

    Ussangoda National Park

    Image Source

    It is a place of archaeological significance along with exquisite natural beauty. It has divine landscape and unusual red soil which does not exist anywhere in Sri Lanka. It is believed that it resulted due to a meteor or asteroid hit years ago.

    A lot of elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and various birds can also be seen here. It's one of the best places to visit near Hambantota owing to the variety of wildlife you can spot here.

    Location: Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

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    4. Birds Research Centre And Resort

    Birds Research Centre And Resort

    Image Credit: Tripadvisor

    This place houses magnificent types of exotic birds. One can even feed the parrots and interact with them or just see the amazing species of birds from all around the world. Some of the rare and endangered species of Asian birds can also be sighted here. There is also a restaurant inside in case you need to satisfy your cravings for Sri Lankan food.

    Location: Nagara Lake, Hambantota, Tangalle 82000, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 47 4 937111

    5. Mirijjawila Botanic Garden

    Mirijjawila Botanic Garden

    Image Source

    It is one of those places to visit in Hambantota, Sri Lanka where you can have the first-hand experience of nature. This botanical garden has a vast variety of plants; it is a great place to be at for plants lovers. Even though this place has an impressive flora collection, it is not highly popularised - as a result, the tourists are generally not aware of it.

    It is the perfect place to study the wide-ranging variety of plants for nature enthusiasts. One can hire a vehicle and even take a guided tour which would be more informative as the guides have thorough knowledge about the botanical garden.

    Location: Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 47 7 429975

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    6. Agro Technology Park

    Agro Technology Park

    Take a tour at Agro Technology Park to know about various crops and also see the demonstration of different agricultural technologies. The entire park is about agriculture, agricultural technologies and several crops and trees are also grown here.

    There is also an option for free fish therapy which one should not miss while in the park.

    Location: Bata Atha, Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 472 227 166

    7. Walawe River Safari

    Walawe river safari

    Image Source

    Enjoy calm and relaxing river safari while seeing various birds and crocodiles (One has to be aware to spot them). The beautiful landscape of trees and canopies surrounding the river is an amazing sight to see and is a tranquil tourist attraction. This is what make sit one of the best places to visit in Hambantota, Sri Lanka for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

    Location: 1/81, Batata South, Hungama, Hambantota, Tangalle 82120, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 77 858 1927

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    8. Ramba Viharaya

    Ramba Viharaya

    Image Credit: Tripadvisor

    Ramba Viharaya is an extraordinarily beautiful historical and archaeological site. It is a Buddhist monastery located on the banks of river Walawe. The entire place is surrounded by lush green trees and placid environment.

    Although famous in the country, it is one of the less visited tourist places. It is sure to blow your mind with its amazing archeology cocooned in totally natural surroundings.

    Location: Hambantota, Sri Lanka

    9. Sithulpawwa Buddhist Monastery

    Sithulpawwa Buddhist monastery

    Image Source

    It is also one of the ancient Buddhist monasteries. The panoramic view from the monastery is absolutely breathtaking. It is a religious place with archaeological significance dated to be centuries old.
    The mere journey to this place is filled with excitement as one gets see elephants and other wild animals on their way.

    Location: Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 47 2 237375

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    10. Mulkirigala Rock Temple

    Mulkirigala rock temple

    Image Source

    This too is a Buddhist temple which is built on natural high rock. It is one of the best cultural spots in Sri Lanka with immense historical significance. The rock cave temple is astonishing and also affords a beautiful scenic view. It is a very famous tourist destination owing to the craftsmanship of the temple-builders of old that can clearly be seen in its splendid architecture, drawing hundreds of tourists and pilgrims to it every year.

    Location: 450 B | North of Tangalle, Tangalle 82200, Sri Lanka

    11. Kataragama


    Image Source

    Kataragama is a sacred town for pilgrimage and a very famous religious place. It is one of the most sacred places in the country with a serene and calm environment. It attracts a lot of tourists every year who come to see the holy place and pay their respect to the deities. Other than marveling at the breathtaking architecture, it also draws peace-seekers since the place has very soothing vibes that are sure to calm and revitalize your senses.

    Location: Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya, Kataragama 91400, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 77 485 2000

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    When you are on your vacation in Sri Lanka and want to discover the unique places of the country, then Hambantota should be the destination! The various places to visit in Hambantota will give you a first hand experience of the cultural aspect of Sri Lanka and a lot of memories for you to cherish!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Hambantota

    These common questions can help clear any doubts you may have:

    Q. What is Hambantota famous for?

    A. Hambantota is famous for the Yala National Park, which happens to be the largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is also popular for the many heritage sites like Buddhist temples and stupas that it is home to.

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