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    Home to pristine beaches, unique temples, historical ruins, Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination that you must visit at least once in your life. With so much in store, it will surely leave you spellbound. It offers awesome places to visit like Sigiriya, Galle, Colombo, Kandy which will make you fall in love with it. But if you are looking for an offbeat vacation, then consider Udawalawa which is a small city in Sri Lanka. It is known for a national park that is home to a rich wildlife. If you are planning a trip in March, then it would be a great idea. There are many places to visit in Udawalawa in March that will lift up your spirits. So, are you ready for an enthralling vacation? If yes, then read along!

    Though you can visit Udawalawa in March anytime of the year, the best time to visit it from December to March. During this time, the weather of the city is pleasant and you can explore the city like a pro. The temperatures are not that high so it will be a pleasant time to indulge in the experiences. Carry light clothes and sunglasses with you, and you are all set to go!

    4 Best Places To Visit In Udawalawa In March

    Udawalawa might be a small city but it has a lot in store. There are many places to visit in Udawalawa. Here we have listed the best ones that will give you the most amazing experience ever! Take a look.

    1. Ussangoda National Park


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    It is a place of archaeological significance along with exquisite natural beauty. It has divine landscape and unusual red soil which does not exist anywhere in Sri Lanka. It is believed that it resulted due to a meteor or asteroid hit years ago.

    A lot of elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and various birds can also be seen here.
    Location: Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

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    2. Mirijjawila Botanic Garden


    It is one of those places to visit in Hambantota, Sri Lanka where you can have the first-hand experience of nature. This botanical garden has a vast variety of plants; it is a great place to be at for plants lovers. Even though this place has an impressive flora collection, it is not highly popularised – as a result, the tourists are generally not aware of it.

    It is the perfect place to study the wide-ranging variety of plants for nature enthusiasts. One can hire a vehicle and even take a guided tour which would be more informative as the guides have thorough knowledge about the botanical garden.

    Location: Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 47 7 429975

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    3. Agro Technology Park


    Take a tour at Agro Technology Park to know about various crops and also see the demonstration of different agricultural technologies. The entire park is about agriculture, agricultural technologies and several crops and trees are also grown here.

    There is also an option for free fish therapy which one should not miss while in the park.

    Location: Bata Atha, Hambantota, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    Contact: +94 472 227 166

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    4. Udawalawa National Park

    Elephants bathing

    Image Source

    One of the most adventurous places to visit in the city is Udawalawa national park. The park is home to a rich wildlife. You can spot n number of elephants and other animals in the park. You can indulge in wildlife safari for an enthralling experience like never before! If you are visiting Udawalawa with your kids, then do visit this park. All those people who love being around nature, this is one of the best places you will ever visit.

    Now, you know there are so many places to visit in Udawalawa in March. All these places will give you an exciting vacation experience and lift up your spirits in the most amazing way. Whether you are visiting Udawalawa with family or friends, you will have something to do there. It not only offers great places to visit but also nice restaurants where you can savour finger-licking good dishes. You can also go shopping at the famous street markets and buy souvenirs. Udawalawa will surely give you a soul-stirring experience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Sri Lanka now, head to Udawalawa and have all kinds of experiences to satiate your hunger for a heartwarming vacation.



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