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Lounging on the banks of the northern meander of the Vaal River, Vereeniging, which translates to ‘uniting’ in Afrikaans, can be found in what is now known as the Vaal Triangle about 60 kilometres from Johannesburg. The Vaal is a triangular area, mostly composed of the local population, bounded by Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark and Sasolburg. This part of the world is home to many industries and Vereeniging itself is responsible for manufacturing cables, farm equipment, bricks, tiles and processed lime. You must have heard of a lot of Afrikaans in Vereeniging, a community which makes its major part of living from farming and the nearby coal mines, among other places to visit in Vereeniging.

Top 11 Places To Visit In Vereeniging

Make sure to explore these 11 places to visit in Vereeniging on your trip to South Africa. You will have the time of your life:

  • Orange Farm Park
  • Sharpeville Township and Memorial
  • De Kraal Antiques and Collectables
  • Jabulani Butterfly Garden
  • Vaal Dam
  • Maccauvlei Golf Club
  • Riviera on Vaal Country Club
  • Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
  • Marievale Bird Sanctuary
  • Tapimanzi Adventures
  • Tapimanzi Adventures

1. Orange Farm Park

Orange Farm Park

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The Orange Farm Township can be found approximately 42 kilometres from the heart of Johannesburg. It is famous for being one of the chief familiar settlements in the country. It is also said to be one of Johannesburg's most remote communities, in terms of the geography, and has high levels both of joblessness, and poverty. But the city has carried numerous initiatives within the community to help with the current problems that include a contemporary library, tarring of quite a few roads, cheap houses, clinics, and Regional park of the orange farm, a farm which has many swings and even an outdoor gym.

Location: Off Regional Street, Orange Farm, Vereeniging, Gauteng

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2. Sharpeville Township and Memorial

Sharpeville Township and Memorial

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Sharpeville Township has many miserable memories and is home to the eternal memorial at the human rights precinct. The story is that in 1960 during apartheid a large weapon less group headed to the police station with the resolve of dissenting against having to carry around pass books. The police were intimidated by the amount of people and out of paranoia and irrational behaviour, opened fire on the people, injuring 180 and killing 69 of them. This ridiculous act was known as the Sharpeville massacre. Many protests were initiated around the country and this caused international rage and revulsion. Sharpeville day falls on the same day as Human Rights Day in South Africa and was declared as International Day by the United Nations for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Location: 14 km from Vereeniging

3. De Kraal Antiques and Collectables

De Kraal Antiques and Collectables

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Hooked on collecting ostentatious collectables and antiques? De Kraal Antiques presents to you a large selection of both fascinating and rare farm antiques. The collection includes an exquisite, old engines. The De Kraal owner is known to travel throughout the country participating in sales and guaranteeing that there is always a good selection for sale.

Location: Corner of Old Johannesburg and Evaton Road, Vereeniging, Gauteng

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4. Jabulani Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

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School holidays seemed lucrative. The days just seem to laze by, don’t they? Why not visit the Jabulani Butterfly Garden? It is a wonderful place for both adults and children to fawn over the captivating butterflies and makes for a great outing. A stroll through the flight house will enable you to view these exotic butterflies in their colourful glory. The garden also displays other smaller animals.

Location: 1332 The Avenue, Henley On Klip, Vereeniging, Gauteng.

5. Vaal Dam

River view

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It is the country’s biggest dam. The Vaal Dam is a host to all forms of water sports and events. Every year there is the round the island yacht race, the Keelboat Week, the bayshore jet ski race and the Marina Vaal Dam treasure hunt, and there are also more keelboats for the amount of coral harbours. There are numerous fishermen, water surfers, 10 sailing clubs and canoe enthusiasts who visit the dam over weekends.

Location: 56 km south of Johannesburg

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6. Maccauvlei Golf Club

Golf ground

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This is a parkland golf course can be found on the banks of the Vaal, at a quarter hour drive out of the heart of Johannesburg’s hubbub. It is soaked in history and even though it was established in 1926, it still holds its own in the top 50 South African courses. The club has since then made a lot of changes in its course. George Peck was the original architect upon whose work Major S.V Hotchkin put some finishing touches.

Location: Banks of the Vaal River, 45 min from Johannesburg

7. Riviera on Vaal Country Club

Riviera on Vaal Country Club

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Vereeniging may perhaps be best recognized for its manufacturing industries, but it certainly has some surprises for visitors wanting to enjoy the unblemished beauty of the Gauteng countryside. The Riviera on Vaal Country Club is can be found in this historic coal mining city, right beside the gurgling Vaal river and is known for its tranquil course. The bar and social area are a comfortable area to converse with fellow sportsmen and share tales of the past.

Location: Gauteng

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8. Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve view

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It is located near Johannesburg, one of the more dense areas of South Africa, and plays a very substantial part in open-air recreation, environmental education. It covers approximately 13,337 hectares of ridges and plains, and supports a large variety of Flora and Fauna. There are also different types of vegetation, ranging from open grassland on hillsides and plains to wooded gorges, marshland and even heath.

Location: Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, Heidelberg, Southern Gauteng, South Africa

9. Marievale Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary

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Marievale forms the southern half of Blesbokspruit RAMSAR site (an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands), and is one the most significant and protected bird reserves in South Africa. About 10 square kilometres vast, during the summer months, it accommodates around 3500 birds along with 65 different bird species. You can also witness other species like the reed cormorant, Ethiopian snipe, yellow billed duck and African spoonbill.

Location: Marievale Bird Sanctuary, outside the town of Nigel, Gauteng, South Africa

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10. Tapimanzi Adventures

Tapimanzi Adventures

Image Source

Vaal and Tapimanzi Adventures in Vereeniging offers white-water rafting, snorkelling, river rafting, kayaking, fishing trips, paintball, bungee jumping, tubing and quad biking. For the adrenaline junkie, a bungee jump from a height of 55m, and for Bass and Kurper, snorkelling. Non swimmers are welcome to snorkel in life jackets.

Location: 60 Bashee Street, Three Rivers, Vereeniging 1929, South Africa

11. Barnyard Theatre

Theatre View

It is one of twelve theatres in the Country. The first-rate Barnyard Theatre in Vereeniging not only presents musicals and satires in a relaxed, pastoral atmosphere, but live, local luminary bands too. It gets better. The theatre is set in a timber barn, with a domestic bistro and bar. Make sure to stop by here.

Location: Cnr. General Hertzog & Club Str, Three Rivers, Vereeniging

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Vereeniging offers a gamut of family fun and entertainment for your summer vacations and also offers a glimpse into its difficult history. The wildlife is protected by the reserves from the industrial conquest and one can find many interesting places to visit in Vereeniging. Do not miss exploring these places on your trip to South Africa.

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