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Kodagu, more famously known as Coorg, the hill station blessed with stunningly lush natural beauty, is a rural district in Karnataka, India. Well known for its acres of tea and coffee plantations, the local inhabitants are hospitable and welcoming to tourists, and the food is absolutely divine. While Coorg is beloved for its charm, attracting tourists from all over the world, here are a few places to visit near Coorg within 100 kms, that will make you go beyond the usual tourist hubs and allow you to explore and experience another side of Karnataka.

Places To Visit Near Coorg Within 100 Kms For A Fabulous Trip

From the Manjarabad Fort in Sakleshpur to the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad, here are the top 5 Places to Visit near Coorg within 100 kms that will make your vacation unforgettable.

1. Nagarhole National Park

A Tiger in the Nagarhole National Park

Image Credit: By Paul Mannix for Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1955, Nagarhole National Park is a must-see for nature enthusiasts. It has a wide range of wild animals like Civets, Pangolins and the Black-naped Hare. Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is situated in a forest with numerous gorges, lakes and waterfalls around it. It makes for one of the best places to visit near Coorg within 100 kms. Other than the national park itself, you can also visit the nearby Iruppu Falls and the Rameshwara temple. You can also watch crocodiles if you take a boat safari.

Best Time to Visit: the weather is pleasant all around the year, but travelling during the monsoon season can be risky and difficult.
Time Required: 1 day (making it one of the perfect places near Coorg for 1 day trip).
How to Reach: By road from Mysore railway station.

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2. Wayanad

An aerial view of Tea Plantation in Wayanad

Image Credit: Kmkutty for Wikimedia Commons

Nicknamed the ‘Spice Garden of India’, Wayanad, in the state of Kerala, is a magical place that has something for everyone, be it a sports enthusiast, or a foodie. For people interested in history and archaeology, you can visit the Edakkal Caves here, which are supposed to be a prehistoric settlement. You can also visit a few of the oldest temples in the area, the Karinthandan and the Thirunelli Temple, revered for their architectural wonder.

Wayanad also has sprawling spice orchards of Star Anise, Black cumin, Cardamom, Black pepper etc, along with coffee and rice plantations. Wayanad also houses the Banasura Sagar Dam, which is India’s largest dam, and Asia’s second-largest dam. On the whole, Wayanad makes for both, one of the best places to visit near Coorg within 100 kms, as well as visiting delightful places near Coorg for 1 day trip.

Best Time to Visit: November to February.
Time Required: 1-2 days.
How to Reach: You can reach Wayanad from Coorg via the Madikeri – Bhagamandala Road/Madikeri – Virajpet Rd, where the journey will be about 84 km long, coverable in about 2 to 3 hours depending upon the traffic.

3. Talakaveri Temple

Aerial view of the Talakaveri Temple

Image Credit: By Sibekai – Own work for Wikimedia Commons

Legend has it that the Talakaveri, or the Talacauvery Temple is the source of the Kaveri/ Cauvery River. Situated nearly 1276 metres above sea level, it is a popular tourist spot that draws in hordes of tourists every year. Two prominent deities are worshipped here: Shiva, of whom there is an ancient Shiva Linga, and Ganesha.

The place has a naturally occurring spring, which too is worshipped as the personification of the river Kaveri/ Cauvery. The temple requires vehicles to pay a certain fee to park. It has strict rules that people visiting it must follow, including women wearing western attire or short clothes aren’t allowed, and entering the premises is permissible only between 6am to 6pm.

Best Time to Visit: October, on Sankramana day. If you can’t make it on that date, then you can enjoy the monsoon here, in between July and September.
Time Required: 1/2 day.
How to Reach: By road from Madikeri (Coorg)

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4. Sakleshpur


Image credits: Vinayaraj – Own work for wikimedia commons

Sakleshpur is the kind of the gem that makes it one of the best tourist places near Coorg within 100km. It boasts of being home to the Sakleshwara temple, a 600 year old marvel that rests on the banks of the Hemavathi river. The place also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding hills, forests, and cultivation lands.

Sakleshpur is also home to the Manjarabad Fort, a star shaped fort built by Tipu Sultan in 1792. Sakleshpur is a true haven for all trekking enthusiasts, where several new trekking routes have come up in recent years.

Best Time to Visit: November to February.
Time Required: 1 day, making it one of the fantastic places near Coorg to for 1 day trip.
How to Reach: The Sakleshpura Railway station is easily accessible.

5. Dubare Elephant Camp

A view of the Elephants at the Dubare Elephant Camp

Image Source: Subhashish Panigrahi for Wikimedia Commons

The Dubare Elephant Camp gives its visitors an unforgettable experience and makes for one of the best tourist places near Coorg within 100km. The forest camp is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri. A host of animals other than elephants, like the Sambhar deers, Tigers, Bears and Leopards are visible here as well.

The elephant training camp provides a unique opportunity to visitors as you can not only observe but also participate in the care of these magnificent creatures. Trained Naturalists teach you all about elephant care, the need for concern and promote a trendsetting wave of eco-tourism. Despite its slightly high costs, it ranks as one of the most in-demand tourist places near Coorg for 1 day trip.

Best Time to Visit: Between October and March/
Time Required: 1 day
How to Reach: The camp is about 30 Km away from Madikeri and takes about 45 minutes to reach.

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This year, plan your trip to Coorg for a mind-blowing experience. Make sure you add the above-mentioned spots to your itinerary to add a new dimension to your vacation. So, what still awaits? Embark on an adrenaline-filled journey today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Coorg Within 100 kms

What is the Climate in Coorg like?

Coorg experiences Monsoon from June to August, during which it rains heavily. Summer is from March to May, which has moderate temperatures. Winters can get quite cold.

What to wear on a trip to Coorg?

A mix of warm clothing, as it gets cool in the evenings, and light cotton clothes during the day is good. Wear comfortable shoes for trekking, as huge amounts of the area require you to experience the beauty by going through multiple forests and remote areas.

What are some places I can visit in Karnataka?

The ancient remains of the Hoysala empire, Hampi, and the carefully preserved Mysore palace are a must-see for all history aficionados out there. There are many temples you can visit as well, including Sri Mahabaleshwar Temple, Padi Igguthappa Temple, Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery). You can visit multiple beaches, gardens, hill stations to enjoy the best of nature. You can also go to Bangalore, the Information Technology hub of the country.

Can you travel using public transport?

If you're on a time bound trip, it is recommended you travel by taxis or by private rented vehicles. Public transport is not frequent, nor is it easily available in close distance to many potential tourist spots.

How to reach Coorg?

You can reach Coorg efficiently by the road, as the district is well connected to all major cities. If you are flying in, you can travel from the Mangalore airport. The Mysore railway station is the closest railway station to Coorg.

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