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Bali is the perfect place for people who want to experience life at a picturesque island. Bali is famous for its beaches, coral reefs, volcanic mountains, culture and heritage, adventure activities etc. Bali is home to tons of Hindu temples and shrines. Balinese architecture is the traditional architecture of Bali that is applied to a lot of culturally significant monuments, One among such monuments is Taman Kertha Gosa which is an architectural marvel. There are many places to visit near Taman Kertha Gosa Bali with family. Bali has a rich culture that encompasses numerous religions and customs. A lot of people travel to Bali for admiring and experiencing its heritage and culture.

Taman Kertha Gosa is located in the town of Klungkung. It was built in the early 18th century by Dewa Agung Gusti Sideman. Kertha Gosa means – “the place where the king meets with his ministries to discuss questions of justice”. If you are a mythology enthusiast, you must visit Taman Kertha Gosa. On the ceiling of the pavilion is depicted an episode of the Mahabharata called Bhima Swarga. The unique painting technique of iconography is used in the paintings of the pavilion. Taman Kertha Gosa is shaped in the form of a mandala which is a Buddhist-inspired mountain. Initially, the pavilion was used as a court of law and justice. It is where the king and the priests met to discuss the issues pertaining to law and order. The paintings were made at the time when the monument was built. In the 20th century, the monument was renovated. New paintings were made which gave greater detail of the Bhima story and new panels were added.

Best Time To Visit Bali

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April, May, June and September are the best months to visit Bali as the island is relatively less crowded during these months. Due to off season, restaurants, hotels and resorts, shopping places, tourist attractions, etc. are cheaply priced and these places also offer special discounts. Also, this is the time when adventure sports, water sports and other activities are done in the best way. During these months, the weather is also nice. It isn’t hot or humid and it doesn’t even rain at this time.

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4 Places To Visit Near Taman Kertha Gosa Bali With Family

Taman Kertha Gosa is a great place for tourists and a lot can be done there. Additionally, there are also places near the monument which can be visited with family.

1. Monkey Forest


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It is also recognized as ‘Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary’. The sanctuary is opened for visitors from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. The monkey forest is situated in the Padangtegal village. The forest has an economical, spiritual, educational importance for the village. The forest is home to more than 700 monkeys and 186 species of trees. As the name suggests it is a very beautiful place. Explore this beautiful place, don’t tease the monkeys and run when you are chased by them.

Location: Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

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2. Gunung Kawi Sebatu


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Just half-an-hour from Ubud, ‘Gunung Kawi Sebatu’ is a charming Hindu temple. The temple is worked out around a number of pools and ponds. It is a perfect place to relax because of its peaceful and tranquil environment. The way to enter the temple from the western side provides stunning views down on the temple complex. Most of the visitors just admire these views more than the temple. The Gunung Kawi Sebatu is devoted to the Hindu Lord Vishnu and is generally used by the native peoples for religious rituals.

Location: Sebatu, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

3. John Hardy Jewelry Exhibition


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‘John Hardy’ as we all know is a well-recognized multinational jewelry brand which is based in Bali, Indonesia. Their primary workshop and display gallery is just a few km out of Ubud. You can observe how the jewelry is carved to its final design from scratch. Visit the John hardy Ubud Workshop and Boutique and you can watch the artists and the designers crafting beautiful handcrafted jewelry. The boutique is made up of bamboos in the shape of a ship’s hull and is 90 foot tall. With prior bookings, you can enjoy a family meal cooked in traditional Balinese way along with John Hardy designers and the management team.

Location: Mambal, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Timings: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

4. Agung Rai Museum Of Art


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Not exactly hot on the tourist map of Bali, the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) is more than just an art gallery. If you are forced indoors because of the rains in Bali in October, ARMA can be a pleasantly surprising experience. The exquisite taste of the local culture and the love for Bali is quite apparent in Agung Rais collection of historical items. Spread over more than 5 hectares, ARMA is also the venue for loads of cultural performances, and there is a boutique hotel here and also a botanical garden.

Location: Gianyar
Entry Fees: INR 283
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM
Best Known: Agung Rais collection of historical items

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How To Reach Taman Kertha Gosa

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Taman Kertha Gosa is best driven to. One can take one’s own car to the monument or hire a taxi.

Taman Kertha Gosa is an absolute delight to spend time at. It is a great place to explore with your loved ones and is a gem to Balinese culture and heritage. Now that you know the places to visit near Taman Kertha Gosa Bali with family, plan a holiday to Bali ASAP and do not forget to head to these places!

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