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Portugal is synonymous with beaches, that is what most of the travelers say. Portugal has 1700 km of coastline surrounding it. The Algarve and the resort beaches are the main attractions for the tourists. The country is dotted with a lot of secluded and cliff backed beaches as well. There is a lot more to visit here than the Algarve alone. The west coast is the summer place where you can head to spend a lavish vacation, a number of surf destinations to choose from where you can feel the force of the Atlantic.

10 Best Portugal Beaches

Here, we have compiled a list of things to do in the Portugal beaches along with the details of the best beaches in Portugal for families and the best beach towns in Portugal.

1. Praia De Tavira

Sandy Beach side

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Miles of soft dunes and the beaches being dotted with pedalos and umbrellas and a handful of bar restaurants without any hotel in sight, this is Praia de Tavira. The place gets busy in summers and one might have to wander among the beaches for as long as fifteen minutes. The place is linked by ferry to the mainland and located on the sandbar island of Tavira.

Location: Praia de Tavira, Ilha de Tavira, Algarve.

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2. Praia Da Marinha And Benagil

Seaside view

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The coast between the Centianes and the Armacao de Pera covers a lot of delightful beaches and the place has escaped large scale development, it makes it a much more worthy beach place. Two of the most visited beaches here are the Praia da Maringa and the Benagil. The classic Praia da Marinha has a seasonal beach restaurant which is the only trace of development there. The clifftop path from here takes you to the next bay at Benagil. It is a pint size village with a beach beneath the high cliffs. The fishing boats here are used to take the visitors to a sea cave which is extraordinarily large with a hole on top.

Location: Praia da Marinha and Benagil, The Algarve.

3. Nazare

Sea water splashing

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This busy seaside resort is all the trimmings and hustle that you would expect from the name. Nazare, the former fishing village is a great town beach as well. The magnificent stretch of clean sand is packed with colorful sunshades especially in summer. The beaches here spread further north beyond the headland.

The water here may look calm and welcoming on hot days but it should be present in mind that swimming off the Atlantic currents might be dangerous. Nazare is where the world’s largest wave was ever surfed and has a serious worldwide reputation among surfers.

Location: Nazare, Estremadura.

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4. Praia De Odeceixe

Mountain and beach

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This beach is 4km west of the village of Odeceixe that comes to life in summer and the rest of the time remains pretty isolated. Summers are very pleasant in here, you can take the road train here from the village or you can walk through the river valley that is framed by low cliffs of either side. The beach is among the most sheltered ones and people enjoy fantastic surfing and safe swimming.

Location: Praia de Odeceixe, Odeceixe, Algarve.

5. Foz De Minho

Beach side

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Foz de Minho is the northern most Portugal beach. It is 2km southwest of Caminha, the sleepy town. The place is located on the wooded peninsula where the estuary of Rio Minho flows into the Atlantic. The wooden boardwalks lead to a sheltered river beach. Walk through the pines for a few minutes and you will reach the Atlantic beach. The beach is a bit offshore and Spain is visible opposite to it.

Location: Foz de Minho, The Minho.

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6. Praia Da Figueira

Beach view and building

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This beach is often deserted and is situated on the small village, Figueira. This village is the starting point of the rough track that leads to the beach and walking to the beach is your only option. The beach lies just below the ruins of an old fort. The walk to the beach is of 20 to 30 minutes and that makes it the least visited the beach as it is not reachable by car. The walk is an interesting one though as you get to view some of the amazing countrysides.

Location: Praia da Figueira, The Algarve.

7. Comporta


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This beach is located in a remote part of northern Alentajo, This is a drive west of the port town, Alcacer do Sal, and is one of the best beaches in this region. The Comporta has deserted sandy stretches as far as your eye can see. Some seasonal cafe restaurants are here which double has hangout spots for the rich Lisboetas.

Location: Comporta, Alentajo.

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8. Praia Da Bordeira And Praia Do Amado

Beach view

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This two are among the finest beaches in Europe. These beaches are near the village of Carrapateira, this is a low key village which is in the corner of this region. Several kilometres south of Carrapateira is a fantastic sandy and broad bay, Praia do Amado with several seasonal cafes. The low hills here give the place a very scenic view from the top and the beach below is famous particularly among surfers.

Location: Praia da Bordeira and Praia do Amado, Algarve.

9. Galapos

Galapos Beach

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The region where this beach lies has been protected since 1976 as it is a home to badgers, polecats, buzzards, eagles and wildcats. This is a stunningly beautiful area which is somewhat off the tourist map. This area is dotted cove beaches, the place rises above a dramatic coastline in the wooded slopes of Serra da Arrabida.

Location: Galapos, Parque Natural da Arrabida.

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10. Porto Covo’s Beaches

Porto Covo’s Beaches

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The people of Portugal love the south Alentejo coast with some low hills, wavy cliffs and low key resorts that are clustered with idyllic sandy covers. This place features the best spots for fishing in the village of Porto Covo, it provides easy access to a lot of beaches around. This is a popular weekend retreat for Lisboetas and becomes busy in the month of August and is predominantly sound in the other months. The whistle of the Atlantic breezes is very unique over here. To the north of the town is the nearest beach which is a sheltered sandy wedge below the cliffs and the low key clustered around sandy coves. Beyond the lies Praia Grande, the “Big Beach”. Clifftop paths here run north to south of town that access to other beaches such as Praia da Samouqueira that is named after its extraordinary rock formations.

Location: Porto Covo’s beaches, Alentejo

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Here we have it, a list of the ten best beaches in Portugal, Apart from the beautiful beaches of Portugal, there are other natural wildlife, protected forests, and lot more places worth exploring. The places are definitely worth the time and are a delight to visit. So, plan a trip to Portugal and go!

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