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    Australia is a notable place for traveling purposes. People from all over the world visit the country to see its different attractions. Melbourne is a key city present in Australia that is known for its modernity and warm hospitable people. When in the city you can definitely look around the different historic places along with restaurants and other notable tourist spots. But to know more about the culture and practices of a place it is important to tour the markets of the city. One such place in Melbourne is Queen Victoria Market which is operating for more than 140 years.
    The history of the place will mesmerize you as it has gone through so many years and it is still gloriously standing. The construction started at a place which was once a cemetery and after that several markets stood at the place through the years. This included the hay market, the lower market, and the western market etc. The whole market got a makeover in 1975 which provided more space for each of the stalls. It even installed a worm farm in 2015 to have sustainable waste management. So, let us know a bit more about this place so that you can have help in exploring Queen Victoria Market.



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    Whenever you are visiting a tourist spot, it is pretty important to know about its exact location. This saves your time and lets you explore the place in a deeper way. The construction of the market started in 1868, so, you can guess that it is quite famous among the tourists as well as the locals. The exact location of the market is on Queen Street. You can easily take help of the Google maps to track the location of the market. You will get the map from the website of the market.
    Address: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    How To Get There?

    How To Get There

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    Melbourne is the capital city of Australia is well connected by all kinds of transport. Tourists can choose different ways to get to the market according to their preference. A private car is the best way to reach the market and parking is easily available between the Theory and Victoria Streets. You may have heard about the famous tram connection of Melbourne. Being situated on the free tram zone, one can take different trams like the Take the 19, 57 or 59 to Stop 7, Elizabeth St or Tram 58 to Stop 9, Peel St to reach the market. If someone prefers to travel by train, they can get off at either the Melbourne Central or the Flagstaff station and then walk 7 minutes north along the William Street or Elizabeth street to reach the market. One can also take a regional train or airport shuttle to reach the market.



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    The timings of the market are from 6 AM to 2 PM but it can have different ones for various days of the week. You need to make sure about the parts of the market that you want to visit. Some of them do remain closed on a few days of the week. The market remains closed on Wednesdays but Summer Night Markets do take place from 5 PM to 10 PM on specific months. Check the website to know more about the Queen Victoria Market Timings. This will definitely give you a better idea about the workings of this historic marketplace. The website also updates you about any sudden changes in the schedule.

    Things To Do

    The best thing that you can do in this market is to explore the different parts of the market that caters to different needs. Other than exploring the shops it is also great to explore the 140-year-old market. There are more than 700 businesses that currently operate at this place. شرح موقع 1xbet Here are some things that you can do at the market:

    1. Queen Vic Market Ultimate Foodie Tour

    Queen Vic Market Ultimate Foodie Tour

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    It is always great to explore places on your own but guided tours do help a lot. The foodie tour costs just $69 for adults and $49 for children. The tour takes you through the market and makes you taste the unique and fresh items. The food hall tells a lot about the history of Queen Victoria market. It lasts for 2 hours in total. You can book the tour from the website of the market.

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    2. Take Part In A Workshop

    Take Part In A Workshop

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    If you are in the mood for something different, then do take part in one of the workshops present in the market. Currently, there is a Picklery and Preserve Workshop and a Beeswax wrapping workshop. The workshops last for about an hour or so. Do book them on the website and check the information provided by them.

    Things To Buy

    An important part of exploring the market is going through the different stalls selling various things. Look at the Queen Victoria market map very carefully to check the options of things that you have. You will see that the market is actually divided into parts selling various items. These are some of the things that you can buy at the market:

    1. Fresh Produce

    Fresh Produce

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    The market is widely known for the different kinds of produce that it sells. You can go through the sections like liquor, bread, organic goods, meat and poultry, delis, seafood etc. Taste it in the market itself or take it to your home so that you can taste the actual thing. عروض دوت نت Do check on the fruit and vegetable section as the market has one of the best that you can find in Melbourne. You can make amazing dishes using the products that you buy in this market.

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    2. Specialty Shopping

    Specialty Shopping

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    When you visit the place there is much more than just Queen Victoria market food. Specialty shopping is also a thing that you can experience in this market. You can buy everything from clothes to gifts and stationery to things for pets and livestock. There are some open-air sheds where you can go to the shop. Just check the timings properly so that you do not miss out on the opportunity. Check information of the String Bean Alley, as it is one of the places where you can find amazing collections of things. موقع باي بال الالكتروني

    3. Souvenirs


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    As you are in a historical place, you may want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family. There are specific shops around the market which sells selected things like books, jewelry, engraving shops etc. These will provide you keepsakes that will be liked by the people that you gift the things to.

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    Here is everything that you need to know about Queen Victoria Market. It is an amazing spot in Melbourne that you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting the capital city of Australia. It has history and nostalgia as well as a variety of things that you can buy. So, definitely give it a visit and take the tour if it suits your budget. It may take you a day or two to explore the whole market, but we will definitely recommend you to take that time to truly enjoy this delightful place. This is a must do a thing when you are in Melbourne. So, plan a visit to Australia and indulge in the fun of shopping in the most famous market.

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