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Towering skyscrapers, swanky malls, glittering gold, desert safari, sand surfing, high adrenaline rides at the Ferrari World, and shimmering beaches. Dubai is spoiling in more than one ways, especially for Indians. Once you’ve been there, you’re no good to appreciate a decent city anymore. It sets standards too high, for everything—party, gold, stunning architecture, and women’s safety—that we, Indians, value.

Not convinced? We have strong reasons that lead to the inescapable fact that Indians in Dubai will have a dream vacation like no other.

Here’s why Dubai will ruin Indians for life!

1. Weekends start on Thursday. Life in Dubai is one big party!

Party mood is never ending in Dubai as weekend starts on Thursdays

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Hell, yeah.

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2. Indians in Dubai can stand mightily above the clouds as they visit Burj Khalifa- the world’s tallest building.

Walk among the clouds at Burj Khalifa

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3. Think life in Dubai is getting a bit too hot to handle? Go for skiing at Ski Dubai- the world’s largest indoor ski resort.

World’s top indoor resort – Ski Dubai

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4. The man-made creations are in Dubai are breathtakingly beautiful. Visit Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, to add some luxury and adventure to your memorable experience.

A couple hang-gliding above the world’s only man-made island in the shape of a tree – Dubai Palm Islands

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5. Gasoline@INR 35 ONLY! Drive away till eternity on the super wide roads of the city. Rent an XUV and go dune bashing in the vast desert. A holiday doesn’t get better than this!

A SUV amidst red brown desert sand in Dubai

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Rent a Lamborghini or a Porsche or a Saab. Cheap gas will make up for the cost.

6. Fancy cars everywhere. But, here you might get to ride a real boutique gold plated car if you befriend the right people. #iykwim

A gold plated boutique car on display

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If You Know What I Mean.

7. Buying gold from a vending machine. Preposterous, isn’t it?  NOT so much…After all, Dubai is known for its cheap but pure gold.

Girls shopping for gold jewellery in Dubai

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8. While in Dubai, what’s lost, will always be found!

Safety is never a concern in Dubai – you will always find the thing which you have lost

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Find your valuables exactly at the spot where you lost them! Super secure, isn’t it?

9. Dubai boasts of cop free roads & signals. Let the cameras do the talking!

Happy and helpful cops in Dubai

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If need be, the cops are happy to help.

10. Security of women – residents and tourists, both – is never taken lightly

Women are happy and safe in Dubai

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11. Even with the soaring temperatures, you never feel toasted in Dubai. Well maintained air-conditioning all over Dubai will not let you sweat.

Air-conditioned bus stop in Dubai

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It’s neither too chilly nor too toasty anywhere in there. So no freezing out your asses while working or sweating like a pig while shopping. Hmm, interesting.

12. Lost an important document? Need Government assistance? Don’t sweat, everything will be sorted out within 15 mins.

Happy and worry-free families due in Dubai due to efficient government process which are not delayed

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13. Dubai’s 3 Stars will feel like 5 Star Hotels. Get ready to be pampered!

Hotels in Dubai are world-best in terms of extravagance

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14. The euphoria of getting a job in Dubai is insurmountable. You ask why? Well, because the salary is tax-free in Dubai. You will get the entirety of what you earn without any cuts for the government.

Tax-free salary in Dubai.

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You do believe me now, don’t you?

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