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    shopping in Dubai

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    The city of Dubai embeds intermingling of traditional Islamic ethos and ultramodern lifestyle. It is also one of the most preferred tourist destinations on the global tourism map – a place to relax and rejoice! The key attractions of Dubai are not only its scenic beaches, charming desert safaris and state of the art monuments; they include the ceaseless shopping options — from ultramodern mega malls and traditional souks in Dubai to local street outlets. So before you plan your trip, glance through the list of best shopping places in Dubai. It includes stores for handicrafts, décor, electronics, designer luxuries and dazzling gold ornaments!

    Best Shopping Places In Dubai

    Dubai boasts of a developed city that offers tourists with almost everything they require. Here are 10 best shopping places in Dubai that will you the ultimate shopping experience:

    • Wafi Mall: A Unique Area
    • Dubai Mall: World’s Largest Mall
    • Ibn Battuta Mall: Biggest Shopping Centers
    • Deira City Centre: Oldest Shopping Malls 
    • Mall of the Emirates: For A Supreme Experience

    1. Wafi Mall: A Unique Area

    Wafi Mall

    Image Source

    Located on the Oud Medha Road, the Wafi Mall was established in 2001. A unique one among shopping malls in Dubai, it is known for its pyramid shaped façade structure, collection of artwork and Egyptian theme throughout the area. The mall has almost 350 stores of apparels, crafts, décor and accessories. The major attraction is few eminent rejuvenation centers, the famous one being Cleopatra’s Spa.

    How to Reach: 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport and the Sheikh Zayed Road. You can take a direct cab or shuttle bus from airport to reach Wafi Mall.

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    2. Dubai Mall: World’s Largest Mall

    Dubai Mall is the largest among shopping malls in Dubai and in the world

    Image Source

    The Dubai Mall, located near Burj Khalifa, in Financial Centre Road is designated as the world’s largest mall. One of the best shopping places in Dubai, this opulent mall is endowed with over 1200 luxury and premium brand stores, an Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice rink, Reel Cinema, Theme park, Dubai fountains and numerous restaurants. Major attractions for chocolate and candy lovers are the Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Candylicious store that sell all Hershey’s products and various types of candies, respectively. Whether you’re in for a honeymoon in Dubai, or to explore it with your family, this one is unmissable.

    How to Reach: Take a direct cab to the mall or avail metro till Burj Khalifa station and then take a cab or a shuttle bus to the mall.

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    3. Ibn Battuta Mall: Biggest Shopping Centers

    Ibn Battuta is the largest among themed shopping malls in Dubai and the world

    Image Source

    The largest themed mall, Ibn Battuta Mall is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and has been designed in honour of the Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta; hence the name. Again, one of the biggest shopping centers in Dubai, the mall is divided into six sections — India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and Andalusia and has close to 275 shops. These sections represent the regions travelled by Battuta and display plenty of exhibits of these places. The China courts has an Exhibition Centre, which houses many cultural events.

    How to Reach: The mall is located just opposite to Ibn Battuta Metro station, so travelling by metro is the most convenient option.

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    4. Deira City Centre: Oldest Shopping Malls 

    Deira City Centre is another one among best shopping places in Dubai

    Image Source

    Deira City Centre is one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai, located at the waterfront of the Port Saeed Road. It comprises all major brands of dresses, electronics, ornaments as well as local outlets of silk, cashmere and rugs. Along with the shops the mall has a movie theater, a bowling alley and a magic planet for kids.

    How to Reach: Take the metro till Deira City Centre and or a direct cab. Also, the mall authority runs shuttle buses from 11 major hotels in Dubai.

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    5. Mall of the Emirates: For A Supreme Experience

    Mall of the Emirates

    Image Source

    Mall of the Emirates offers a supreme experience with 475 premium stores of fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics, home décor, magic planet kid’s play zone and multiplex cinema. The most amazing element is the Ski Resort — where you can have the ultimate skiing adventure. This is where you get an unforgettable Dubai shopping experience!

    How to Reach: Take a metro to the Mall of Emirates station and then take the skywalk to reach the mall.

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    Souks in Dubai

    Dubai has a few marketplace or commercial quarters that offer a rich shopping extravaganza. Here are some top souks in Dubai where you can experience ultimate shopping satisfaction:

    • Gold Souk: The Most Popular One
    • Spice Souk: For A Wide Range Of Spices 
    • Perfume Souk: An Aromatic Shopping Center
    • Textile Souk: With Plenty Of Shops 
    • Meena Bazaar Dubai: A Local Market Place

    6. Gold Souk: The Most Popular One

    Gold Souk

    Image Source

    Gold Souk is the most popular souk of Dubai and worth a visit even if you have no plans to buy. Located in Deira, adjacent to Dubai creek, it comprises covered walkways dotted with numerous jewelry shops.

    7. Spice Souk: For A Wide Range Of Spices 

    Spice Souk

    Image Source

    Very close to Gold Souk, you will find another area lined with plenty of small shops selling wide range of spices and herbs like saffron, turmeric, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander and sumac. The narrow alleys are surrounded by the enticing aroma of the spices as well as basmati rice, dry fruits, nuts, hookah masala and flavored tobacco. If you love Dubai cuisine, you might as well want to take bag these spices and try cooking dishes yourself!

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    8. Perfume Souk: An Aromatic Shopping Centre

    Perfume Souk

    Image Source

    One of the most aromatic shopping centers in Dubai, Perfume Souk has a narrow passageway lined with small shops selling perfumes ranging from local Arabic ittars to branded international perfumes. You can also buy scented incense in powder, crystal, wood and rock form; Frankincense is a famous one.

    How to Reach: Take a bus or a cab to reach the place. Gold souk, Spice souk and Perfume Souk are close to Al Ras Metro Station, so travelling by metro is a good option. Just do not take your own car as the area is quite crowded and finding parking space is a challenge.

    9. Textile Souk: With Plenty Of Shops 

    Textile Souk

    Image Source

    In Bur Dubai, the textile bazaar or souk comprises of plenty of shops dealing with variety of textiles like silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, ready made apparels, footwear and souvenir.

    How to Reach: Reach deira and cross the waterway in a water taxi or take metro till Al Fahidi Metro Station.

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    10. Meena Bazaar Dubai: A Local Market Place

    Meena Bazaar Dubai

    Image Source

    Meena Bazaar in Dubai is a local market place in Bur Dubai, adjacent to Al Bastakiya area. The market area is famous for jewelry and wedding jewelry, watches, textiles, furniture and accessories and spices from India.

    How to Reach: Meena Bazaar is just adjacent to the Al- Fahidi metro station in the green line.


    Electronic products like gadgets, mobile phone and accessories, entertainment systems etc. are very popular amongst locals as well as tourists. Almost every mall like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Deira City Center has large number of branded electronics stores like Better Life, Axiom Telecom, Jumbo, Eros Digital Home, Emax, IQ, Fono etc. ECity, one of the largest private group company, operates a chain multi-brand electronics retail stores across different malls of Dubai.


    For fashion shopping, there is ample choice too. Every mall houses all leading fashion stores such as Bebe, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Mango, Armani, Forever 21, and Dior. Also, there are luxury boutiques in Oasis and Boutique 1.

    The Karama shopping center and the road from Dubai to Hatta are dotted with numerous shops selling crafts, home decors, souvenirs and artifacts. Such shops are mostly popular among tourists who want to gift mementos of the place to friends and family.

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    So, here are the best shopping places in Dubai that will fulfill the shopaholic inside of you. If you want to plan your Dubai Trip ? Let us help you create an incredible experience that’ll make your vacation memorable. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shopping Places In Dubai

    Q. What are the cheapest things to buy in Dubai?

    A. Dates, dry fruit, Arabian coffee, Pashmina shawls, and oud are some of the cheapest things to buy in Dubai.

    Q. Is Dubai cheap for clothes shopping?

    A. If you want to buy cheap but quality clothing in Dubai, then ditch the malls. Instead, shop in souks and outlet malls where you will find much cheaper clothing than the malls. Look out for Concept Big Brands Sale when all the brands offer discount of as low as 80%. January, July- August are the best time to do cheap shopping in Dubai as there are so many sales and shopping events going on.

    Q. Are things cheaper in Dubai than the UK?

    A. If you are talking about international brands that are not from Dubai, then no, Dubai is not cheaper than UK. You will find branded goods way more cheaper in the UK. if it is gold and other indigenous items in Dubai, then these are cheaper in Dubai than the UK.

    Q. Is shopping tax free in Dubai?

    A. At Dubai Airport, you will find a duty-free store from where you can buy goods like perfume, cosmetics, alcohol, electronic gadgets, and bags. You can now even use Indian rupee for shopping in Dubai duty-free.

    Q. Is Gold cheap in Dubai?

    A. If you compare with other countries, buying gold is cheaper in Dubai. You will be levied a tax by the Indian government on the gold items bought from Dubai.

    Q. Can tourists buy gold in Dubai?

    A. No, tourists are not allowed to buy gold in Dubai. Only Indian expats or NRIs can buy gold in Dubai that too the quantity is limited.  A male passenger cannot bring gold worth INR 50,000 and if you are female passenger, you can buy gold worth INR 100,000.

    Q. What is the biggest shopping mall in Dubai?

    A. Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Dubai, and also in the whole world. It spans across an area of 12.1 million square feet.

    Q. What can I buy from Dubai?

    A. Indigenous items like camel milk, dates, dried fruits, Arabic coffee, oudh, and gold are some of the items you should buy from Dubai.

    Q. What is there to shop in Dubai Mall?

    A. Hershey’s Chocolate World, Ted Baker, Adidas, Accesorize, Aeropostale, Aldo, and Christian Louboutin are just some of the brands available in Dubai Mall. Here, you can shop for apparels, footwear, gadgets, chocolates, toys, and a lot more.

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