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If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, you must ensure adding Kataragama in your itinerary and be excited for the unlimited fun. A pilgrimage town sacred to the Buddhists, Hindus and the indigenous Vedda followers, this place receives visitors from all over the world, including South India throughout the year. Also known as Kataragama Deviyo, the Kataragama temple is located in the town area and receives worshippers from the worldwide locations. Situated at 228 kilometers distance from southern Colombo, capital city of the island nation, this city was once a small village.

Being a multi-religious, sacred city serving as a popular pilgrimage center where Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and followers of other lesser known religions arrive, this tiny city is equally famous for serving a variety of recipes in the restaurants that operate in this city.

Some of the finest restaurants in Kataragama, Sri Lanka serve recipes from the intercontinental cuisines. Dining in these restaurants for once will turn your tour memorable. They serve authentic recipes with great flavor, taste and aroma to literally mesmerize you. Visitors enjoy hand-prepared authentic recipes prepared from the local and seasonal ingredients.

Top 10 Restaurants In Kataragama

Many of the popular restaurants here cater to the fine-dine needs of city’s visitors as well as locals. Here, we enlist some of the best restaurants in Kataragama known for their quality and delicious recipes. They don’t compromise in taste, aroma, and of course, the flavor of dishes prepared.

1. The Chill Restaurant


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The Chill Restaurant is an excellent place where great atmosphere and value for money for the dishes served urge the diners to plan at least one visit. This popular restaurant in the town remains a busy place throughout the year. Loud music is played here to seek diners’ attention.

Neatness, perfect décor, fresh environment, and hygiene make it a great place to taste some amazing meals with family and friends. Located in the picturesque exotic setting, this restaurant has been serving long list of recipes to the diners visiting here as tourists. It prepares dishes by using locally grown ingredients and spices.

Must Try: Pizza, Curry, and Sri Lankan Dishes
Location: Abhaya Mawatha, New Town, Kataragama, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Sri Lankan, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 245/- - ₹ 881/-
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5

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2. Traveller's Rest


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Traveller's Rest is the perfect holiday spot for the tourists to spend good times in Sri Lanka. Nestled right beneath the beautiful Ambuluwawa Mountain, this hotel is known for its cleanliness, beautiful décor, and many other facilities it offers. It has a restaurant that serves fresh and flavorful dishes at affordable rates.

If you are looking for some cheap restaurants in Kataragama for your budgeted trip, then this is the place for you! It welcomes the guests in a friendly and warm atmosphere with the jubilant, colorful, and typically Sri Lankan decoration.

Must Try: Rice Curry, Chicken, Mutton Korma
Location: 223/1 Tissamaharama, Kataragama 91400, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for Two: ₹ 254/- - ₹ 775/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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3. Nishadi Hotel And Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

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Whether you are looking for lodging or eating, Nishadi Hotel and Chinese Restaurant could be a perfect choice for both. It is one of the best option in the outdoor eating places in Sri Lanka, particularly when you are too tired. It offers a huge variety of fresh meals & beverages (tea/coffee).

Its culinary masters and chefs offer food to create an unforgettable dining experience for each visitor here. Don’t forget dining at this amazing Chinese restaurant in the town that ensure a memorable experience.

Must Try: Hoppers, String Hoppers, Fried Rice, Rice and Curry
Location: Saddhatissa Mawatha, Kataragama 91400, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for Two: ₹ 440/- - ₹ 1,185/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

4. Yala Peace Cottage Restaurant

Yala Peace

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If you want your accommodation in the rustic cottages with modern conveniences, then Yala Peace Cottage Restaurant could be the perfect choice for stay and fine dine. Apart from peaceful and quiet staying option, you also enjoy delicious food here with the lovely view of the sunset and temples from the far off distance. The ambience of this hotel and the taste of food served attract them all. The restaurant is duly maintained and so is known for offering the best of comforts.

Must Try: Mullet, Chicken, Salad
Location: 43 Sandagirigama Road Tissamaharama., Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Barbecue, Asian, Sri Lankan, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 141/- - ₹ 985/-
Zomato Rating: 5.0/5

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5. The Flavors Restaurant

Restaurant food

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The name of this restaurant in itself indicates that it aims to offer delicious food which maintains best of flavors. It serves delicious Sri Lankan recipes besides a few dishes from the Western cuisines like toasted sandwiches.

The scenic location of this restaurant and its beautiful decoration gives it a distinctive mark of its own. Apart from family dinner environment, it also remains a perfect choice for corporate dining options.

Must Try: Rice, Curry, Sri Lankan Curries, Curries with Coconut Roti
Location: Kataragama Road, Mahasenpura,Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Seafood, European, Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for Two: ₹ 352/- - ₹ 703/-
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5

6. Chef Lady Restaurant


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The culinary masters of the Chef Lady Restaurant combine decades of international experience to serve its guests with the ultimate food varieties. The dishes prepared here have best of nutritional values besides exquisite flavors.

The recipes offer you an opportunity to taste the flavors of Sri Lanka. Reasonable pricing do attract the international tourists and locals. It has achieved many milestones due to its belief in creating a welcoming environment for the guests.

Must Try: Grilled Chili Prawns, Snapper, Homemade French Fries
Location: B464 | No.92/B Sadagiripura, Punchi Akurugoda, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Asian, Grill, Sri Lankan, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 340/- - ₹ 700/-
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5

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7. Smoky Kitchen

Smoky Kitchen

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Smoky Kitchen restaurant is a popular name for cooking recipes with cinnamon wood and clay pot. This restaurant is preferred by the kids and adults because of the variety of curries it prepares without or less spices. Diners enjoy them the best and seek to visit here again and again.

With a wide selection of enticing dishes, diners like to eat a variety of items served under a single roof here. This restaurant can be reached easily as its location is accessible from all areas.

Must Try: Pakoras, Curries, Chicken, Pudding
Location: No 100 Hambantota Road, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Sri Lankan, Chinese, Seafood, Grill, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 211/- - ₹ 352/-
Zomato Rating: 5.0/5

8. New Cabana

New Cabana

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If you love to eat a variety of dishes, New Cabana could be the perfect location when looking for a variety in Sri Lankan cuisines during your trip. You along with your family can visit this place to eat the grilled fresh fish (mullet) and other delicious and perfectly cooked food items.

In case you are looking for some drinks like beer or wines, you can visit the nearby market and buy them. You are allowed to drink in the restaurant.

Must Try: Jumbo Prawns, Garlic Naan, Curry
Location: No 100 Hambantota Road, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Seafood, Asian, Sri Lankan, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
Cost for Two: ₹ 319/- - ₹ 652/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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9. Coconut Garden Restaurant

Coconut Garden

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One of the best of Kataragama restaurants in Sri Lanka, Coconut Garden is a sought after amongst both the tourists and locals. It is popular for offering delicious and fresh dishes to its guests. It also has a pool and its staff welcomes you to enjoy great food and relax as well post your long drive.

Must Try: Fish and Crab Curry, Chicken Korma, Mixed Vegetable
Location: 468 Court Road | Punchi Akurugoda, Tissamaharama, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: Sri Lankan, American, Seafood, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 335/- - ₹ 782/-
Zomato Rating: 4.5/

10. Green Hut Restaurant


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Green Hut Restaurant provides you with an environment that appeals to all in the Tissa town nearby Kataragama. Apart from its exceptionally peaceful ambience, this restaurant offers fresh, pure, and hygienic food.

Believing good health begins with a healthy diet, it maintains that hygiene level while preparing each and every recipe. Its friendly staff and peaceful ambience enhance your overall dining experience in Sri Lanka.

Must Try: Vegetable Buffet, Rice with Curry, Sweet and Sour Chicken
Location: Hambantota road, Kachcheri Agama, Tissamaharama | Ruwan Rathnayake, Tissamaharama 82600, Sri Lanka
Cuisine: International, Asian, Sri Lankan, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 211/- - ₹ 703/-
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5

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Your ntrip to Sri Lankawon’t be fulfilling if you don’t taste the local cuisines of the town of Kataragama. These restaurants in Kataragama would serve you authentically prepared dishes that will be a treat to your taste buds and reasons for you to revisit this amazing Sri Lankan town!

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