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Lively, fun, romantic, and awe-inspiring – Pune is marvelous in its own right. The saying ‘romance is in the air’ truly befits Pune. Full of whimsical places that inspire romance and passion, there are a number of romantic places in Pune that entice couples like flames draw moth. Have you visited the destinations we have shortlisted? If not, start crossing them off your list now. Pune is a peaceful destination in Maharashtra that has the best of both worlds – the cosmopolitan city with a laid-back lifestyle and moderate climate is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in India. While there are plenty of places to visit and explore in Pune, here are some of the best romantic places to visit in Pune for couples to rekindle their romance and find time to bond with each other in perfect harmony.

32 Romantic Places In Pune And Around

Be it for a day trip or a romantic escape, these peaceful places in Pune offer everything that the couples seek. There are reservoirs, ruins, restaurants, hill stations and so much more for you to explore with your partner. While we zip up a list of places to visit in Pune for couples, we unravel just a few of the romantic retreats, among many others:

  • Lonavala – Queen Of Romance
  • Lavasa – Manmade Hill Station
  • Hadshi – Unconventional Beauty
  • Mulshi Dam – Verdant Surroundings
  • Panshet Dam – Adventures Await
  • Khadakwasla Dam – Panoramic Views
  • Osho Garden – Serene Spot
  • Okayama Friendship Garden – Beautiful Views
  • Mezza9 – Romantic Dining
  • Trikaya – Rooftop Romance
  • Olive Bistro – Lunch Date
  • Matheran – Natural Beauty
  • Kune – Magical Waterfalls
  • Pawna Lake – Adventurous Escape 
  • Empress Garden – Tranquil Atmosphere
  • Shisha Jazz Cafe – Iranian Romance 
  • Copa Cabana – The Romantic Escape
  • Panchgani – The Green Paradise 
  • Bund Garden – Scenic Treat
  • Parvati Hill – The Majestic Retreat
  • Ghoradeshwar Hills – A Hidden Gem
  • Paasha, JW Marriott – A Luxurious Treat
  • Cocoparra Restaurant- Happening Nightlife
  • Paasha Restaurant- Taste The Best
  • Della Resort- Relish The Luxury
  • Exotica- A Lavish Escape 
  • Evviva Sky Lounge- Romantic Interiors
  • Atmosphere 6- Aesthetic Ambience
  • World Of Veg- A Vegetarian’s Love
  • Kamshet- Enjoy The Beauty
  • Khandala- Go Hiking 
  • Karjat- Explore The Exquisite Caves

1. Lonavala – Queen Of Romance

The lush greenery of Lonavala makes it one of the most romantic places near Pune

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Lonavala needs no introduction for being the most quintessential places for couples in Pune. Its verdant surrounding and all year-round pleasant weather are perfect for a close-to-nature date. The rains are not limited to monsoons here. The frequent light drizzle sets the perfect mood for a romantic getaway. Its soul-soothing beauty and undisturbed tranquility draw in couples from all over Maharashtra. The clouds intervening in your date prove to be a harbinger of good days to come. This mesmerising destination is perfect for one day picnic spot near Pune for couples where you can spend quality time with your bae.

Things to do: Have a picnic and enjoy the awe-inspiring surroundings of Lonavala with your partner; venture on a bike trip to feel the wondrous nature to the fullest; take in the eye-soothing sceneries; visit the orchards and relish the sweetness of freshly plucked fruits; dance in the capricious rains; and sit back on moody sunlit days.
Location: Pune district, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 67.5 km, An hour’s drive via Mumbai-Pune Expressway
How to reach: Lonavala is approximately 66 kilometers from Pune. This distance can only be covered by making use of the roadways. There are many public buses and taxis that commute from Pune to Lonavala and vice versa.
Romantic restaurants: PNF Restaurants and Bar, Cafe 24, The Kinara Village Dhaba

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2. Lavasa – Manmade Hill Station

The beauty of man-made Lavasa is at par with many other romantic places near Pune

Image Source

That’s right, the man-made hill station is the ultimate places to visit near Pune for couples. Its high resemblance to a riverside English town is not accidental. The architects and designers of the station have ensured it. Scenic hills, high fountains, musical lights, quaint cafés, little bistros, and bridges at the lakefront add to the mysticism of Lavasa. From boutique hotels to budget stays, Lavasa caters to every set of tourists. There are manly places for one day trip near Pune for couples that allow them to witness the best of the destination, and Lavasa undoubtedly falls on the list. 

Things to do: Take morning stroll at the embankment and enjoy the rising sun; gorge on delicacies from various restaurants and bistros; carry a bottle of wine or spritzer and share on a romantic evening with your lover.
Location: Pune district, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 57.3 km, 1 hour 45 minutes via Temghar-Lavasa Road
How to reach: Just like Lonavala, there are no trains or flights that go from Pune to Lavasa. One can make use of the public buses that run on a regular basis if one is looking for budget friendly ways to travel to the city. Apart from the bus, one can also make use of public taxis and private cabs to cover the required distance.
Romantic restaurants: Orient 8, The All American Diner, Zodiac, Chor Bizarre

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3. Hadshi – Unconventional Beauty

The unconventional romantic place near Pune - Hadshi

Image Source

The picturesque beauty of Hadshi is the major draw for people. Actually an ashram near Lonavala, Hadshi is among loveliest places to visit near Pune for couples, in unconventional settings. You may not be able to embrace each other or give a peck, but the peace of the place will ensure that your love bond is strengthened. You can sit on the picnic benches and share your fears and joys with each other. Truly a get-to-know-each-other kind of date can be accomplished here without much hassles.

Things to do: Take in the beauty of the ashram and marvel at its simplistic beauty; stroll through the gardens and enjoy the sights; sit on the naked grass and have a peaceful day while having the time of your life with your lover.
Location: Near tikona, Vadgaon Budruk, Mulshi, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 43.6 km, 1 hour 20 minutes via Paud Road
How to reach: It takes around 2 hours to cover the distance of 43 kilometers between Pune and Hadshi. One can board a public taxi or rent a private vehicle to travel by road as this destination is well connected with Pune via national and state highways.
Romantic restaurants: Valley Bar, Terrazzo, Mabruk Restaurant, Mountain Bar and Bistro

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4. Mulshi Dam – Verdant Surroundings

Beautiful lake near Mulshi Dam is one of the most romantic places near Pune

Image Source

If you’re looking for places near Pune for couples, this is the ideal destination. Hidden in the flourishing surroundings, Mulshi Dam is one of the romantic places for couples around Pune. Lush greenery, flowing water, pleasant weather, and an awesome partner are the only things required here to make your day memorable. Mulshi Lake is also emerging as a new hot-spot for picnics. Pack a day basket and some couple board games to relish your partner’s company in this verdant ambiance.

Things to do: Have a picnic with your love on the sprawling meadows; go boating in the lake when the water is calm; take your favorite reads along and enjoy a peaceful intimate read while lounging on the picnic benches; and don’t forget to click with the exotic migratory birds in the background.
Location: Mulshi Taluk, Pune, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 40.5km, 1 hour 50 minutes via Paud Road
How to reach: It takes around 1 hour to reach Mulshi Dam from Pune. The only way to travel to this destination is via roadways. One can either make use of their private vehicle or hire a taxi to travel to the Dam.
Romantic restaurants: Green Gate Resort, Basho Resort and Restaurant, Malhar Machi

5. Panshet Dam – Adventures Await

A bird’s eye view of Panshet Dam in Pune

Image Source

Panshet is the destination for you if you both are adventure freaks. A right mixture of adventure and romance, Panshet has been among popular places among couples in Pune for a long time. Hit the reservoir to have a fun-filled date with your partner and enjoy the stunning sceneries with background music of gushing water to set the perfect mood. The paths are good for cycling making it one of the best private places for couples in Pune.

Things to do: Indulge in water sports like the banana ride, zorbing, speed boating, water-scooter riding, kayaking, and diving. A popular cycling destination, Panshet can be your destination for a cycling cum romantic date with your partner.
Location: Velhe Pune District, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 40.5km, 1 hour 15 minutes via Sinhagad Road
How to reach: Panshet Dam is around 40 kilometers from Pune. One can cover the distance by private vehicle or the state owned buses that run regularly to and from Pune. Boarding a bus from the Swarget Bus Stand will bring the travelers to the desired destination. Apart from the public buses, one can also hire a taxi.
Romantic restaurants: Granma’s Homemade, Orient Octopus, Basho’s Restaurant

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6. Khadakwasla Dam – Panoramic Views

Sunset at Khadakwasla Dam – one of romantic places to visit in Pune

Image Source

This is amongst the most romantic places to visit in Pune. Remarkable surroundings, fervent greenery, gushing water, enjoyable weather, and amazing views – this is the story of Khadakwasla Dam. The panoramic views of the waterbody attract many couples in their bounds. While not many ventures into the area, it is still considered safe due to the bases of National Defence Academy and Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) there. Some very beautiful birds flock to the reservoir in search of food. All in all, it is one of the most surreal romantic places to visit in Pune for couples.

Things to do: Take in the stunning surroundings of Peacock Bay and hunt for the beautiful bird; create some memories in the rusty settings of Kudje Village and Bahuli Village; take a walk, hand-in-hand with your partner, along the makeshift ‘chowpatty’ of Khadakwasla Dam.
Location: Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 16.1 km, 32 minutes via Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road
How to reach: Khadakwasla Dam is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Pune. This distance takes around an hour to cover and one can reach to the Dam from Pune by making use of the roadways by hiring taxis or rent a cab.
Romantic restaurants: Sentosa Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Sawai, Village The Soul of India

7. Osho Garden – Serene Spot

A monk’s statue signifies the peace and romanticism of Osho Garden in Pune

Image Source

If you’re looking for romantic places in pune for couples, Osho Garden is one that you must add to your itinerary. Not just a monk’s paradise, Osho Garden is a haven for couples. The tranquility and calmness of the garden ensure rich, undisturbed time to the couples. The beauty of the garden is perfect to kindle the love and camaraderie, and its peace is spellbinding. In fact, Osho Garden is one of those places where you can hang out with your lover, share some sweet moments, and be assured that no one will try to harass you for it. It is one of the best lovers park in Pune.

Things to do: Take a walk and enjoy the greenery surrounding you; simply revel in the serenity of the place.
Location: 19, Gopal Rao Bevur Rd, Iricen Railway Colony, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra
How to reach: Sitting just a couple of kilometers from Pune, Osho Garden is very easily accessible. One can take the Raja Bahadur Mill Road or Wellesley Road via a taxi or a private vehicle and cover the distance in approximately 20 minutes. One can also make use of the state owned buses that run on regular intervals between the city and the garden.
Romantic restaurants: Dario’s Restaurant, Little Italy Restaurant, Arthur’s Theme

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8. Okayama Friendship Garden – Beautiful Views

Beautiful pathways and bridges at Okayama Friendship Garden – one of the best places in Pune for couples

Image Source

It is certainly amongst the best places to visit in Pune for couples. Nicely erected bamboo plantation, pristine white waterfalls, intricately beautiful Japanese structures, fabled straw bridges, thatched rusty gazebo style hutments, and aromatic flora of Okayama Friendship Garden make it one of the most beautiful romantic places in Pune. The manicured lawns and well-maintained pathways ensure a disgust-free walk with your partner. Some of the rare fantastic plants also make room for some new exploration within the confines of this garden. Also known as Japanese Pune Garden and Pu La Deshpande Garden, Okayama Friendship Garden is one of the most enchanting couple places in Pune.

Things to do: Take a romantic walk in the greenery and have a heart-to-heart; play fun games to enjoy the company of your loved one; a nice paperback can be your true companion – read your favorite excerpts to your partner.
Location: Sinhgad Rd, Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Dattawadi, Pune, Maharashtra
How to reach: The distance between Okayama Friendship Garden and Pune is around 5 kilometers that can be covered in approximately half an hour via the Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road. Okayama Friendship Garden is well connected with the city via roadways where one can make use of the public taxis, buses, or private vehicle, if any.
Romantic restaurants: Cafe Du-Mich, Sentosa Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Pune Sugar Box

9. Mezza9 – Romantic Dining

 The astronomical lights and cozy settings of Mezza9 make it of the best places in Pune for couples

Image Source

Mezza9 is one of the classiest places in Pune for couples. The ambiance is rich and cozy with options of both outdoor and indoor seating. Its scrumptious delicacies will leave you craving for more. Lively music and soft lighting help set the mood right. It is truly an incredible place to start your evening or to end your date on a high note making it one of the good places in Pune for couples.

Must-try dishes: Bhuna Mutton, Jerked Shrimp, Mushroom Aglio Olio, Bouillabaisse Soup, Vegetable Steak, Brazilian Prawn Stew, Smoked Chicken Salad, Cajun Kingfish, Prawns Newburg, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Cacciatore, and Harvest Supreme Sizzler
Location: Opposite KPIT Cummins, IT Park, Phase 1, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra
Cost for two: INR 1,600 approximately
How to reach: This family restaurant is located around 18 kilometers from Pune city and can be reached in around 40 minutes. One can either make use of the private car or hire a- cab, taxi, bike to cover the distance between the two.
Ratings: 4/5

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10. Trikaya – Rooftop Romance

The classy elegant décor of Trikaya make it of the best romantic restaurants in Pune

Image Source

A bit heavy on the pocket, Trikaya is the place where you can take your soulmate for a special occasion. Celebrate your first kiss anniversary, your third week together, your 7 years into marriage and much more at this perfect rooftop restaurant. Classy décor, amazingly crafted statues, soft lighting, and the delicious food gains this restaurant its tag of one of the most romantic places in Pune. Its private booths, where you can shut out the rest of the world are also a major hit with the couples. The candlelight settings enhance the overall experience of the place. It is one of the most romantic dinner places in Pune.

Must-try dishes: Burnt Garlic Jasmine Rice, Potato Okra Chilly Fry, Chili Basil Chicken, Crispy Spring Rolls, and Galawati Kebab with Khasta Roti.
Location: Aditya Shagun Mall, NDA Pashan Rd, Lantana Gardens, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra
Cost for two: INR 2,000 approximately
How to reach: By making use of the private vehicle or the public taxis, cars, and bikes, one can cover the distance of 11 kilometers between Trikaya and Pune.
Ratings: 3.9/5

11. Olive Bistro – Lunch Date

Outdoor settings of Olive Bistro are perfect for a romantic breakfast

Image Source

If you’re looking for places to hangout in Pune for couples, this is the best place. The very definition of Olive Bistro is romantic, quaint, and cozy. Soft greenery, pebbled pathway, cute white furniture, mesmerizing music, and warm lighting give you an experience of real Mediterranean café, and not a makeshift one right there in Pune. The best part of the restaurant is its outdoor seating area. The soft colors and amazing settings make this restaurant all the more awesome. Not just outdoor seating, but every seat here has its own charm, be it their high table, regular seats, or the ones near the porch.

Must-try dishes: Herb Chicken Skewers, Capricciosa, Penne Arrabiata, Corn and Jalapeno Cakes, Smoked Reshampatti Chilli, Baked Cannelloni, and Orange Marinated Grilled Chicken
Location: 6, Bund Garden Rd, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra
Cost for two: INR 1,600 approximately
How to reach: In order to reach Olive Bistro from Pune, one needs to travel via Mumbai by taking the Pandharpur or Old Mumbai Road. They can travel around the city by renting a taxi, bike, or via their own vehicle.
Ratings: 4.3/5

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12. Matheran – Natural Beauty

Charlotte Lake in Matheran offers perfect tranquility for couples

Matheran is possibly the only unique and the traffic less hill station in India – thanks to the ban on vehicles in this well-preserved destination. Commuting in Matheran by old rickshaws and toy train is an enthralling and enjoyable experience. You will have the time of your life here with your significant other and will enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Things to do: Visit the most famous Dodhani Waterfalls; get enthralled by various lakes, sorts, and caves; seek blessings at Ambarnath Shiv Temple.
Location: Matheran, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 123 km, 2 hours 30 minutes via Mumbai-Pune expressway
How to reach: When traveling to Matheran from Pune, one can board the Mumbai bound train and deboard at Karjat which is around 95 kilometers from Pune. After reaching Kajrat, board the local train and get off at Neral which is 21 kilometers from Pune. From Neral Station, one can sit in the toy train to Matheran which runs around 4 times a day. One can also take the bus, taxi, or private vehicle to travel by road.
Romantic restaurants: Namak Restaurant, World of Waffles, The Social – Bistro & Cafe

13. Kune – Magical Waterfalls 

The magical waterfalls of Kune makes it one of the best places to visit in Pune for couples

Image Source

Known for its gushing and refreshing waterfalls and lush green valleys, Kune is a quaint, little village sitting in the lap of Khandala and is one of the peaceful places to visit in Pune. One of the most romantic destinations to visit near Pune, Kune has been truly blessed by mother nature. The days where one can hear the sounds of birds chirping, and evenings where hues of orange and yellow make everything shine as the sun sets, Kune offers plenty of spaces to embrace oneself in the soaking beauty of nature. The denseness of forests and greenery of foliage leaves one speechless and breathless at the same time.

Things To Do: One can stroll through the narrow lanes of Kune to reach the famous and fresh waterfalls. Take a dive into the pools of these falls, stand under the gushing water, and get rid of all that fatigue and stress. One can also experience camping in the jungles of Kune. Collect the wood for a bonfire to keep warm and keep the insects at bay.
Location: Khandala, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune:
71.6 km, 1 hour and 32 minutes from Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway
How to reach:
To reach Kune from Pune by road, one should take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and then stop at the Lonavala bypass. After reaching this point, they can take any local transport including buses and taxis, and drive along the Mumbai-Pune highway route. By train, one can deboard at the Khandala Railway Station which is only 2 kilometers from Kune and take public transport to cover the distance in between.
Romantic restaurants: Creme Della, PNF Restaurant & Bar, Parsi Dhaba, Cafe 24

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14. Pawna Lake – Adventurous Escape 

Pawna Lake

Image Source

There are many weekend getaways near Pune for couples but Pawna Lake is something different. It is an ideal spot for those who are seeking to engage in some thrilling activities along with embracing various wonders of mother nature. A great spot for rejuvenating and relaxing, the sandy shores, chilly breeze, melodious sounds of lake, and mighty mountains makes this gorgeous spot even more special and beautiful. Pawna Lake is one of those romantic places near Pune that offers a great, tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Things To Do: Pawna Lake is one of the most amazing places to camp by the lakeside. One can set up their tents and gaze at the billion twinkling stars with their loved one. The lake always gives travelers an opportunity to enjoy some music, sit by the bonfire, try barbeque, and simply have one of the best nights of their lives.
Location: Maval taluka, Pune district, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 57.0 km, 1 hour 42 minutes from the National Highway 4
How to reach: One board a train that connects Pune and Kamshet Railway Station. After deboarding in Kamshet, one can easily hire a private jeep that covers the remaining distance of around 20 kilometers between the two stops.
Romantic restaurants: Terrazzo, Valley Bar, The Oven, Sports Bar

15. Empress Garden – Tranquil Atmosphere

Empress Garden

Image Source

Giving travelers an opportunity to embrace the tranquility and beauty that reeks out of mother nature, the Empress Botanical Garden is one of the beautiful places to visit in Pune that would not fail to impress you. Being taken care of by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India, this Garden is home to some of the most gigantic farms, lush green jungles, pristine lakes, and an exotic variety of flora and fauna that one can explore with their partners. For those who are seeking for a serene and charming escape into the arms of mother nature and away from all the city culture, try heading to this Empress Botanical Garden.

Things To Do: Stroll around the lush green patches while soaking in the beauty of nature. Explore the rare and exotic species of flora and fauna residing in the garden. Sit by the old fashioned stream and watch as the world go by.
Location: Kavade Mala, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 5.5 km, 16 minutes from Veer Santaji Ghorpade Road
How to reach: Located in the vicinity of Pune city, one can reach the Empress Garden from Pune without any hassles or hindrances. One can take a bus or hire a taxi from Pune and cover the distance in between the two stops via road.
Romantic restaurants: Sorriso, Chingari, Dario’s Restaurant, Tryluck, The Burger Barn

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16. Shisha Jazz Cafe – Iranian Romance 

Shisha Jazz Cafe

Image Courtesy: lbb

One of the top hookah places sitting near Pune, Shisha Jazz Cafe is all about calm atmosphere reeking of romance and alluring ambiance. Serving some of the most scrumptious and delectable Iranian delicacies, this restaurant gives couples an opportunity to indulge in some amazing food while listening to the jazz music that adds that touch of romance in the air. An ultimate place for a date night and lose oneself in the soothing aura of the surroundings, Shisha Jazz Cafe is definitely a must-visit when looking for some couple places in Pune.

Must-try dishes: Chicken Tikka Masala, Ash Reshteh, Irani Bread, Chicken Salad, Kukah Sabzi, Chello Kebab, Berry Pulao, Rangineh Ice Cream, Baklava, Irani Tea, Chicken Lasagna
Location: ABC Farms, Koregaon Park Annexe, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra
Cost for two: INR 2000 approximately
How to reach: Located just 7 kilometers from Pune, Shisha Jazz Cafe can be easily reached by using the public transport that makes traveling around the city much easier. To reach the destination one can hire a taxi or rent a bike. If they have their own vehicle, then taking that is the best bet as Shisha Jazz Cafe is well-connected to Pune via roadways. 
Ratings: 4.2/5

17. Copa Cabana – The Romantic Escape

Copacabana restaurants

Situated in Wakad, Cop Cabana is just the right place for you to beat Monday blues with your partner by your side and a wholesome meal to satiate your cravings. Being one of the most romantic restaurants in Pune, it offers multiple cuisine to gorge on like Mexican, North Indian, Italian, Continental and Japanese. You can enjoy a candlelight dinner with your better half and relish a 3-course meal at one of the most romantic restaurants in Pune.

Must-try dishes: Tiramisu, Drunken Chicken, Chicken Satay, Chicken Dum Biryani
Location: Copa Cabana, Near, Aundh-Wakad Road, Jagtap Dairy Rd, Vishal Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411027
Cost for two: INR 1,500
How to reach: This amazing restaurant is located around 12.8 kilometres from Pune city and can be reached in around 30 minutes. One can either make use of the private car or hire a- cab, taxi, bike to cover the distance between the two.
Ratings: 4.1/5

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18. Panchgani – The Green Paradise 

Homestays in Panchgani

One of the quaint little and refreshing hill stations near Pune, this popular tourist spot is famous for scenic drives and picturesque sunset view points. It most certainly makes for a romantic getaway with plenty of things to go, you can go for strawberry plucking with your partner or make a pitstop at Mapro’s Garden – a perfect spot to indulge in meal amidst greenery and scenic views of the valley. This is indeed one of the best places near Pune for couples where they can make the most of their quality time.

Things to do: Table Land, Parsi Point, Sydney Point, witness sunset, Strawberry plucking, Mapro Garden
Location: Satara district, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune
: 101.4 km, 2 hours 13 minutes via NH 48
How To Reach: The fastest way to reach Panchgani from Pune takes you 4h 02m, which is to take Tata Indica from Pune to Mahabaleshwar then take State transport bus from Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani.
Romantic restaurants: Ustaad Restaurant, Hotel Smarat, Balkrushna restaurant

19. Bund Garden – A Scenic Treat

The enchanting greenery of Bund Garden is a perfect hideout in Pune for couples

Find respite in the green alleys and corners of this beautiful garden that lets you breathe fresh air and unwind with your partner. The serene ambience of this place will give you the warmth and peace you’ve been looking for. The park is also famous for migratory birds and activities such as indulging in a horse riding session or simply strolling around in the park. Witness the mesmerizing sight of migratory birds flocking around in the park and soak in the good vibes. With its pleasant environment and gorgeous greenery, it is among the best places to visit in Pune for couples.

Things to do: Take a stroll, witness the migratory birds, horse riding, cafeterias.
Location: Bund Garden Rd, Pune,Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 5.2 km, 17 minutes via Raja Bahadur Mill Rd/Wellesley Rd
How to reach: This lush green garden is at a distance of 5.2 km from Pune city and it will take approximately 18 minutes to reach here via car or bike. 

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20. Parvati Hill – The Majestic Retreat

explore the nature

Surprise bae and take them to this mesmerizing hill top situated about 2100 ft. above seal level in the Western Ghat range. There’s a temple perched atop the hillock called the Parvati temple where you could find some peace and solace amidst the serene surroundings of the hill. It is certainly one of the most scenic locations in Pune to catch a mesmerizing sunset in the beloved arms of your partner.

Things to do: Visit the temple, go hiking or trek the 101 stairs to reach the top of the hill
Location: Parvati Hill, Parvati Paytha, Western Ghats, Pune

Distance from Pune: 5.3 km, 22 minutes via via NH60
How to reach: Located only 22 minutes away from he main city, this serene location can be reached via any public or personal transport. 
Romantic restaurants: Le Plaisir, Sukanta, LaaUnico

21. Ghoradeshwar Hills – A Hidden Gem

hill covered with dense forest

A nice place from trekking, this location is replee with sheer serenity accompanies with majestic views of the mother nature. The lush green hills are an escape to connect with nature and your better half to rekindle the love. Atop the hill, there’s a Shiva temple which is also one of the reasons for travelers to visit here. 

Things to do: Trekking, hiking, temple visit, scenic sunsets and sunrise view points
Location: Talegaon Dabhade, Maharashtra 410506

Distance from Pune: 29 km, 45 minutes via via NH 48
How to reach: Enjoy a 30 minutes trek on this hill to enjoy a fun-packed bonding session with your partner filled with laughter and scenic views. The 30-min long trek is an ideal way to spend time with bae, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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22. Paasha, JW Marriott – A Luxurious Treat

paasha lounge pune

This rooftop restaurant is a must visit for couples in Pune as it offers a romantic ambience ideal for spending a cozy night with bae along with drool-worthy delicacies. Plan your romantic escape and ditch those ordinary restaurants. The idyllic setting and the jaw-dropping interiors will make your night worthy of spending money and coming out to treat your partner to a lavish meal.

Must-try dishes: Dum Aloo, Lamb Chops, Kakori Kebab, Chicken Peshwari
: Paasha, JW Marriott, Senapati Bapat Rd, Laxmi Society, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411053
Cost for two: INR 2,500
How to reach: This luxurious eatery can be easily reached via bike or car. 
Ratings: 4.8/5

23. Cocoparra Restaurant – Happening Nightlife


Cocoparra Restaurant is hands down one of the most romantic places in Pune. Get to this restaurant if you wish to experience a happening nightlife with your one and only. With aesthetic interiors and an impeccable ambiance, it’s a delighting space for candlelight dinners. The restaurant is known for treating its guests with warmth and courtesy. It features live performances, a full bar, and buzzing nightlife on a regular basis.

Must-try dishes: Cocoparra’s cheesy garlic prawns, panthe kauswe, Jingha dum masala, paneer mirch do pyaaza, dum aloo punjabi
Survey No. 20 A, Under Kharadi Mundhwa Bridge, Chandan Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra
Cost for two: INR 2000 approximately
How to reach: 
Ratings: 3.5/5

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24. Paasha Restro – Taste The Best


Amaze yourself with a refreshing glass of wine and a luscious menu at this famous romantic place in Pune. The place is popular for serving wonderful meals that taste like heaven. It is among the best places to go in Pune for couples that treats its guests with mouth-watering delicacies and breathtaking views of the city. A candle light dinner over here should be a part of your Pune itinerary if you’re looking forward to a memorable escape with your bae.

Must-try dishes: Tandoori Chicken, Fish Tikka, Chicken Tikka
JW Marriott Hotel, Senapati Bapat Road, Central Pune
Cost for Two: The cost for dining here is approximately INR 2500/ USD 40
Ratings: 4.8/5

25. Della Resort- Relish The Luxury


It is a luxurious resort near Pune that offers lavish amenities, especially for couples. Get to this romantic place near Pune and experience the unforgettable experience of luxury, comfort, and romance. The place is surrounded by astounding landscapes that’ll make you feel the bewitching power of nature. A night in here will promise a delightful time with your one and only.

Amenities: Games room, multi-cuisine restaurant, horse riding, cycling, pet-friendly
 Kunegaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 73.2 km, 1 hour 29  minutes via Pune-Mumbai Expressway & NH48
The check-in is at 2 pm and the check out time is 12 pm.
How to reach: Reaching this spectacular resort is quite convenient. You can easily hire a private vehicle that will take you here within two hours.
Cost for two:
The average charge for a hotel room at Della Resort starts at approximately INR 12000/ USD 185

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26. Exotica- A Lavish Escape

Another amazing romantic place near Pune for honeymooners and couples. Famous for its stunning rooftop views, clear skies, and panoramic sceneries. If you wish to witness a fusion of all this added with romance then add Exotica to your itinerary and spend a day here with your one and only.

Must-try dishes: Basil pesto pasta, bruschetta, charcoal roasted mushroom,
Location: 7th Floor, Tower C, Panchshil Tech Park, Near Pune Golf Course, Yerawada, Pune.
Timings: Every day 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm.
Cost for two: Approximately INR 1,400 
Ratings: 4/5

27. Evviva Sky Lounge – Romantic Interiors

Sky Grill Lounge In Cochin

The place is best for couples, honeymooners as the interiors here oozes romance. A luxurious romantic place in Pune with French windows that feature views of the hilly vistas near. Evviva is an amazing place to muster cherishing memories in the presence of pink skies and luscious food. Also do not forget to try the fascinating cocktails and mouth-watering Lebanese dishes when here with your better half. We are sure it’ll add to the wonderful experience and let you count this pleasant landmark among the cheap romantic places in Pune

Must-try dishes: Lebanese, Asian, and Mughlai cuisine
CTS 37 & 37/1, 8th floor, Crowne Plaza, Pune City Centre, Bund Garden Road, Pune.
Cost for Two: Approximately INR 2,500 per couple
Ratings: 4.3/5

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28. Atmosphere 6 – Aesthetic Ambience

Bars And Pubs

An incredibly gorgeous lounge with cozy cocoon-style chairs is a great place for couples to spend a romantic time. The rooftop of Atmosphere 6 is amazing for a night out as you relish your meal inside its aesthetic ambiance. The entire ambiance is decked up with soft floor lights, clinking chandeliers, and aesthetically soothing curtains. Stop by at this romantic place in Pune if you wish to enjoy scrumptious food and delicious delicacies.

Must-try dishes: Cottage cheese peri peri tikka, bharwan aloo dilnaaz, and veg varieies
Floor 6, Lunkad Skymax, Viman Nagar, Pune.
Cost for two: Approximately INR 1,700 per couple.
Ratings: 4.1/5

29. World Of Veg- A Vegetarian’s Love

Tian Ran Vegetarian Restaurant

As obvious as its name is, the place is a hub for vegetarian couples wishing to enjoy a romantic time exploring the greener food combinations. If you are one of those vegetarian couples then straightway head to this romantic place in Pune and enjoy a fusion of fascinating green props, lip-smacking food, salad bowls, interesting food combinations, and yes delighting interiors. Be it for a light yet satisfactory breakfast or a fulfilling dinner the place features all that is required for an ideal date.

Must-try dishes: Paan shot, paneer tikka
7th Floor, Ramsukh House, Ganeshkhind Road, Near Sancheti Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
Cost for two: INR 1500
Ratings: 4.2/5

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30. Kamshet – Enjoy The Beauty

Rain Forest Reserve

With a combination of quaint monasteries, archaic temples, gurgling waterfalls, and humongous hills, Kamshet is among the perfect romantic getaways near Pune. The place is a paragliding paradise that obviously belongs to the list of top ten must-visit destinations of India for an exotic experience. Thus environed with many flying and paragliding schools. With the perfect weather and panoramic views, the place is also one of the popular couple places in pune.

Things to do: Witness the waterfalls, visit the temples
Location: Kamshet, Maharashtra

Distance from Pune: 46.1 km, 1 hour 11 minutes via NH 48
How to reach: While being one of he most enchanting places, Kamshet can be easily reached via private car, taxi or bike. You can enjoy the majestic views en route to this amazing location. 

31. Khandala – Go Hiking

people trekking

One of the beautiful places in Pune that possess a good share of nature’s bewitching beauty. Environed by lush green forest blankets, misty valleys, and gurgling waterfalls this place serves as a great weekend getaway as well as an adventure spot for tourists from various parts of the world. Khandala is particularly popular for hiking tours to sight panoramic sceneries of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the Western Ghats.

Things to do: trekking, hiking tours, explore the valleys
Location: Khandala, Maharashtra

Distance from Pune: 69.6 km, 1 hour 30 minutes via Mumbai-Pune Expressway & NH 48
How to reach: Being one of the most romantic places for couples and honeymooners, Khandala is easily accessible via NH 48 as well as Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Travelers can either hire a taxi or board a state bus to reach this wonderful place. 
Romantic restaurants: Pnf Restaurant & Bar, Panorama Cafe, The Dukes Retreat

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32. Karjat – Explore The Exquisite Caves

Bhagirath Waterfalls

Situated amidst the mountainous and scenic district of Raigad, Karjat is a municipal council and city. It is also a part of Mumbai’s metro city that is tourists’ most preferred. Right from couples to kids and families, anyone can make the most of Karjat as a happening holiday place. The hilly terrain of Karjat is full of archaic temples, magnificent monuments, lush green seraphic valleys and exquisite caves. It just takes two hours to reach here from Mumbai, so what are you waiting for? Plan a romantic drive to this incredible town.

Things to do: Explore the temples, caves, valleys
: Karjat, Maharashtra
Distance from Pune: 116 km, approximately 2 hours via Mumbai – Pune Expressway
How to reach: For reaching Karjat, you can hire a taxi to get to the final destination. The route is quite smooth and you will get to witness various scenic views. 
Romantic restaurants: Saltt Restaurant & Bar, Dattatraya Restaurant

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Where are you headed to on your next date? Also, let us know how many of these have you already covered with your partner. Plan a trip to Pune for a soulful experience in the charming city with your loved one. Are you ready for a thrilling outing? Let us know in the comments section how many romantic places in Pune have you visited.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Places In Pune

Which are the most romantic places in Pune that are best to visit during summers?

Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Amboli, and Satara are some of the most romantic places in Pune couples. These places experience pleasant weather during the summer season, and the romantic vibe makes it a must-visit for couples staying in Pune.

Which romantic places in Pune are best for young couples?

Okayama Friendship Garden is the best couple spot in Pune. This manicured garden is well-maintained and features thatched rusty gazebo-style hutments and fabled straw bridges; of course alongside a verdant flora scenario.

Which are the most romantic places in Pune that the couples should not miss?

Lonavala and Lavasa are two of the most romantic places in Pune that the couples should not miss. Lonavala is a lovely hill station in the Western Ghats, bestowed with natural beauty. It is a nice place to unwind. Thanks to many stay options, you can choose the best that best suits your budget.

What is famous in Pune to buy?

Pune is popular for Paithani Sarees, Kolhapura chappals, and beautiful accessories. You can buy these from FC road, one of the perfect place to buy souvenirs in Pune.

What food is Pune famous for?

The best to try in Pune in cuisines are street food where you will find multiple lip-smacking delcacies that will blow your mind. Some of the dishes are Misal Pav, Pithla Bhakri, Bhakarwadi, Mastani, Dabeli, Pav Bhaji, Poha, Vada Pav and baked goodies.

How can I go to Tarkarli Beach from Pune?

You can get a train from Pune to Kudal and then catch the auto or State Transport bus at Mural railway station to easily reach Tarkarli Beach. Alternatively, you can also travel by ST Bus From Pune to Malvan get the auto from there to reach Tarkarli Beach.

What are the best places to visit around Pune during winter?

Since Pune and nearby regions don’t get too cold during the winter season, you can opt to go anywhere, as the weather stays pleasant everywhere. The beaches of Alibaug and Kashid are great for an escape with your loved one, and so are the hill-stations like Matheran and Lonavala.

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