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A dream like holiday around Bangalore can be really made true if you are looking for some loving ambiance to stroll hand in hand with your dearest partner. Be it the extravagant resorts or the elegant home stays which offer the authentic feel of home away from home – the exotic destinations around Bangalore has it all! These romantic resorts around Bangalore also offer leisure activities so you have more to do than just lying back. Indulge in adventure activites and reconnect with nature and surroundings at these places.

Top 15 Romantic Resorts Around Bangalore

Maybe 2023 hasn’t been the romantic year you planned for yourself and your loved one. But, fret not! 2023 has a lot in store for lovebirds, including a magical experience and a dreamlike vacay in Bangalore. There is a plethora of romantic places in and around Bangalore that you can explore with your partner this year. Meanwhile, sit back and check out the top romantic resorts around Bangalore to enjoy a perfect holiday and rekindle the romance!

1. Silent Shores Resort and Spa, Mysore

Silent Shores Resort & Spa is amongst the most romantic resorts around Bangalore

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Mysore is the most popular getaway from Bangalore, thanks to the beauty of the city with a perfect weather. And what better way than spending the time in one of the best luxury resorts near Bangalore i.e., in Mysore with your sweetheart? Drive to Mysore and experience the blissful serenity amidst the woods at Silent Shores that is one of the best resorts near Bangalore for couples.

Distance from Bangalore: 135 km
Suggested Room: Book the suite or the Duplex to enjoy the best as it comes added access to view of pool, lawns and the lush green view.
Things to do: Indulge in the unique couple spa session to ignite the romance and savor the delicacies. Or drive around to explore the beautiful cultural city of Mysore and relive the royal way of the city.
Famous for: Its tranquil environs featuring a calm lake.
Cost of stay per night: INR 5000 – INR 16,000

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2. Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini

Luxurious tents in the Kaav Safari Lodge - one of the most exotic resorts near Bangalore for couples

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This is one of the best romantic resorts around Bangalore located in Kabini. Kaav Safari lodge is a luxurious place located at the edge of the famed Nagarhole national park. Known for its serenity and the unique, blissful stay, this is the place to go if you want to spend some solitude time with your darling dearest!

Distance from Bangalore: 202 km
Suggested Room: Go for the rooms overlooking the Nagarhole National park or reserve the luxurious tents to enjoy the bliss of nature.
Things to do: Book a safari in the national park to view the rare species of wildlife or take up bird watching. If you don’t want to step out, it’s absolutely fine too, because Kaav Safari lodge has few activities within as well.
Famous for: Plethora of activities, including Jungle Safari and Boat Safari.
Cost of stay per night: INR 12,500 – INR 20,500

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3. Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur

Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur

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This is one of the few romantic resorts around Bangalore that offer adveturous experiences to its guests. Bandipur is a perfect combination of equal proportion of scenic beauty and home to some of the rarest wildlife species in India. If you are a lover of wildlife, then head straight to Country Club Wildlife Resorts in Bandipur to witness the wilderness and re-discover your passion for your soul mate!

Distance from Bangalore: 220 km
Suggested Room: Opt for the cottages for some of the best views of the wild.
Things to do: From guided safaris to trekking, you could do all of the outdoor activities like bird watching, cycling amidst the dense woods and enjoy the bonfire by night.
Famous for: Adventure activities, including guided safaris and guided treks.
Cost of stay per night: INR 4,600 – INR 7,500
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4. The Hills, Sakleshpur

A romantic suite tucked away in one of the best resorts near Bangalore

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Sakleshpur is an idyllic town amidst the Western Ghats known for its scenic beauty, filled with dense wood forests providing a romantic ambiance. The Hills, located at the top of these mountain is a perfect place to spend a special weekend with the love of your life, witnessing the splendid view of the Sahyadri mountains. This is one of the top romantic resorts aound Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 221 km
Suggested Room: Go for cottages which provides an awesome view of the plantations.
Things to do: Lit up your heart with your soul mate in the campfire and while away your time or get out and get going for a plantation walk, few amazing treks or involve in some of the outdoor activities.
Famous for: Its scenic views of plantation all around.
Cost of stay per night: INR 8,000 – INR 8,500

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5. Jungle Retreat , Masinagudi

Jungle Retreat in Masinagudi is one of the best eco-romantic resorts around Bangalore for couples

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Jungle Retreat is one of the unique resorts near Bangalore offering travellers sheer tranquility. Masinagudi is the hill station tucked away in the dense Mudumalai region, which is known for its tea plantations and serene getaways. Jungle Retreat is located in an ideal place, surrounded by lush greenery, which is guaranteed to provide you a memorable holiday.

Distance from Bangalore: 237 km
Suggested Room: If you want to have a closer experience of the wilderness, go for their unique tree houses. Choose a suite for a luxurious stay.
Things to do: Jungle Retreat provides many activities like bird watching, trekking and plantation walks. Explore the nature by opting for half day/full day tours to Paniya tribal village or Coonoor.
Famous for: Luxurious tree houses.
Cost of stay per night: INR 4,000 – INR 5000
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6. Magnolia Estates, Virajpet

Magnolia Estates in Virajpat

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Virajpet is a beautiful town located near Coorg and is tucked away in an ambiance filled with more greenery and tranquility. Magnolia Estates offers its guests the perfect holiday with their traditional, delicious cuisine and comfortable stay. Residing amidst the Western Ghats within a hundred-acre arena, this paradisaical resort is one of the best resorts near Bangalore. And, it is hands down one of the most romantic resorts near Bangalore for couples.

Distance from Bangalore: 238 km
Suggested Room: Choose the Plantation cottages which are very spacious and neat.
Things to do: There are plenty of places to checkout which are close by. Head out to explore the beauty of the Western Ghats and be ready to be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of nature.
Famous for: Plantation cottages
Cost of stay per night: INR 4,500 – INR 5,000

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7. The Serai Resort, Chikmagalur

The Serai Resort in Chikmagalur

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The Serai in Chikmagalur is the place to indulge in luxury in the lap of nature, as it is a perfect combination of both. Nestled amidst the wonderful coffee plantations, The Serai proves to be the best to go home with new found love and everlasting memories with your better half! This is listed among the best romantic resorts near Bangalore for its services.

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km
Suggested Room: Choose the Indonesian cottages or the Swiss cottages for the explicit decor and to get a resplendent view of the greenery from the balconies.
Things to do: Opt for the couple’s package to spice up the occasion, which comes with the famed spa to pamper yourself. Or head out to revel in the beauty of the plantations by choosing a coffee tour or trekking. Harley ride packages are for you If you want to go for long drives in the dense woods.
Famous for: Lush green surroundings encompassing coffee plantation.
Cost of stay per night: INR 16,500 – INR 21,000

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8. Destiny Farmstay, Ooty

Destiny Farm Stay in Ooty

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To experience the best of staying amidst abundant greenery and scenic views, Destiny Farm is the ideal place. Located in the captivating Nilgiri Biosphere with enchanting scenic beauty all around, Destiny Farmstay is one of the best luxury resorts near Bangalore. Known for its exclusive location in the midst of nature, it is amongst the popular romantic resorts near Bangalore for weekend amidst couples.

Distance from Bangalore: 266 km
Suggested Room: Opt for the lake facing rooms or the Honeymoon suites to get a glimpse of the spectacular lake and the pristine hills.
Things to do: Horse riding is one of the specialities of this resort which needs to be experienced. You could also go fishing, rappelling, valley crossing or just lay back and unwind with a rejuvenating Spa.
Famous for: Multitude of activities, including fishing and rappelling.
Cost of stay per night: INR 7,000 – INR 12,500

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9. Orange County Resort, Coorg

Orange County Resort is one of the most beautiful and romantic resorts near Bangalore

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Coorg is the place known for its charm, it is one of the top hill stations in Karnataka and Orange County is the place to experience it the best. Because, Orange County is grandeur and luxury redefined – with a flamboyant ambiance which is sure to fire some sparks between you lovebirds! This beautiful property is counted among the romantic resorts near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 284 km
Suggested Room: Splurge on the Villas with different provisions to soak in the richness and enjoy the special attention and the pampering!
Things to do: Romantic packages include few activities which will keep you hooked up all day in love with your better half all the more. If you just opt for accommodation, you can explore the amazing nature by yourself.
Famous for: Grandeur style and luxury services.
Cost of stay per night: INR 20,200 – INR 43,000
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10. Coffee County Resorts, Wayanad

One of the most romantic resorts near Bangalore is the Coffee County Resort

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Wayanad is a scenic hilly destination which is gifted with picturesque landscapes hidden away from the bustling cities. Coffee Country Resorts is untouched and pristine, coupled with amazing views and plunge pool which makes for a perfect escape. The charming location makes it one of the romantic resorts around Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 302 km
Suggested Room: Opt for luxurious cottages which overlooks the plunge pool for the best experience.
Things to do: Check out with the staff for exclusive packages for couples which is specially customized to provide a memorable romantic holiday. Explore the hill station by visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls, tea estates and viewpoints.
Famous for: Spellbinding and paradisaical environs.
Cost of stay per night: INR 3,000 – INR 4,000
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11. Guhantara Resort, Kaggalipura

cave resort guhantara

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If you literally want to escape into a cave, then you should head to Guhantara Resort and look forward to an adventurous time ahead. This is one of the best weekend resorts near Bangalore for couples. The resort is located 10 meters below the ground level and is designed like a cave. You will literally find yourself partying or enjoying inside a cave.

Distance from Bangalore: 30 km
Suggested Room: Opt for cave suites for an enthralling experience equipped with state of the art technology
Things to do: Zip lining, horse riding, quad biking, fish spa, ayurvedic spa
Famous for: Its unique cave-like architecture.
Cost of stay per night: INR 2,000 – INR 6,000
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12. Shilhaandara Resort, Harisandra

resort near bangalore

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Enjoy a rejuvenating experience amidst fresh air and nature at Shilhaandara Resort. This is a perfect spot for nature lovers and lazy bums who want to have a laid back time off near Bangalore. Make the most of your trip at Shilhaandara Resort, one of the most awe-inspiring resorts in Bangalore. The resort derives inspiration from the ancient forts and heritage of empires.

Distance from Bangalore: 51 km
Suggested Room: The resort has different packages including full day leisure with meals and activities.
Things to do: ziplining, glamping, indoor and outdoor games, paintball
Famous for: Ancient style architecture.
Cost of stay per night: INR 5,000 onwards
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13. Gold Coin Resort, Andapura

aerial view of goldcoin

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An abode of peace and excellence, Elim Resort is your address for full-day leisure or relaxation over the weekend. The resort is outlined on the concept of heritage and nature where you can go back to your roots and have a rendezvous with nature. This is one of the top luxury resorts near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 23 km
Suggested Room: Fleur de Coins luxury cottage which comes with a king-size bed, designer shower, large patio, and open sky concept.
Things to do: It comes with a plush swimming pool and a bunch of adventure activities chalked out for you.
Famous for: Its luxurious state-of-the-art cottages.
Cost of stay per night: INR 3,000 – INR 10,000
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14. Holiday Village Resort, Vajarahalli Village

swimming pool in resort

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Enjoy a serene getaway from the city at Holiday Village Resort where you will get the best of nature and quietude along with an array of facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. If you are planning a romantic getaway near Bangalore, stay a few days at Holiday Village Resort and make the most of its high-end amenities. 

Distance from Bangalore: 15 km
Suggested room: Each guest room comes with the views of a plunge pool and sprawling garden and are equipped with world-class facilities.
Things to do: Enjoy having rain dance, playing snooker, volleyball, and UB paintball with your friends or family
Famous for: Offering a variety of fun-filled activities, including Paintball.
Cost of stay per night: INR 2,500 onwards
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15. Goldfinch Retreat, Tarbanahalli

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Goldfinch is one of the finest romantic resorts near Bangalore and within where you can look forward to a relaxing stay and good time. You would be impressed by their warm hospitality and on-point services. Equipped with the latest technology and trendy facilities, Goldfinch extends an awesome stay to its guests.

Distance from Bangalore: 27 km
Suggested room: If you want a luxury home lie experience, stay in their executive suite.
Things to do: Swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor games
Famous for: Top-notch services.
Cost of stay per night: INR 7,000 onwards
Website | Review

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So, which one is your pick from our list of the best romantic resorts around Bangalore? These places are perfect for you if you are planning a romantic retreat ora couple’s getaway. If you are planning a trip to Bangalore, then you should definitely arrange a stay here to have a relaxing and joyful time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Resorts Around Bangalore

Which are the popular places or landmarks to book resorts in Bangalore?

You can choose to stay near the airport or nearby towns where you will find a number of resorts and the best of nature. Kanakapure Road has quite a lot of options to choose from.

Which location has the largest number of Resorts in Bangalore?

Foothills of Nandi has the maximum number of resorts in Bangalore. Nandi hills is a prominent tourist attraction of Bangalore and it encompasses an array of luxury resorts. These heavenly abodes will also make your romantic getaway near Bangalore all the more memorable.

Which are the best honeymoon resorts near Bangalore?

Guhantara Resort and Holiday Village Resort are the best honeymoon resorts near Bangalore for the newlyweds. Both the resorts offer a multitude of activities with state-of-the-art facilities to their guests.

Which are the most popular resorts near Bangalore for the weekend?

Shilhaandara Resort, Gold Coin Resort, and Holiday Village Resort are some of the most popular resorts which are very close to Bangalore and are great for a chilled out weekend getaway.

Can I find budget-friendly resorts near Bangalore?

Yes, there are a number of budget-friendly resorts near Bangalore such as Guhantara Resort which offers great stay experience for as cheap as Rs. 2000 per night.

Which resort is the best for adventure activities?

Gold Coin Resort, Destiny Farmstay, and Country Club Wildlife Resort are some of the best places to stay if you are looking forward to some adventurous activities to take up during your stay.

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