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As a kid, you might have visited so many zoos or gone on school trips where you would have had to wake up early in the morning to sit on a jeep and hope to catch a glimpse of at least a deer. Texas is the second largest state in the United States which is known for its cowboys in the 1800s. However, tourists now are taken to on an exhilarating safari in Texas where they get a chance to feed small lumps of sugar to horses and have the tall giraffes bend down and nuzzle their noses on the windows of your cars. So, on your next trip to America, stop by Texas and get to experience an invigorating safari in these zoos and ranches that will make the animal lover in you go ‘yee-haw’.

About Safari In Texas

About Safari In Texas

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Safari is now a very popular activity in Texas. A lot of tourists are suggested to go on a safari to reconnect with nature and get a chance to interact with animals. The reason safaris have made such a talk with visitors is because Texas has 2 different ways to gon about a safari. One is the jeep safari where you are taken around the national park or zoo in an open four-wheeler while clicking pictures of animals you can get a chance to see. Another is drive-thru safari. In this kind of safari, you are moving around in the comfort of a closed car while animals roam around freely and sometimes even poke their noses through the windows. Drive-thru Safaris are more popular in Texas as it is considered more comfortable and convenient. However, the conventional jeep safari lets you get a closer look at the way animals react and behave in their natural and desired surroundings.

Best Time To Go For A Safari In Texas

Best Time To Go For A Safari In Texas

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You can go for a safari in Texas at any time of the year. However, you should plan, buy the tickets and inform the safari company the details of whenever you are planning to visit at least one week in advance. Always try to book a safari tour during the weekdays and weekend slots are usually reserved for school children. The best time to go for Safari in Texas is early in the morning. This is the time when the majority of animals wake up and go out hunting for deers and goats or green grass to feast upon. This is also the time animals like the elephant head towards the nearest waterbody for a bath with their groups and young ones. You will also find beautiful species of birds perched on branches scrutinizing the grounds and lakes for a worm and playful fishes that pop out of the water early in the morning. So, early morning is easily the most in-demand slots at safari companies because this is when you will get to see most of the animals.

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4 Best Places To Go For A Safari In Texas

Safari in Texas is one of the many exhilarating things to do in America. However, it is important to know a few details about where and when to go for a safari ride. So, check out the best places in Texas that allow tourists to go on an exciting safari trip and interact with the harmless animals in the wild.

1. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch takes its visitors on the best safari in Texas. It is one and a half hour drive-thru safari where you get to see animals like the southern horned rhino, lemurs, camels, and zebras. You also get to see the proud and tall ostriches. Other than these animals you can catch a glimpse of more than 500 animals belonging to the endemic and endangered species globally. You can also choose to opt for the walking safari where you can see the animals at your own pace. In case you feel hungry, there are shops that provide snacks within the ranch. So, visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch for an interesting safari in Texas.

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2. Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari

Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari

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Cherokee Trace Drive-thru is considered the topmost place to go on a safari expedition. The drive-thru safari will start with you being given a feeding sack. You can feed the animals from the sack and get to experience the exciting safari to your heart’s content. You will get a chance to see animals like the Canadian wood bison, Barbary sheep, capybara, common eland, camels, and the emu. There are many more animals that you will get to pet and feed but these are the primary animals that you might get to see first. The safari will allow you to also view the kangaroos that you usually only get to see in Australia. Cherokee Trace drive-thru is a good place to go on a safari, especially for first-timers.

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3. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

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Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a result of one man’s hard work and cooperation of many people. This wildlife center holds more than 11 animals and is continuously growing every single day. You are allowed to bring your own car for touring the forest and also eat snacks on the way in case you fall prey to hunger. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center also allows you to camp throughout the day while laying in wait to catch a peek of one of the 50 species of animals here. You can see animals like the cheetah, fallow deer, American bison and black foot cats. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center allows its visitors bike tours and murder mystery tours too.

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4. The Exotic Resort Zoo

The Exotic Resort Zoo

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The Exotic Resort Zoo takes its visitors on a tram safari. This zoo also has a petting area kept separate for viewing and petting purposes. You are allowed to bring your cameras to this place and click pictures of the animals in their natural habitat. The most famous animal here is the kissing camel that loves the attention it gets from the visitors. You can also find other animals like the lemurs, porcupines, deers, antelopes and many more harmless creatures. These animals are usually excited to see people especially when they bring animal food with them. You will get a chance to feed the cute animals repeatedly begging for small tidbits. This is easily one of the best places to go for an exciting animal safari in Texas.

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Texas is known as the state in America that provides the best of everything. So, you can be assured that your safari in Texas will be a big hit and leave you wanting for more. The safaris allow you to pet, feed and interact with animals and experience a special bond. You will get a chance to temporarily move away from the hullabaloo of the city and enjoy the green and wild areas of Texas. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and plan a trip to the United States and drop by the ranches and safari parks in Texas for an exciting safari tour.

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