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Auckland is a safari wonderland with its intense and incredibly diverse natural beauty. It is hard not to consider this sporting place your next holiday destination. It is one of the most fascinating regions of the world because of it shimmering lakes, oddly activity volcanoes, breathtaking mountains, crashing rivers and what not. Apart from its fantastic beaches and mouth watering food, it is famous for its unique and exciting safaris. So, let’s start exploring the beautiful safaris in Auckland with the following list.

4 Best Safaris In Auckland

For a charming wildlife experience, make sure you check out the following places with your friends and family on your next trip to Auckland city and witness the splendid landscapes.

1. Auckland Zoo

 Auckland Zoo

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Animal Safari night in Auckland is an amazing way to enjoy watching variety of animals in a different vibrant light. The zoo has about 150 different species and over 1000 animals which promises you an unforgettable experience that also inspires youth and young ones to care about animals and environment as well. Whether you experience the guided night walk or sleep over, it is all fun is there! Just you, animals and fascinating glimpses in the middle of the night. You can enjoy the sounds of the animals and relax as you lie back to sleep, tired after the walk.

There are three parts of the safari – the dusk, the middle of the night and the early morning. Animals are always active, even the tortoises are on the move! Watch the blue penguins waddle and monkeys dance as you walk past by. Most of the animals are in open areas and stimulate their natural habitat. You can feed, pat and even hold some of the animals, as they are very friendly to humans. The timings of the zoo are pretty pleasant, 4:40 pm to 8:00 am the next day. it covers all the activities from late nights to early mornings. These safari nights are suitable for all who are 5 years and above. It is mandatory that children are accompanied by adults. The entry fee to enter the safari night zoo is 60$ per person for staying the night and 47$ per person for walking and barbecue.

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2. Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari

Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari

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Cruise the water of Auckland and explore diverse species of whales, dolphins , penguins and seabirds on a tour from Auckland that will amaze you in every sense. Enjoy watching dolphins, encounter various species of whales and abundance of sea water goddesses underneath. There are 6 whale species that are very frequent on these water, do keep an eye on them. There are seabirds like Australasian, terns and petrels that are breathtakingly beautiful, do check them out. Get your cameras ready snap some beautiful pictures of blue penguins and seabirds.

The guides in Auckland has some exciting offers like if you didn’t get to see any whales or dolphins, you will get another tour, FREE! It costs 180$ for adults and 125$ for children 15 and under. Safari departures at 1:30 pm sharp, therefore it is necessary to reach there 15-20 minutes prior. The trip departs from Viaduct Harbour and ends at the same place. Do enjoy the scenic beauty underwater and the mesmerizing aquatic charmers.

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3. Marine Mammal Eco Safari

Marine Mammal Eco Safari

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Catch the glimpses of diverse wild marine mammals and other rare species of birds live their natural habitat. Explore the volcanic islands, exotic beaches and hidden coves during this exciting safari. Share close encounters with fauna while snapping unique island views, rare birds and marine mammals. You will also get to learn more about the fragile homes of whales and dolphins and how researchers and working to save them. The researchers will alongside teach you the need to protect these aquatic lives. This 4.5 hours is fun packed trip to capture with both hands.

They guarantee marine mammal viewing, in case you don’t encounter any, you can take another trip for free. Isn’t that a steal deal? The safari departs from Viaduct Harbour, downtown Auckland in New Zealand daily. Interactions with the aquatic lives are an attractive activity that is fun to do. The fee for this safari is 180$ for adults and 125$ for children aging 15 and below. They also provide packages like 450$ for a 4 member family including two males and two females.

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4. Fishing Safaris

 Fishing Safaris

Take a trip to this amazing modern fishing boat and experience the ultimate fishing safari fun. You will be guided by 11 year experienced fishing charters that are known to be the best in Auckland. You won’t regret taking this amazing trip. This tour includes so many exciting activities like stopover at Waiheke Island, sightseeing tours, breathtaking views of dusk and dawn across the gulf and swimming and barbecue as well. They conveniently depart from Auckland so that tourists out there don’t get troubled finding the place of departure.

Explore the amazing fishing spots and fish some extraordinary fishes in this 3 hour long amazing tour. With an abundant number of species you get to fish some amazing fishes like snapper, kahawai, gurnard, kingfish, trevally and john dory, it all depends on the location you’re in. the fishing crew always makes sure that your fishing experience is safe and fun. So don’t worry and keep your fishing rodes ready to hunt some incredible fishes out there. There is a wide range of packages that you can chose from varies in 6 and 4 hours of trip. Also the time of this tour is pretty convenient that is 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Bait is of $20 per person, fishing rods $20 per person and entry fee is $125 per person.

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Isn’t that too good to be true? These safaris are reviewed as the best of all safari activities. They are known to blow your mind and will calm your heart in million ways. Even if you’re not a wildlife enthusiast, you can surely witness the breathtaking views around for an unforgettable vacation like never before! So, whether you are planning a trip friends or holiday with family, plan on going on these safaris and enjoy the aquatic life. Book your trip to New Zealand for a thrilling holiday experience!

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