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Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city of Russia and its social capital. The city is acclaimed for creativities like writings, statue, and carvings as well as for its nightlife. It was the primary city in Russia to receive the way of life of clubbing, as of the late ’80s.

History Of Saint Petersburg Nightlife

The nightlife started with the openings of underground shake music clubs and expression focuses. It extended later, in the early ‘ 90, with the rave clubs. It is true that from here came the most essential musical crews in the nation. Be that as it may, the nightlife in Saint Petersburg started to thrive just in the mid-90 when they opened some of the discotheques that are the most acclaimed in the city.

Current State of nightlife in Saint Petersburg

These days, to Saint Petersburg, you can discover elective and live shake shows, and additionally jazz and creative clubs, where you can drink a lager and meet many individuals in a similar night. Most places appear to be economical and have a loose and accommodating. Another livens of Saint Petersburg’s nightlife is the simplicity and socialization openings that you may have amid the night in the discos and disco nearby. The Russians realize how to have a fabulous time and consistently there are numerous celebrations scattered all through the Centre. The assortment of diversion offered by nightlife in Saint Petersburg is unending and is equipped for offering evenings of unadulterated fun. In vogue clubs where you can move or have a beverage, eateries of assorted types, theatre, shows or sentimental strolls on the Riverfront. Saint Petersburg overseas even the most refined tastes.

Places To Enjoy Saint Petersburg Nightlife

Variety of nightclubs in Saint Petersburg: There are varieties of bars and pubs that will help you party in Saint Petersburg, Russia. So here is list of best nightclubs in Saint Petersburg Russia:

1. Fidel


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The Fidel is a standout amongst the most celebrated and most fun bars in St. Petersburg. His qualities are amazingly inviting atmosphere, modest costs, music going from shake to business thus numerous individuals who need to move the night away! Thus the Fidel is cherished by such huge numbers of individuals and remains a point of reference for the nightlife in Saint Petersburg.

Address: Dumskaya Ulitsa, 9, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:Open 24 hours

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2. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar

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The Buddha Bar is an esteemed Club of St. Petersburg exquisite and with a positively high class customer type. The Buddha Bar is a cross between an upscale eatery and dance club. Throughout the end of the week the club transforms into a move floor in every case brimming with individuals. The majority of this joined with a broad menu of Pan-Asian cooking with French inflections, a one of a kind soundtrack and ultra chic environment.

Address: Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya, 78, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 PM – 12 AM

3. Retro Discoteka Papanin

Retro Discoteka Papanin

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The Papanin is a standout amongst the most well known clubs Saint Petersburg, stylish place that has shows and gatherings fun. In view of its area far from the Centre and passage better than expected expense of strip clubs the Papanin is frequented only by Russians, with couple of non-native. The Interior is extensive, with numerous little tables orchestrated around the dance floor, which can suit up to 200 individuals. You can choose whether you need to go moving and meet some decent young lady or SIP mixed drinks sitting on couches. The bars of the Papanin offer great mixed drinks and diverse assortments of Russian lagers. The club arranges topic evenings for each day of the week, from outfit parties at night with retro music.

Address: Moskovsky Ave, 111, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 196084
Timings:Thurs, Fris, Sat only 8 PM – 5 AM

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4. Bar XXXX


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The XXXX part of a chain of 7 clubs in St. Petersburg and is additionally a bar, a disco and an eatery. Indeed, even the most acclaimed club is by means of Sovetskaya, the bar XXXX has other 4 areas over the city, individually in Zvenigorodskiy, Oserkah, na Komendanskom and Moskovsky Prospekt.

Address: 3-Ya Sovetskaya Ulitsa, 34, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 – 11 Pm

5. Goss Cafè and Restaurant

Goss Cafè and Restaurant

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The Gloss is a bistro and eatery Saint Petersburg with sumptuous air, fine goods and particular: the dominating hues are dark and red, neon lights and present day models blended with old statues of the twentieth century. The dishes are the after effect of the combination among European and Asian. The Gloss Cafe offers an assortment of around 500 wines from around the globe.

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6.Zoom Cafè

Zoom Cafè

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The Zoom Café It is a mainstream meeting place for understudies, who meet after class to talk or for a tidbit. This is place you would love to go if you enjoy having intellectual talks after a drink or two. Expand your horizons of your brain and its thinking while you enjoy your night away in Saint Petersburg.

Address: Gorokhovaya St, 22, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:9 AM – 12 AM

Irish bars and English bars in St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg has a lot of English and Irish bars, where you can taste top notch brew. At any rate, in these bars dependably oozes a well disposed and calm environment, and you can tune in to great music and Celtic shake.

7. Liverpool Bar

Liverpool Bar

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The Liverpool is a standout amongst the most well known bars of St. Petersburg and has a wide choice of good lagers and unrecorded music. The bar is very extensive yet it doesn’t have a zone for moving. In spite of the fact that it has somewhat raised costs, the Liverpool serves extraordinary nourishment in extensive bits. It screens for donning occasions and many brews on offer.

Address: Ulitsa Mayakovskogo, 16, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Timings:Open 24 hours

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8. Mollie’s Pub

Mollie's Pub

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Situated in the centre of Saint Petersburg, the Mollie’s is a standout amongst the most well known Irish bars and one of those spots that don’t disillusion ever. Frequented by voyagers and local people, the bar offers incredible lager, great nourishment and music. On Fridays and Saturdays there are parties with huge drinking sessions amid which the Russians blend with voyagers and outsiders.

Address: Ulitsa Rubinshteyna, 36, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 PM – 2 AM

Jazz bars and Blues bars in St. Petersburg

It is extremely famous in Saint Petersburg. It is an essential piece of nightlife of the city. Skilled artists play out every night in the many Jazz bars in the city.

9. The Hat Bar

The Hat Bar

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This jazz bar situated in downtown Saint Petersburg, serving each night free shows and stick sessions. Enjoy great ambiance lit up good music and tipsy drinks. The live performances by jazz bands will put you in a jolly mood. It is one of the best places to enjoy Saint Petersburg nightlife.

Address: Ulitsa Belinskogo, 9, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191014
Timings:7 AM – 3 PM

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10. Sunduk Art Café

Sunduk Art Café

Image Source

The Sunduk Art Café varies from other jazz clubs to its unique furniture. The bright, Russian and Georgian society music and the non appearance of remote make this bar a fascinating spot.

Timings:11 AM – 12 AM
Address: Furshtatskaya Ulitsa, 42, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191123

Saint Petersburg Nightlife Tips

Here is some St Petersburg’s nightlife guide that one should keep in mind while going to enjoy for nightlife in St. Petersburg.

  • The determination at the passageway is made in for all intents and purposes each club in Saint Petersburg regularly. It comprises of a genuine RAID with a metal indicator. Don’t stress because of this thing as it is very normal.
  • Most of the people attending the night clubs are fashion conscious and wear fashionable dress. So you may also wear the best dresses.
  • The most important thing is don’t booze much and remain in limit as it is not healthy for anyone.
  • The student bars are the bars frequented by youngsters. The basic thing in these bars is the price is little less. So, if you have still got the charm to get an entry to one of these bars, you should go for it.

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Saint Petersburg is a must visit if you are travelling to Russia . And, the nightlife here is the main attraction. It is enjoyable as it offers good food, nice drinks and many a time good music.

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