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    The beauty of Sentosa Underwater World

    Underwater World Singapore is famously known as Sentosa Underwater World. It’s a thrilling oceanarium where you are surrounded by aquatic animals and flora. It is the place to experience the underwater life, see the best of dolphin shows, watch shark swims, and witness interactive sessions, seal shows, and giant aquariums. The viewing galleries are always full of excited adults and enthusiastic children.

    Beautiful fishes and colorful reefs in Sentosa Underwater World

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    The best part here is that weather can’t play a spoil sport. Everything is indoors, and everything you see outdoors is unaffected by the weather. Witnessing a sting ray cuddle with another will leave you with an indescribable feeling. And so will be case when you go close to the ferocious sharks. If you are going with children, the excitement you see on their faces will assure you that the visit is totally worth it.

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    A family enjoying the charms of Sentosa Underwater World

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    Major Attractions at Underwater World in Sentosa

    Major attractions in Sentosa Underwater World draws thousands of tourists daily

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    Dolphin Lagoon – It is home to several humpback dolphins, popularly known as Pink Dolphins. There are several ‘meet-the-dolphins’ sessions in a day. People are allowed to enter waist-deep in the pools to interact with naughty but cute dolphins. Needless to say, the Dolphin Lagoon in Singapore is one of the major tourist attractions of the country.

    Two happy dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon in Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source
    Underwater Tunnel – The remarkable tunnel in Sentosa Underwater World is truly a work of wonder. The 83 m long tunnel is encased with 6 millimeter thick acrylic walls. This is the most exciting part of the oceanarium – see the intricacies of the marine life just from a stone’s throw away. There are colorful coral reefs, stinging stingrays, shocking eels, lazy turtles, dangerous sharks, and other equally intriguing animals to hold your attention.

    The interesting displays of marine world from underwater tunnel in Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source

    Interesting Activities & Things To Do At Sentosa Underwater World

    Dive with the Sharks – Yeah, you heard it right!

    Dive with the sharks in the Underwater World of Singapore

    Image Source
    Now this is what we qualify as the ultimate adventure. Dive in the water of Sentosa Underwater World and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of its colorful denizens, specifically the unsaid rulers of water world – the sharks. Fret not, your safety will be ensured. There will a certified guide with you all the time.

    PS: Don’t jump in if you have a fresh wound or an easily-open cut. You wouldn’t want to tempt sharks any further, would you?

    Shark disturbing a school of fish in Underwater World of Sentosa

    Image Source

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    Swim with the dolphins – Feel like fish!

    A girl enjoying her afternoon swim with the cute dolphins of Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source
    The experience of swimming with the lovely pink dolphins or fur seals, while they are trying to one up you is purely exhilarating. The intelligence with which they understand your words and actions, charming male dolphins showering extra love on human females, and possessive and encouraging mama dolphins interacting with their young ones – swimming with the dolphins will evoke multiple emotions.

    However, just because it all sounds cute, warm and fuzzy, doesn’t mean you can take your safety lightly. You will be under constant vigilance of a certified trainer to ensure your safekeeping.

    Watch them dance – Marvel at the Dolphin show and its participants from an AC enclosure

    Dolphin Suite in Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source
    Savor the delightful pastries while enjoying a compelling show featuring engaging dolphins and cute seals. The crystal clear glass enclosure will ensure that you don’t miss even a single beat. Ever wondered of an exclusive wedding, right against the backdrop of playing dolphins and splashing water? Well, it might come true here. Drop in a mail and the suite will help you organize your dream wedding or an exotic get-together.

    Feeding Dolphins – Feed them and become their favorite

    A diver feeding the dolphin of Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source

    A lady feeding the fur seal of Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source
    The enthusiasm with which dolphins eat is a must-watch. The interesting relationship between dolphins and their feeders is quite an eyeful. You can hand-feed them or dive in the water to be closer to them.

    Interactive sessions for kids – Let your child learn about the marine life while having the time of his life

    A kid having the time of his life while interacting with a dolphin in Sentosa Underwater World

    Image Source
    Encourage your child to explore the Underwater World in Singapore on his own. There will be games, interactive sessions, pointers for feeding habits, mating rituals of aquatic animals and so much more to grasp from. Set him loose so that he can be well acquainted with the other world.

    Ticket Price for Sentosa Underwater World

    The fun of Sentosa Underwater World is priceless

    Image Source
    It would cost you around SGD 29.90 per adult and SGD 20.60 per child. Mind you, that the price only include the entry within the premises. For partaking in added fun activities, you need to shell out more bucks, according to the activity you choose. You can get your tickets either on reaching the oceanarium or by online here.

    Know more about the interesting intricacies of Sentosa Underwater World on their official website. Keep yourself updated with the new offers and occasional live shows from their Facebook Page.

    Don’t miss out on the marvel which is Underwater World of Singapore

    Image Source

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