Athen, the largest city in Greece has always proved to be the favorite shopping destination for its travelers. Amidst the beautiful scenic views of vintage culture, this capital city has almost everything in its store to offer to its visitors to buy. Shopping in Athens will provide you with a plethora of goodies to buy. From vintage goods to antique stuff, the stores and shops will provide you with lots of conceptual stores to shop. The prices of the goods are also reasonable. There are plenty of malls and big chunk stores, but the best shopping in Athens Greece done on the streets while roaming around the city. The local shopping is the biggest attractions of the place.

Before discussing the best places to shop, we should see at the best time to visit Athens, Greece

Best time to visit Athens

The best time to visit Athens is the months of March-May and September-November. These are the season of spring and fall where the weather is comfortable to go. The temperature is normal and the sunshine is guaranteed. The crowd is less and you will get fairly good deals on shopping and hotels to stay. To shop ate the fairer prices this is the best time to go.

Shopping In Athens: Top Markets & Places

There are so many stores and the flea market that you will forget the count of it and on every corner that you go, there will be a new shopping opportunity for you. So let’s have a look at the top 10 places to do the best shopping in Athens, Greece.

1. Protogenous Street

Protogenous Street

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If you are a lover of unique shopping this is the best place to go to provide you with the vintage stuff. The clothes and accessories available in this place are trendy and updated. You can have an amazing time picking clothes for yourself as there is a plethora of them to choose from. However, the best thing is that you will get the collections from different parts of the world so as to get a sneak peek into the traditions of foreign lands. For vintage lovers, Protogenous Street is the best place in Athens.

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2. Flea market Monastiráki

Flea Market at Monastiraki

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This place is for the people who are looking for he souvenirs to buy for their loved ones back at home or who want to do really cheap shopping of leather goods. You can explore this beautiful place while taking a walk down the street and find some really amazing things to purchase. If you are someone who holds a soft corner for flea market this place is where you need to come forward to back all the sweet items. Shopping in Athens, GA can turn out to be a whole lot fruitful if you manage to get some affordable deals while being in this flea market.

3. Patriarchou Ioakim

Patriarchou Loakim

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The place to ensure that your luxury shopping in Athens done properly as this is the costliest shopping street of Athens. Here you will find a chain of showrooms that are filled with luxury items so as to cater to the needs of those who love to spend extravagantly. Patriarchou Loakim can turn out to be your best pick for luxury shopping as there is no limit to the choices once you end up being here. However, it goes without saying that you need to have a fixed budget before you start your luxury shopping spree in Athens.

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What can be the best than the fusion of food and shopping together? This restaurant in Athens offers you a large variety of delicacies to take back home as souvenirs and also serves you the best Greek cuisines. After visiting the shopping district in Athens, you must end up here so as to cater to the needs of your demanding stomach. There are multiple questions to choose from and you can also get a number of traditional dishes in your plate. Ergon is one of those places which are hunted by shopping lovers so as to enjoy some great delicacies after finishing their outlet shopping in Athens, Greece.

5. Graffito


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From designer clothes to scented candles, this store in Athens is the biggest to shop from. Your search to do luxury brands shopping in Athens will definitely stop at this one-stop destination for it. You can bag a number of luxury items that speak of the value they hold in their looks itself. You should not waste your time and pick some for yourself while keeping your loved ones in mind as well. This may turn out to be the best place to pick souvenirs so as to present your family and friends with.

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6. Retrosexual Vintage Shop

Retrosexual Vintage Shop

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If you are an old-school soul and your heart still lies in the unique designs from the past than this retro store is the place where you could fulfill all your desires to shop the retro furniture and basic vintage stuff. You can find a number of tourists taking some of the vintage items from the large collection that this shop has. You should not miss out this amazing vintage shop while wandering in the shopping street in Athens.

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7. Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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A trip to any place will always remain incomplete without buying gifts for your loved ones and hence this place completes your trip by providing exotic and astonishing gifts to purchase. Leave no one behind and buy something for everyone that you hold beloved to you. This is important so as to keep your trip to Athens a memorable one.

8. Kilo-Shop


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If you are someone who is habitual of buying in bulk, Kilo-Shop is exactly where you need to come while being in Athens. You can buy a lot in terms of money as well as quantity if this shop is on your checklist. This being said, you should not let this place slip out from your bucket list if you are visiting Athens. This shopping area in Athens is one of the most preferred one by tourists from all over the world.

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If you truly want to explore the authentic side of this city, shopping in Athens would be the best way to do that. Almost every shopping place that you’re to visit in Athens, you’d be in for a couple of most memorable hours in this city. Do not miss out the places mentioned here on your international trip to Greece if you want to explore Athens to the fullest.

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