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Visiting Belgium during the peak season is always an exciting experience by itself but do you realize what is even more popular around the place? Shopping around in Bruges. The city of Bruges is not definitely idyllic for its wide range of mystic sightseeing spots but is known for the destinations you can go around shopping in Bruges. The thing that does make it even more exciting is that these places are the perfect rendition of the culture and tradition that Bruges is known around for. If you are in Belgium and want to satisfy the shopaholic inside you, Bruges is possibly the most ideal destination for you to lurk around.

9 Places For Shopping In Bruges

Here is the perfect list of the places for shopping in Bruges that can entice your inner self and not dig a hole in your pocket at the same time as well. Take a look!

1. ’T Apostelientje

T Apostelientje

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As hard as the name of the shop is to pronounce, this shop is just as amazing. If you are lurking around sightseeing around the various spots around St. Anna, the ’t Apostelientje is one of the most popular shops that tourists take a liking towards. It is located just around the corner of the popular Lace Museum and the Jerusalem Chapel. The shop is run by a family of craftsmen who specialize in the providing with one of the most authentic laces that’s available around the place. You might find a wide range of laces around several shops in Bruges but the ones available at ’t Apostelientje is not just antique but handmade too. Make sure to take a look around at the garments and the wide range of another form of clothing items too. The dreamcatchers around at the shop are just as amazing.

Location: Balstraat 11, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Laces, Antique Garments, Dreamcatchers

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2. Alfa Papyrus

Alfa Papyrus

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Run by a very jovial and humble woman herself, Els Brys, Alfa Papyrus is popular around the entire city of Bruges for selling unique paper related items and stationery. It is not unlikely that you won’t get handmade paper and books around the other cities in the world but the one made by Els is just too good to miss out on. The shop is the main site of attraction for selling out not just handmade books but handmade paper as well. Apart from that, some of the other unique selling points of the shop include calligraphy cards and even photo albums.

Location: Eekhoutstraat 25, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Handmade paper, Handwoven books, calligraphy cards, photo albums

3. Diksmuids Boterhuis

Lady buying goods

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If you are in Bruges and you don’t get the famous cheeses, what even are you doing there? The one thing that determines a good cheese is the people who are selling it. Diksmuide Boterhuis is one of those popular cheese shops around in Bruges that has been around since way back in the 1930s. The place is run by a couple and is too good of a chance for you to pass out on. They have a wide variety of over 200 international cheeses the majority of which are locally sourced from the local farmers. They also sell around a range of dried ham and sausages which further add to the fervor of the experience. The gift baskets from the shop are extravagant and everything you need to get your hands on.

Location: Geldmuntstraat 23, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Cheese, Dried ham, Sausages

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4. Mille Fleurs

Mille Fleurs

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Tapestries have been around the market and in tradition since way back in history and the shop named Mille Fleurs in Bruges is the perfect rendition of the same. The shop depicts some of the most beautifully woven tapestries of religious and mythical scenes. They do have tapestries of varying designs, shapes and sizes for you to look into. They are known as one of the shopping in Bruges Belgium mainly because of the fact that they have some of the most iconic recreations of the world famous designs. You can also find plaids, cushion covers and throws aside from the tapestries.

Location: Wollestraat 18, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Tapestries

5. Käthe Wohlfahrt

Stylish Jeep

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Owing to the raging popularity of these shops, they don’t have just one but two different outlets around in Bruges. The shop is known around with the locals as one of those destinations that scream Christmas festivities. The wood carved shepherds and the wide range of gorgeous ornaments are more than enough to enthrall and pique the interest of the visitors. This is also an amazing shop if you are looking to buy some small yet special Belgian souvenirs to gift your close ones with.

Location: Walplein 12, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Ornaments and Souvenirs

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6. Madam Mim

Cute Toys

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Next, on the list of the shopping in Bruges including the one of kind boutiques known as Madam Mim. Just the window display of the shop is more than enough to entice the beautiful collection that the shop owner prides upon. Named after the owner, Mim herself, the shop is one of the best clothes shopping in Bruges. They have various kinds of fabrics that come around with a vintage touch. Apart from that, they are also popular for the retro jewelry and even the laces that they keep around on display.

Location: Hoogstraat 29, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Vintage fabric and clothing, Jewellery

7. De Striep

Books and shop view

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If novels and comic books are your kinds of thing and you wish to get your hands on some of the most special editions, De Striep is the place you need to be in. It is jam-packed with some of the most special novels and comic books not just for the old and the young fans alike. It has several cabinets dedicated to the novels that come around with special editions and are quite precious. This is one of the safe havens for the book lovers and people who do love to indulge in getting themselves lost in the books.

Location: Katelijnestraat 42, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Books and Novels

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8. The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line

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It is not surprising that the list of places for shopping in Bruges would most definitely include a chocolate shop. Belgium is known around the world for its production of dark chocolate and The Chocolate Line is the perfect places to get the best taste of that. They are known to produce some of the most unique and one of a kind chocolates which definitely take the customers by their attention. Some of the most popular varieties of chocolate include matcha praline, chocolate shooter, and chocolate lipsticks.

Location: Simon Stevinplein 19, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Chocolate

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9. Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market

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This is one of those pit stops that can give you a peek into the local life around Bruges. You will not just find the freshest of produce around the place but also see the kind of humble interaction people engage themselves in. If required, you can also get a taste of the local street food to fulfill the day entirely.

Location: Bruges, Belgium
Best for: Local produce, Organic vegetables, and fruits

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When it comes to the shopping in Bruges on Sundays, the possibilities are quite endless. The place is known around globally for its wide range of places that one can visit around and collect memorable items from. The next time you plan your trip to Belgium, ensure that you don’t miss out from visiting some of these popular shops around in Bruges.

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