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Hulhumale is an island which is one among the Maldives group of islands. It is an artificial island that was created with a motive of providing extended housing and settlement facilities to the Maldives. The infrastructure present is Hulhumale is quite basic, consisting of a public government building, a road network, a hospital, and other such primary requirements. The island of Hulhumale is famous for its local souvenir shops. These shops give a rustic, local and authentic feeling about this place; they reflect the genuineness of a small island city through the things they sell.

Shopping in Hulhumale is fun and unique as you encounter the vibrant culture of the island city through the doors of the shops and the lanes of the markets. If you love shopping and more importantly if you love hoarding items that represent the culture and lifestyle of countries then you must check out this blog.

About Shopping In Hulhumale

Hulhumale is a tiny town located in the Maldives that boasts of beauty and many amazing activities that attracts several tourists around the year. One of the most popular tourist activities is shopping. There are no vast and extravagant malls and shopping complexes in Hulhumale.In contrast to that, Hulhumale has many humble and small shops. They serve the tourists and help them buy the local products of good quality and correct pricing. Now, let us look at the awesome things that you can bring back from Hulhumale.

6 Best Things To Buy In Hulhumale

There are several traditional and local souvenirs which one can take back from the various shopping places in Hulhumale. Some of them are:

1. Thundu Kunaa

Thundu Kunna

Image Courtesy: SABAH Maldives

Thundu Kunaa is a traditional mat that you can buy in Hulhumale. It is a hand-woven mat and is available in different vibrant colors and is a great option to gift to your family, friends, and relatives. These mats are made up of very fine and soft strews of grass and are used generally for sitting, sleeping or praying. It is a traditional commodity and is used in almost every Maldivian household. Buying this will not only help you bring a unique portion of Maldivian culture back to your living rooms but also help in supporting the local business of the country. You can buy beautiful mats from a cooperative society known as SABAH that is a community for home-based workers who give their heart and soul into weaving exquisite mats that capture the essence of Maldives!

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2. Baskets


Image Source

We all love hanging those beautiful cane baskets in different corners of our homes as it gives a woody and warm feeling to the house. In Hulhumale, these baskets are prepared using the thick skulls of the palm trees. Traditionally, these baskets are used as sieves, covers for food and winnowers. One can also use them as lampshades, containers to store fresh fruits or vegetables and wastebaskets. These baskets enhance the whole set of any corner they are kept in.

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3. Lacquer Products

Lacquer Products

Image Source

Lacquer is a substance made from the juices of different trees and used as a coating on wooden objects – this coating is done to save the wood from wear and tear owing to external factors. When lacquer is coated over wood, it is painted and decorated to give it a pleasant look. In Hulhumale, the local people use this technique to make attractive showpieces like flower pots, photo frames, and other decorative products.

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4. Feyli


Image Courtesy: Maldivian Traditional Dresses

The Feyli is a type of attire used locally in the Maldivian regions. In Hulhumale, some artisans provide this piece of clothing made using the olden hand-weaving techniques. Both men and women can use the Feyli and it is available in different colors and is accentuated by a broad highlighted border. It is very comfortable and pleasant to wear.

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5. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery

Image Source

Jewelry has always been acing the game of accessories with outfits of all sorts. Even in the Maldivian culture, jewelry has enormous importance which is why Hulhumale has many shops selling handmade jewelry. The local craftsmen make these pieces of beauty that look delicate, beautiful and rustic. They never fail to carry the charm of local jewelry-making techniques. Buying these items is an excellent way of encouraging local craftsmanship.

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6. Fish Products

Fish Products

Image Source

Since the Maldivian region, including Hulhumale, is a coastal region, the food products available there also have its impact. There are a lot of fish products consumed and sold in this region. One can find dried fish chips, fish pickles, different forms of marinated fish and other such fish products. They are made with preservatives that are used to keep these products fresh and usable for a longer duration. These products can be easily found in the local shops in Hulhumale.

Tips For Shopping In Hulhumale

  • The local artisans mostly make the items available in Hulhumale and that too, without using the newest and finest if technologies. Hence, one must pay attention to the quality of the product while buying anything.
  • Since most of the goods are manufactured locally, they may lack a lot of variety. Although some of the products do carry vibrant colors and patterns on them, there are a few products that are not available in various colors and patterns. This should be considered before shopping in Hulhumale.
  • Most of the products sold in the local shops of Hulhumale are typical Maldivian goods. To know more about them and their usage, you can have an elaborate discussion with the local artisans. They can give you better information and insight into the item you want to buy. Then, you can determine if you’re going to buy it.
  • Comparing the prices and bargaining to buy a product at its best price is a universal tip for shopping. You can also apply that in Hulhumale. But, do not crush the price too heavily in a way that even the seller would have to suffer losses.
  • Carry cash for shopping at the markets as ATMs may or may not be available.

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Shopping in Hulhumale breaks away from the conventional style of shopping at big malls and complexes, and humbly brings you to local markets with an air full of culture and authentic effort. The things sold at the markets in Hulhumale are a result of the skill and passion of the local artists there and encouraging them to continue on this path is always a good thing to do. So, if you can’t resist the art of shopping anymore then plan your trip to the Maldives soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Hulhumale

Which are the famous shops in Hulhumale?

There are many shops in Hulhumale which are famous among the tourists like the STO Hulhumale Shop, Brandloom by Enmark, Olive Tree and Fantasy Express.

Which currency can be used in Hulhumale by tourists for shopping?

The official currency of Hulhumale is the Maldivian Rufiyaa which is used by the local people. However, tourists can use international currencies like the US Dollar and the Euro as well for shopping.

What are the best things to do in Hulhumale?

Some of the best things to do in Hulhumale are:
1. Shopping
2. Beach Exploration
3. Parasailing
4. Snorkeling
5. Food tours

Which products can one buy in Hulhumale?

One can buy a lot of local products like lacquer work items, handmade jewelry, traditional hand-woven mats, ceramic plates, hand-painted photo frames and showpieces made from seashells.

What eatables can one buy in Hulhumale?

Since Hulhumale Island has a strong seafood culture, you can buy a lot of seafood items. These items comprise of dried fish chips, fish pickles along with various kinds of marinated fish.

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