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Jerusalem in the Middle-East is a beautiful city located between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It is a vibrant city with both modern and spiritual touch. One of the oldest cities of the world, Jerusalem is famous for its shopping. Whether it be a simple souvenir, high-end jewelry, fashionable clothes and attires, daily groceries, one can find it all in Jerusalem. Rich in its culture and history, there are a number of destinations where one can go shopping in Jerusalem. Antiquities and Armenian Pottery should also be on your list. We have listed for you some things in Jerusalem that you can check out on your visit to Jerusalem in Israel.

Shopping In Jerusalem: 10 Things To Buy In Jerusalem

Jerusalem is famous for a number of things such as Michal Negrin Jewelry, Metalace, puzzles and games and a lot more things. Here is a list of 10 things that one can buy as they go around for shopping in Jerusalem, Israel.

1. Jewelry


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Jerusalem is famous for the various jewelry shops and the luxurious jewelry that one can find there. One can find various high-end and luxury stores in Jerusalem such as Baltinester, Stern, Avi Luvaton Gallery and many more. One can find beautiful gold jewelry with diamonds as Israel is quite famous for its diamonds as well. The jewelry very beautifully represents the ethnic culture of Jerusalem.

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2. Armenian Pottery

Armenian Pottery

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Representing the local culture and tradition, one can find colourful bowls made of ceramic, tiles and various other wares as well. Armenian Pottery is basically a different kind of pottery made up of ceramics with glazes from metallic oxides. Peacock representing long life is a popular design found inscribed on the articles. The colourful yet earthy pottery attracts the travelers with its brightness. At present in the world, Jerusalem is the only place where ceramic of this type is still produced.

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3. Traditional Palestinian Embroidery

Traditional Palestinian Embroidery

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There are basically two types of embroidery, one is cross stitch which is also called as fallahi and the other one is couching which is also called as tahriri. Palestine embroidery is an important part of the outfit of Palestine women. The products are made by hand and help to preserve the traditional art and culture. One can find it at two stores in Jerusalem. The House of Palestinian Crafts is the major store that solds such craft items and clothes.

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4. Israeli Wine and Beer

Israeli Wine and Beer

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Israel has a climate which is suitable for making wine. And this is the reason a number of varieties such as Merlot, Riesling and Cabernet are produced here. Jerusalem has a good number of wineries which produce wines from local grapes. The Sea Horse Winery and Cremisan Winery are a few to name. The cost of Israeli wine ranges from INR 418 to INR 4886. One can also find foreign wine here. The best beer of Israel is Malka which costs around INR 315 a bottle.

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5. Antiquities


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Israel is very famous for antiquities. There are various shopping places in Jerusalem where one can find antiquities but beware of fake sellers. Make purchase only from dealers who have been authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Clay Oil Lamp is one of the top antiquities sold in Jerusalem. One can also find Byzantine lamp, Baidun Antiquities, Imperial Roman silver coin, Roman glass etc. in Jerusalem.

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6. Hamsa


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The hamsa, also known as hand symbol is basically an amulet which is believed to protect from evil eye. It can be found easily anywhere is Jerusalem. It is made of different materials such as ceramics, copper and even wood. There is an artist by the name Chaim Peretz who creates different types of hamsas from sterling silver and stained glass. Some are also embedded with gemstones. The price of these hamsas range from INR 1048 to INR 6300.

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7. Bedouin-Woven Rugs and Cushions

Woven Rugs and Cushions

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Bedouin-Woven Rugs and Cushions are authentic gifts given by people in Jerusalem. These rugs are specially made by women who work together to spin and dye the wool on ground and simple looms. One can find them in various bright colours and even in white color. One can also find amazing striped cushions and cushion covers.

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8. Israeli Ceramics

Israeli Ceramics

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One can find some amazing stuff made up of ceramics in Israel. These works of art very beautifully represent the cultural heritage of the artists. One can find three shops of ceramics on Yoel Salomon Street. They can be found at a price starting from INR 699 and ranging up to INR 14,000. One can also find pins and hamsas with printed designs.

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9. Michal Negrin Jewelry

Michal Negrin Jewelry In Jerusalem

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One can find unique designs of jewelry, fashion and home decor here designed by Michal Negrin. He is a famous Israeli designer. One can find stud flower earrings, rings, hanging earrings and necklaces. There price ranges from INR 1048 to INR 25,000. These are a must buy, if you love jewelry. There are three branches of it in Jerusalem. One is in Mamilla Mall, and the other two in Malha Mall and Nachalat Shiva.

10. Ahava Salt Sea Products

Ahava Salt Sea Products In Jerusalem

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These are a special kind of products that one can find in Jerusalem. Ahava basically means love and the company produces skincare products from the Dead Sea and the Salt sea. The dead sea is at a distance of one hour drive from Jerusalem. One can find a broad range of products ranging from cleansing products, rejuvenating and detoxifying as well. One can find high quality skin care products here.

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Shopping in Jerusalem: The Best Places

Planning to visit Jerusalem? Apart from exploring the cultural heritage of the place, one must explore the various shopping places in Jerusalem. Here we have listed top two famous destinations for shopping in Jerusalem that should not be missed.

1. Alrov Mamilla Avenue

Alrov Mamilla Avenue

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Also known as Mamilla Mall, Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem is basically a shopping street. What is unique about this place is that it is the only open air mall located in Jerusalem, Israel. It is also one of the top leisure destinations in Israel and can be visited for luxurious shopping. There are 140 stores as well as restaurants and cafes in the place.

Location: Northwest of Jaffa Gate
Exhibits of sculptures by local artists, Perfuniq

2. The Machane Yehuda Market

Market In Jerusalem

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Also known by the name The Shuk, one can find everything in this market starting from fruits and spices to speciality food items. This market is also recognized as a symbol of Jerusalem. The market has a stunning energy along with the mouth-watering food that it offers to the travelers. One will definitely enjoy a walking tour of the market and can find almost everything in this market.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Mouth-watering food, Artwork and jewelry

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Jerusalem is famous for various unique things that one can shop in Jerusalem. And if you are a shopaholic, then shopping in Jerusalem must be on your list. So, what are you waiting for? Plan an exciting trip to Israel with TravelTriangle and delve into an amazing shopping experience along with exploring the cultural heritage of the place.

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