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Israel is a unique place that is considered as the holy land. It has beautiful landscapes that consist of green mountains, sandy beaches, and famous seas. Israel has rich architecture and religious spots that tourists are very attracted to. People come from all over the world to explore the country where Jesus was born and brought up. Apart from this, scuba diving is very popular as well. Scuba diving in Israel is very popular because of the crystal water, extensive marine life, and the private diving spots. If you aren’t sure about where to go for the best scuba diving experience, then read on.

Best Time To Go Scuba Diving In Israel

Best Time To Go Scuba Diving In Israel

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Although you can go scuba diving in Israel at any time of the year, it is best to go diving from September to October. Even the winter months provide better visibility. You can also go during January and February as it is the offseason. Summer isn’t ideal because the fishlife will not be very well seen.

10 Best Scuba Diving Spots In Israel

Excited much? Well, scroll down through this guide for Scuba Diving in Israel and find the best places you can go to in order to enjoy a fun session of scuba diving with your friends during your trip to Israel.

  • The Nature Reserve – For Experienced Divers
  • Village Beach – Know Israel’s History
  • Rosh Hanikra – Thrilling Underwater Caves
  • Eilat, North Coral Beach – For Beautiful Corals
  • Gordon Caves – Spot An Octopus Here
  • Caesarea Underwater Port – An Archaeological Park
  • The Bird Head Canyon – Mezizim Reef
  • Bat Yam – Natural And Artificial
  • Nahariya – For Unique Marine Life
  • Dive Urge – Exciting Eel Garden

1. The Nature Reserve – For Experienced Divers

The Nature Reserve

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The Joshua and Moses Rocks can be found here. The Moses Rock is a huge coral head which has a stunning reef that has offers a diversity of marine life for scuba diving in Israel. The Japanese Gardens which are a part of the Nature Reserve can be visited by boat. The visibility is great at this time of the year and you can come across stingrays, eagle rays, turtles, octopus and more. There are also beautiful coral formations. The dive spots found here are great for advanced divers as there is great depth found here.

Average cost: INR 4592/- for 1 dive
Best time to visit: April to September
Location: Eilat, Israel

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2. Village Beach – Know Israel’s History

Village Beach

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The Satil wreck can be found here. Satil is a missile boat that was used in 1969 against the French authorities. If you love wrecks and you want to observe a piece of Israel’s history, then you should go scuba diving in Israel Red Sea. You can spot a lot of different fish hiding behind the boat such as lionfish, New Guinean frogfish and emperor angelfish. The dive spot is located not far from Coral Beach and so is quite easy to get to. The vessel has a lot of historical significance and is home to some beautiful fish. You can surely experience best scuba diving in Israel at this spot with your folks!

Average cost: INR 15000/- for 5 dives
Best time to visit: June
Location: Eilat Israel

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3. Rosh Hanikra – Thrilling Underwater Caves

Rosh Hanikra

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If you are looking for an interesting and new diving experience, then look no further than the Rosh Hanikra underwater caves. This is a great way to experience scuba diving in Israel Mediterranean. A very important dive spot located here would be the Grottos, which are basically underwater caves. The tunnels provide light in some places and in some they don’t, mixed with the nature of the waves, this provides a very intriguing experience. The maximum depth is about 7 meters and therefore is ideal for both beginner and experts. Before you experience the grottos and underwater caverns, you will have to get a clearance pass from the Israel Navy and you will have to take a guide with you. This is the kind of place you must try if you’re looking for scuba diving in Israel, Red Sea!

Average cost: INR 18000/- for 5 dives
Best time to visit: winter
Location: Israel

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4. Eilat, North Coral Beach – For Beautiful Corals


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The Yatush wreck got its name because of the Hebrew University’s site where underwater trials and experiments were done. There are many different and beautiful corals that continue to grow in the opposite direction of the water. If you want to go for a deeper excursion you can find the Yatush or an Israeli Navy ship that is located 30m below the surface. The patrol ship was sunk specifically for diving purposes. You can swim through the ship and you can find coral formations, large parrot fish, garden eels, moray eels, lionfish and much more if you decide to go scuba diving in Israel Red Sea.

Average cost: INR 16000/- for 5 dives
Best time to visit: September and October
Location: Eilat, Israel

5. Gordon Caves – Spot An Octopus Here

Gordon Caves

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If you are going scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel, then this is a must visit diving spot for the best Tel Aviv diving experience. The Gordon Caves stretch beyond the rocky shores of the famous Gordon Beach which is a popular tourist attraction for an adventurous tour of scuba diving Tel Aviv. The reef lies just near the Gordon Beach and the large rocks and boulders eventually formed caves. Some of the caves are small but some are much bigger and you can swim through them. You can find different marine life such as Axe fish, Thornfish and plenty of octopus. You can continue deeper to reach the sandy bottom or just stay on top and admire the topography and all the beautiful marine life for a surreal experience of scuba diving in Israel.

Average cost: INR 3038/- for 2 dives
Best time to visit: August
Location: Israel

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6. Caesarea Underwater Port – An Archaeological Park


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This unique diving spot is an underwater archaeological park for one of the best scuba diving Israel experiences. The entire port of Caesarea has sunk and has formed a part of the roof. There are seven different routes where you can dive 10m deep. This is ideal for beginners and offers great marine life for scuba diving in Israel. Some of the attractions include Herod’s sunken harbor where you can explore what it was like when Romans were in Israel. You can also find a lot of different marine life including plenty of octopus and nudibranch. The recent trove was discovered which has been hidden for over 30 years. If you want to go scuba diving in Israel Mediterranean, then you should definitely check out this diving spot.

Average cost: INR 3842/- for 1 dive
Best time to visit: September
Location: Keisarya, Israel

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7. The Bird Head Canyon – Mezizim Reef

The Bird Head Canyon or Mezizim Reef

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This diving spot is located just outside of the Mezizim Beach. It is called so because of the bird statue that lies at the top of the hotel near the beach. The reef is a shallow one and is relatively close to the beach so it is quite easy to swim to the spot. The spot is similar to the Mediterranean Reef but has a richer marine life. You can watch beautiful creatures swim into the canyon or you can head lower down to catch a glimpse of octopus, lion fish, nudibranch, and stingrays. This is the best place you can go to if you want to go scuba diving in Tel Aviv Israel.

Average cost: INR 12000/- for 4 dives
Best time to visit: September
Location: Israel

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8. Bat Yam – Natural And Artificial

Bat Yam

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Bat Yam is located in the south on the borders of Jaffa in Tel Aviv. The highlight of this place would be the the The Great Rock Beach. There is an artificial lagoon where there is a beautiful resort. The Great Rock Lagoon is where you can go diving. The spot is half natural and half artificial and offers divers the opportunity to see some marine life that is found in the Mediterranean. You have to swim to the rock first and then head down the plateau to enter the lagoon. You should look for large turtles, rays and larger fish if you decide to go scuba diving in Israel.

Average cost: INR 25000/- for 5 dives
Best time to visit: June and July
Location: Israel

9. Nahariya – For Unique Marine Life


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If you plan to go scuba diving in Israel, then you should definitely check out two very important wrecks in Nahariya, in the Mediterranean for the best diving Israel experience. The two important wrecks are Nitzan and Shira. Nitzan is a very new site where there was an old fishing boat that lived in the high seas. Eventually, it sank and became a diving spot. The Shira is an Italian submarine and is from the Second World War. This vessel was sunk by airplanes and the coastal navy. After a few years, it was found and then became an important dive site. You can find a lot of unique marine life around here and plenty of colorful formations. You can even explore Shira if you like.

Best time to visit: August
Location: Israel

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10. Dive Urge – Exciting Eel Garden

Dive Urge

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Eel Garden can be found here. The reef is located off the shore of Dahab’s Bedouin Village. You will have to pass by a lagoon first. There are thousands of garden eels and hence the name. They are quite shy however and disappear if the water is disturbed too fast. They appear in the sand and feed on plankton. The site is quite amusing. The landscape is something similar to that of a garden and you can find a bit of coral growth as well as anemones growing around the stone edges. Eels aren’t the only thing you can find here. You can find parrot fish, angelfish, bat fish, unicorn fish and much more.

Average cost: INR 5450/- for 1 dive
Best time to visit: NA
Location: NA

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Want to indulge in the best experience of scuba diving in Israel now that you have read about these amazing spots where you can do it? Fret not. Get packed, pick your dates, plan your vacation in Israel and get ready to experience the journey of a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Israel

Which are the best beaches in Israel?

Here are a few most stunning Israel beaches which are a must-visit:
1. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv
2. Dado Zamir Beach, Haifa
3. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea
4. Sironit Beach, Netanya
5. Jisr az-Zarqa Beach, Jisr az-Zarqa

How do you stay calm while scuba diving?

The best way to stay calm during scuba diving is by breathing properly and relax. Do not try to fight the waters or resist any changes around you.

Where can I dive in Israel?

Some of the best places for scuba diving in Israel are The Nature Reserve, North Coral Beach, Gordon Caves, and Caesarea Underwater Port. You can carry your own scuba diving suit or can pay for the rent there only.

What is the cost of scuba diving in Israel?

One shore dive (along with gear) may cost around USD 45 per person, two dives will cost USD 60 per person, and three dives cost approximately USD 80.

Does scuba diving require swimming?

Swimming is not required to do introductory programs, however, if you want to proper scuba diving then you at least need to know how to float.

Is scuba diving a dangerous activity?

For most of the divers, scuba diving is not dangerous. It can only be dangerous to divers who go deep into the waters.

Is scuba diving expensive?

Yes, getting a certificate in scuba diving can prove to be expensive and it may cost you anywhere from $150 to $600. So, you can start saving a little for an amazing experience in the waters.

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