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    nepal shopping

    When Nepal comes into a conversation, it is generally because of all the Politics around it or the giant Himalayas it holds. But shopping in Nepal is not a very common thought. But it couldn’t be more wrong. Nepal is a great destination for shopping too!

    There are many things that can be exclusively found in Nepal. Nepal has a rich history and culture which gives birth to a variety of craftsmanship.

    6 Things To Buy While Shopping In Nepal

    Nepal travel is not a very expensive tourist destination, and so is shopping. Travelers can bring out the shopoholics within them and enjoy shopping following things in Nepal.

    1. Thangka Paintings


    Image Source

    Thangka Paintings are religious symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism. They are made out of a textile-like cotton and silk. These paintings are very beautiful and interesting and generally has Buddha as their object. They are not flat lay paintings on textile but embroidery made on the textile mouth and then covered with silk. This item will turn out one of the best traditional Nepali gifts for travelers.

    Price: Starting at INR 1000.

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    2. Rice Paper items

    Rice paper

    Image Source
    Rice paper is paper made out of rice husk. The whole process of creating this rice paper is done by hand and is a very tedious process. Earlier is was used for manuscripts and paintings but over the time it is used for making journals and diaries. This is a great traditional Nepali gift for friends and family members.

    Price: Starting at INR 300.

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    3. Statues and masks

    nepal shopping

    Another very interesting artifact that can be found in Nepal is the statues and masks that are made over there. There create their statues and masks inspired from mythical creatures. These masks are very beautiful and is a must buy while shopping in Nepal. These mask are also worn by people during their festivals.

    Price: Starting at INR 500.

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    4. Traditional Jewelry

    Traditional Jewelry

    Image Source

    Nepal is also famous for its jewelry. Make sure to go jewelry shopping in Nepal. Kathmandu is the prime location for all these jewelry. These jewelry have very intricate designs and long beaded necklaces. The alloy is also used to create Newari utensils which is also a great buy.

    Price: Starting at INR 3000.

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    5. Hemp Bags

    Hemp Bag

    Image Source

    If you’re still thinking what to bring form Nepal then another great buy are the hemp bags. These bags are spacious, biodegradable and very fashionable. These bags will go great with any indo-western or boho look. They also have very detailed work on their front.

    Price: Starting at INR 1000.

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    6. Singing Bowls

    Singing Bowl

    Image Source

    Apart from the artistic souvenirs, Nepal is also known for its abundance in making of singing bowls. This is one of the beautiful things to take from the country, crafted with metal this bowl produces a soothing sound and its vibration brings out the healing qualities and creates an ambiance for meditation.

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    Nepal Shopping Tips


    Image Source

    Few tips that will come in handy while shopping in Nepal.
    1. It is very common to bargain in Nepal so to get the best buy do bargain.
    2. Most of the item that is good for buying are delicate in nature so make sure to ask the vendor’s to give bubble wrap.
    3. Make sure that the products you buy are actually made in Nepal and are not made in China. Made in China products donot have good quality.

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