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Netherlands, also commonly known as Holland is a famous European country that has a lot of interesting cities, like Amsterdam. Of all the things to do, shopping in Netherlands is a unique experience for many as the places are not just houses in a mall complex, but there also shopping areas in wider streets. From buying antiques to stopping by at high-end boutiques, there’s a whole new level of shopping experience that awaits you in the country.

10 Top Places For Shopping In Netherlands

Here’s a list of the best shopping destinations in Netherlands where you can pamper yourself to the core. Take a look to know what all you can buy there.

1. De Negen Straatjes

De Negen Straatjes

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The Nine Little Streets in Amsterdam is a scenic and unique shopping spot. The shopping streets straddle the areas of Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht and Herengracht in the Central Canal Ring, of the city. The original selection of the stores having a diverse collection is in the hand laid brick lanes that are dotted with a lot of cafes, boutiques, specialty shops and vintage stores. The “De 9 Straatjes” is where you can avail a shopping map and follow the shopping signs and posts to carry on the shopping spree.

Location: De 9 Straatjes, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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2. Utrechtsestraat


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This is a trendy shopping destination in the Eastern Canal Belt in Amsterdam City. The Utrechtsestraat appears to be a slightly scaled down Nine Streets. The long streets starting from the canal crossing has a ton of speciality stores and many boutiques that can keep you browsing for quite a long time. ‘Leuk’ is a great option for quality and fun dresses. ‘Kom’ is where you will find lovely home solutions, tableware, bath accessories and special linens. The streets and the side alleys here are full of great places to eat. A lot of cafes and fine dine restaurants along with several bars are present around this area.

Location: Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

3. Van Oldenbarneveltstraat

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat

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This place has a Paris like shopping feel to it. The Van Oldenbarneveltstraat is among the leading shopping streets in Rotterdam. A wide variety of luxury boutiques, fancy shoe shops, and delightful cafes are spread all over this place. Nen Xavier, Mostert & Van Leeuwen and Wendela va Dijk here displays high heels, coats, jackets, and other fashionable outfits. The leather products available here are the finest in quality. A lot of Danish, French and Swedish brands are available here as well. The works of designers in Rotterdam like Susan Bijl and Monique van heist are well presented here as well. All the items here including the flowers at Zomers florist are all top notch.

Location: Van Oldenbarneveltstraat, 3012 CJ Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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4. Oude Binnenweg & Karel Doormanstraat

Oude Binnenweg & Karel Doormanstraat

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Nostalgic are the historic shopping streets of Oude Binnenweg while the Karel Doormanstraat is more from modern times. Both these shopping streets are in Lijnbaan along with the big chain stores. The smaller shops here are mainly focused on specific lifestyles and a lot of modern women and men here know that they need to head to ‘Sissy Boy’ for interior items and good quality basic clothing. The youth here are attracted to the Vans store and other top notch lifestyle stores. The Finnish Litalla is where you can head if you want to check out or buy some unique and good quality dinnerware. This shopping area has a lot of interesting things to look for and is among the best shopping streets in Rotterdam.

Location: Karel Doormanstraat & Oude Binnenweg, 3012 KG Rotterdam, Netherlands.

5. Nieuwe Binnenweg

Nieuwe Binnenweg

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This is the most acclaimed shopping street in Rotterdam and has a very long string of design and fashion shops, old fashioned barbers, fancy coffee bars, artisan bakeries and many more. The streets lead you to Rotterdam West which is a multicutural society with super hip people. And this is reflected upon the shops in this area. You can start with Joline Jolink, a designer store, you can visit the PLEK concept store or visit the mini garden center, no matter where you are here, this is a great shopaholic stop to shop.

Location: Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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6. Witte de Withstraat

Witte de Withstraat

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This is among the popular shopping sites in Rotterdam, the shopping here is on all day and night long and is specifically located in Witte de Withkwartier. If you are headed here to shop, you will find extraordinary variety of clothing and designer shops. The high end fashion shopping at the Margeeth Olsthoorn or the Danny de Cactus, the American decor store it’s all available here. Gadgets, sneakers and many other things are available, you name it they have it. Once you are satisfied with the shopping then head to one of the galleries or art institutions present here.

Location: Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

7. Denneweg and Frederikstraat

Denneweg and Frederikstraat

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Denneweg is among one of the oldest streets in Hague and Frederikstraat makes one of the most outstanding shopping areas in Hague city. A good line up of antique shops are available here. And it is a good place for people who like fashionable items. Handmade hats, lingerie, shoes, textiles and more are all available here. Frederikstraat is mainly famous for clothing items and bookshops, there is even a French furniture store for more luxury. If you venture down south of Denneweg then you reach the Lange Voorhout where you will find a market that sells books and antiques.

Location: Denneweg & Frederikstraat, 2514 LE Den Haag, Netherlands.

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8. Oud Zuid

Oud Zuid

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The Oud Zuid also known as the Old South is an afternoon shopping destination that is famous among the locals. The place has a lot of gift stores, smart clothing and accessories and is one of the nicest residential area in Amsterdam city as well. The Van Baerlestraat here features names like Vanila and Pauw. Along the eastern border of this place is Beethovenstraat that has a wide range of woman’s, children’s and man’s chic shops. Do visit Cornelis Schuytstraat as it features a lot of home stores and trendy boutiques.
Location: Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

9. Passage


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This is a favourite rainy day shopping place in Hague city. Passage is perfect for the rainy days when you need to get your shopping done. The shopping streets here dates back to the 19th century and the new part of the Passage is a modern paradise for retail. There are more than 20 boutiques and cafes.

Location: Passage, Den Haag, Netherlands.

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10. Kalverstraat


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This is a pedestrian only street with a mix of clothing stores and a long list of shoe stores. This is a shop till you drop kind of place and there are a lot of international brands as well as local ones. The place remains crowded most of the time and if you happen to be here, a lot of shopping requirements of yours will be met.

Location: Kalverstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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These are the most famous shopping destinations in Netherlands where you will find the malls of Netherlands, shopping streets, and also the answer to what to buy in Netherlands. The list also contains some places for cheap shopping in Netherlands as well. Although there aren’t too many shopping malls in Netherlands there are streets and areas where you will experience the best shopping. So, don’t think and plan your holiday in Netherlands with TravelTriangle right away!

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