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A stunning country in SouthEast Asia known for the Angkor Wat has recently emerged as a tourist favourite on the traveling scene. While many might not be aware of Cambodia’s breathtaking and crazy snorkeling scene, you should know that it is home to some of the most unexplored marine paradises that make it perfect for snorkelling in Cambodia. The most popular hotspot in Cambodia is Sihanoukville, a resort town known for its white crystal clear beaches and great access to diving sites! So, visit Cambodia for indulging in adventure like never before!

10 Best Places For Snorkelling In Cambodia

Read more about locations where you can head to for the best snorkeling in Cambodia, indulge in snorkeling to have a crazy experience that you’ll remember throughout your life!

1. Sihanoukville


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It is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of snorkeling in Sihanoukville, Cambodia if you are planning a trip to this country! Locally referred to as “Snookeyville” by many backpackers, it is a beach lover’s paradise situated at the perfect location. If crowds and hustle are your thing, you should definitely hit this spot! Many snorkeling tours take divers to sites amongst the islands lying off coasts such as Koh Rang and Koh Tang as well.

Contact: Scuba Nation
Price: 3000 INR

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2. Kep

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If hustle and bustle is not your thing and you prefer something which is more laid-back and peaceful, consider going to Kep. There are more pebbles than sand on this beach and hence, there is almost nothing that will come in your way of looking and beautiful things below the surface. While there are a few organised tours in this area, one can always charter their own trip to Rabbit Island through local fishermen. Island Divers is one of the best operators for snorkeling in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Contact: Island Divers Cambodia
Price: An all-inclusive package costs 6000 INR

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3. Koh Rong

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Two of the best diving sites for beginners are Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem because of their shallow water and light currents. Snorkeling in Koh Rong is amazing and one can spot sergeant fish, seahorses, parrotfish, diamond fish, jumping fish, squid, yellow boxfish, diamond fish, needlefish, blue-spotted ribbontail rays, and goatfish in the waters which makes each penny spent on your time underwater worth it!

Contact: Koh Rong Dive Center
Price: 3000 INR

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4. Koh Rong Samloem

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If you are an experienced diver, you should head a few kilometres ahead of Koh Rong to Koh Rong Samloem which is known for its famous underwater sand safari. While you won’t find many coral structures here, there is a wide variety of unique creatures that cling to the seabed and are a delight to look at. Whether it is the multi-coloured horned starfish or seahorses hiding between the blades of plants, there is a lot to discover here! Many are confused between Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem but if you have had prior experience with diving, you should definitely consider the latter!

Contact: Cambodian Diving Group

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5. Koh Kon (Koh Koun)

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Situated between the two large and well-known islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem, Koh Kon is a small yet beautiful island which houses two amazing sites for diving. The western end of this site houses beautiful and vibrant corals, large parrotfish, boxfish and large schools of yellow goatfish. The southern site is relatively more shallow and is famous to dive at night where one can spot cat sharks, blue spotted rays and many species of eels.

Contact: Octopuses Garden Diving Center
Price: 6000 INR

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6. Koh Tang

Koh Tang in Cambodia

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Although it takes almost four hours via bot to reach Koh Tang from the mainland port, it is totally worth the time! This is a site which has amazing visibility, great corals and a wide variety of marine life. In fact, according to many; this is the place to be visited at night! There is a reason why Koh Tang stands high in the list of the best snorkeling spots in Cambodia.

Contact: Dive Cambodia

7. Koh Sdach Archipelago

best hidden gems in Cambodian waters

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One of the best hidden gems in Cambodian waters, Koh Sdach Archipelago houses coral reefs and bright sea creatures in its crystal clear waters which makes it an unbeatable diving experience. One can look at different species of eels, crabs, rays, nudibranches, scorpion fish, lion fish and more here. This is one of the most beautiful and highly rated diving sites in Cambodia!

Price: 5000 INR

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8. Koang Kang

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One of the best spots for scuba diving, Koang Kang is also great for anyone interested to snorkel. The wide range of corals and marine species lures many divers from around the world to this beautiful site in Cambodia. One of the most attractive elements of this diving site is that it is not very heavy on the pocket and is hence advisable for those who are in Cambodia on a budget trip.

Contact: Cool Banana Tours
Price: INR 1500

9. Koh Prins

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Often referred to as one of the best beaches for snorkeling in Cambodia, the sandy bottom and boulders covered with hard and soft corals makes for a refreshing time! One interesting fact about this place is that whale sharks can be spotted here in the months of April and December. Other marine animals that you will be fortunate enough to sight are marine worms, barracudas amongst other more common species. The visibility her ranges between 20 metres and 40 metres. What makes this an exotic location is its remote location and distance from the mainland.

Contact: Dive Cambodia
Price: 5000 INR

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10. Condor Reef

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This site is often considered as one of the best diving sites in Cambodia for a variety of reasons such as the great visibility, fantastic underwater natural architecture and marine animals such as sharks and big pelagic fish that can be sighted by a lucky few! While the price might be relatively higher than a few other tour operators, Condor Reef is truly a breathtaking diving site if you want to experience snorkeling in Cambodia at its best!

Contact: Octopuses Garden Cambodia
Price: INR 6000

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Apart from snorkeling in Cambodia, there is much to do in this stunning country that makes it an alluring destination to visit for all types of travelers! Customize your Cambodia holiday with TravelTriangle for a vacation that is relaxing and exciting at the same time!

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