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Snorkeling is one of the most amazing and adventurous sports considered in the world. Looking inside the sea life is fun in itself, and Sri Lanka offers the vast coastal region to enjoy the vibrant wildlife through snorkeling. Snorkeling in Hikkaduwa provides a thrilling experience to the visitors with underwater beauty. Snorkeling at the bottom of the ocean is one of the most adventurous feelings for anyone. Moreover, Hikkaduwa in the southern coast of Sri Lanka offers the finest location for the snorkeling. The magnificent underwater world makes everyone calm. Anyone who wants to witness the beauty of the underwater ecosystem, Hikkaduwa is one the most worthy location for it.

About Snorkelling In Hikkaduwa


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Hikkaduwa is a mesmerizing and an amazing place of the beach. This fun coastal town is just 98 Km from Colombo. The stunning and fabulous beaches of Hikkaduwa is one the most ideal place for those who want to spend their time enjoying seafood, sea breeze and an evening bonfire. Besides the beauty of beaches and fun of snorkeling, Hikkaduwa even offers the adventure of the coral sanctuary. The word Hikkaduwa was originated using two words that is Shipaya and Kaduwa, which together means the sword of knowledge. Since ages, Hikkaduwa has excelled in offering scenic beauty to its tourists.

Hikkaduwa Snorkeling Tour

Hikkaduwa Snorkeling Tour

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The Hikkaduwa snorkeling tour is a pack of fun and adventure for the people of all the ages. Whether the people are a newbie or a professional it offers the best experience of snorkeling to them regardless of any differences. Because of the closeness of Hikkaduwa to the shores, it offers cool and mild breezes and scenic beauty of the underwater ecosystem with a sea of millions of sea creature. Besides all the Hikkaduwa snorkeling tour facts Hikkaduwa national park snorkeling is famous and is one of the three marine parks in Sri Lanka which have great biodiversity.

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Price Of Snorkeling In Hikkaduwa


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The price of snorkeling in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is different based on criteria of a newbie and professional divers. But the price of snorkeling in Hikkaduwa is very nominal in comparison to other snorkeling centers around the world. Basically, the snorkeling prices in Hikkaduwa for amateur starts from US$ 54 which ranges to US$96 experiencing the deep scenic beauty. The price of snorkeling in Hikkaduwa for the certifies divers starts from US$48 which includes the equipment required for the diving purpose, which ranges to US$354. Besides all the diving and scuba fun offered by Hikkaduwa, it even offers the courses in diving which could be learned by anyone with charges as per the diving courses. However, the price of snorkeling in Hikkaduwa may vary as per the travel agent and the local guides.

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Best Places To Snorkel In Hikkaduwa

Best Places To Snorkel In Hikkaduwa

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For the stay purpose, there are various types of accommodation offered to the visitors like on the beaches, interior villas, beaches villas, homestay, gale forts, in the countryside, in the heart of capital Colombo, in the tea estates and hill country and many more. The travel agents arrange the tour starting from the stay to the various eye catchy destinations which traditional delicacies.

The best place to snorkel in Hikkaduwa are International diving school, Blue deep diving centre, Dive for you, Hikkaduwa beach, Dive seenigama, Dive Lanka, Hikkaduwa lagoon safari, Poseidon diving station, Narigama beach, and International diving centre.

Each of the enlisted places touches the coast and offers the authentic environment for diving with the sea of nature.
The Hikkaduwa snorkeling with turtles is one of the main attraction for the visitors coming over there.

The long beaches of Hikkaduwa offer its tourist to snorkel with the turtle. The giant sea turtles touch the deep ocean and helps the visitor to see the sea creature and relish the moment of being staying under water and enjoying the dive below water.

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Snorkeling Season In Hikkaduwa

Snorkeling Season In Hikkaduwa

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The best time to visit Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is from December to April because the monsoon begins in the south-west location from May which continues till November. In those monsoon days, the snorkeling is very dangerous at the coastal areas. Moreover, if people want to snorkel with the turtle, the best time to visit the beaches is mid-day. During that time visitors could also see many wildlife species in the deep water ecosystem. One could see the lovely clear water after the monsoon ends. The Corals in the sanctuary became more visible during this period.

The vacation in Hikkaduwa is one of the most exotic and adventurous for the tourists visiting during these seasons. During the season the best time to visit the beaches is from the early morning when the sun rises till the evening when one could see the sunset. After that, the tourist could enjoy the nightlife in the beaches with an excellent sea buffet.
During the daytime, one could see the colorful fish with the giant turtle in the beaches which makes it more attractive for the visitors.

The snorkeling at Hikkaduwa is one of the most attractive and fun ways of spending the holidays in Sri Lanka with the sandy beach and magnificent sea creatures. For those who don’t want their feet to get wet, the Hikkaduwa offers them calm and colorful beaches where they can enjoy a boat ride to view the marine life and corals.

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Tips For Snorkeling at Hikkkaduwa

Snorkelling can be a a very plesant experience if done right and to ensure that, there are a few tips that must be followed especilly if your are a first timer.

  • Make sure your equipments are well tested and in proper working condition
  • Get proper training from a certified training school
  • Perform the act only under the supervision of a trained professional
  • Take it easy and do not push your self to do some thing beyond your comfort zone.
  • Be aware of the water conditions and do proper research about it before taking the plunge.
  • Make sure you have proper safety gear and follow all precautionary measures.
  • Be completely relaxed and do not panic under any situation

Furthermore, the beaches are lovely and are very safe for every diver from a newbie to professional everyone enjoys the beauty of snorkeling in Hikkaduwa to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Hikkaduwa with TravelTriangle to explore the best sceneries you can ever imagine in this gorgeous land of Sri Lanka!

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