famous place in Sofia

After experiencing Sofia’s diverse cultural exhibition, laid-back climatic conditions, and various eateries and clubs, several tourists head uninterruptedly to Black Sea Coast resorts of Bulgaria. But it’s well meriting traversing closer to Sofia, the capital city to experience a taste of the nation’s genuine spirit that’s most apparent in countrified villages and towns. Tour unprecedented famous places, wonder at soul-awakening mounts and soak in tangible hot fountains that are all within Sofia day trips.

6 Best Sofia Day Trips

Weekend getaways or day trips help you add more excitement to your holiday plans! So, how about knowing about a few before you head to Sofia? Have a look!

1. The Rila Monastery and the Rila Mountains

The Rila Monastery and the Rila Mountains

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It is honestly among Bulgaria’s most typical signs and one of its most picturesquely designated monuments! Nested among the exalted tips of the tallest hill on the Balkans, the cloister is solely an ethnographic and architectural piece of art to be found at the edge of a spectacular rocky road that devises you breathless on each shift. And if the never-ending assemblage of striking views displayed towards antiquated woods, stiff alpine cliffs, and crystal-water mountain creeks are not sufficient to have you possess your camera out entirely the entire trip, then the complicated series of the monastery obsession, its colorful interior courtyard facade, and genuine environment, are sure to do so. No surprise this place has been segmenting of the UNESCO World Heritage for the mid-eighties.
You can mix up this delightful trip with a simple half-an-hour trek to the tomb of the originator of the Monastery- St.Ivan Rilaski- a profoundly religious place, where few think one can purify their crimes by stepping through a gap in the rocks.

To finish the entire adventure, you should not drop attempting the fresh fish pursuits in one of the various legendary alehouses near the priory.

Distance from Sofia: 120 kilometers

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2. Plovdiv


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It claims to be among the earliest continuously resided towns on the planet, along with its comfortable, picturesque atmosphere and enthusiastic vitality, turns it a “must-view” for all the Bulgarian visitors, who are anxious to traverse more than merely the nation's capital.

Looking from one of the town's most symbolic attractions – an exceptionally well-defended Roman stadium, immediately in the center of the town, one can clear their trail via the bright and perpetually recurring “Kapana” region where small studios, craft beer bars, galleries mark each edge.

A sharp rise of one of the 7 mountains, on which the town was formulated about 8,000 years ago, yields a pleasant reward- a striking spectacle of the entire Thracian plain defended by the Rhodope hills, to the South. Graffiti artwork, innovative startups, rising handcrafted art stores, and vibrant carnival program combine with ancient Roman culture of Plovdiv and Revival nineteenth century infrastructure, to form a town with unparalleled grace and a gratified Cultural center of Europe in the year 2019. Plovdiv is also an excellent foundation for other “Sofia day trips” options.

Distance from Sofia: 130 kilometers

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3. The 7 Rila lakes

The 7 Rila lakes

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The magnificent 7 Rila lakes have grown to be one of the most charming places for the passionates of touring Bulgarian mountains. Their crystal clear water, the scenic destination at above 2,200 meters and the breath-taking scenery of the encompassing Pirin and Rila mountains, get up for the modest-level effort trek required to tour them. The region is acknowledged a divine and unique spot by the mountain association.

The rise to the lakes starts with a chair lift drive from the city Panitishte range to the “Rila Lakes” cottage. From there it is around 3 to 4 hour trek where you cross all the creeks, and at the end, you approach a tip facing all seven lakes. The journey takes 10 leva single way, and entry to the Rila Lakes doesn’t cost anything.

Distance from Sofia: 90 kilometers

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4. Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain

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It is conceivable one of the queen-inherent symbols of Sofia in Bulgaria, Europe . You can view it from almost every edge of the town. It is the regional's “Green escape” from the reality of urban life and the fast pace of living in the city. It is by far the most famous choice when the concern comes to half day trips from Sofia.

The tallest peak of Vitosha – Cherni Vran occupies a height of about 2290 meters. You can approach the summit in a single day. As per to the season, one can climb most of the route to the top by car or by chair lift. The last trek, which is about 2 hour, needs an effort of medium-low level as there are no sheer stretches. There is a tiny tea store at the summit where you can take the pleasure of a coffee, beer, pancakes or grilled meat.

Another pleasant spot of Vitosha is the “Golden Bridges”. It is not an actual bridge. It is in fact, a gravel river that flows at an elevation of 1,500 to 1,350 meter. The massive stone slabs are overlaid by gold symbionts, which presented them their name. The spot is ideal for short day trips from Sofia. The most straightforward approach to reach here is with a car drive.

The Boyana waterfall route is also a favorite tourist spot in Vitosha Mountain. The trial begins to form the church of Boyana, in the Boyana region of Sofia. It takes around 1.5 hours of modest-level attempt to reach the charming waterfall and grab a few pictures of its crystal clear waters.

Distance from Sofia: Approx 5 to 10 kilometers

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5. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

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It is located in the core of North Central Bulgaria. The town is full of mountains and is picturesquely rolling down the hillsides to the Yantra river, used to be the independent capital city of Bulgaria. As of now, it attracts its visitants with the must-view Tsarevets Fortress – a great Medieval fortress and the foundation of the power of the 2nd Bulgarian Kingdom. An extraordinary ancient craft market square where one can observe how pots, tools, and costumes were formed back in the Ancient era is another one of the town's highlights. Oh yes… and an unbelievably occurring nightlife, with unusual craft beer and cocktail pubs that remains open also during the night. Veliko Tarnovo is also an excellent foundation for day trips around Sofia to some adjacent destinations, such as Krushuna and the Buzludzha waterfalls.

Distance from Sofia: 220 km

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6. Belogradchik Rocks

famous place in Sofia

The North-West of Bulgaria frequently gets overlooked when it proceeds to day trips around Sofia. Though, The Belogradchik rock is among the most famous Bulgarian landmarks of nature. Positioned just at the outer side of the Belogradchik town, in the Balkan range's western region, are unbelievable natural configurations, sometimes regarded to as “the world's eighth wonder”. The strange yellow-red color carvings mount at 200 meters over the ground and exert up a region of around 30 square kilometers. As per the archaeologists, they have begun creating a few 230 million years before at the sea bottom. Time has sculptured those forming surprising frames, and human fiction has provided them with exciting titles. Even today you can discover various legends about this place, that turs it even more engaging place to tour.

At the very core of Belogradchik Rocks, a superb and quite defended ancient fort called Kaleto, is nesting. The fortification has survived since Roman times, and as of now, it is an artistic exemplar with central greatness.

Distance from Sofia: 190 km

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Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is an excellent foundation to traverse all nearby areas by embarking on Sofia day trips. From nature trails to mountain treks, historical villages, and monasteries, we have discussed above the 8 day trips from Sofia that will surely bring you an optimal level satisfaction and real pleasure being here at Sofia, Bulgaria. So, what are you waiting for? Plan yourtrip to Europe for a soothing vacation amid these mesmerizing places with your friends and family.

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