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    Sri Lanka Visa For Indians

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    With a bevy of luxury resorts opening up along its gorgeous coastline, Sri Lanka is currently enjoying a surge in tourist numbers. The Ministry of Tourism has undertaken several initiatives recently to provide a boost to the sector. If you’re tempted to take advantage of the free Sri Lanka visa for Indians, we suggest you visit in the off season from May to August to find serenity and solitude in the calm, lovely beaches. Here’s all the info you need to know on Sri Lanka visa requirements for Indian citizens and how to apply.

    Table Of Content

    1. Sri Lanka Visa For Indians On Arrival
    2. Where To Get It
    3. Documents Required
    4. Sri Lanka Visa For Indians In Advance
    5. Where To Get It
    6. Documents Required
    7. Common Queries

    Sri Lanka Visa For Indians On Arrival

    Country’s vigorous efforts to boost tourism

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    Starting May 1, 2019, Sri Lanka will offer free visas on arrival to citizens of over 30 countries, including India. It is a part of the country’s vigorous efforts to boost tourism. The free Sri Lanka visa on arrival for Indian citizens would also be granted to other countries, including the USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Australia and more. Sri Lanka plans to run the campaign for at least six months. The campaign will be extended in case it is successful and lures more visitors to the country, especially in the monsoon season from May to August. It will save you between INR 1389/- and INR 2778/- in Sri Lanka on arrival visa fee for Indian.

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    Where To Get It

    Bandaranaike International Airport

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    We suggest you to decline the numerous offers by travel agents to handle your Sri Lanka visa application in India since most of these services are scams. A permanent system will be set up at Bandaranaike International Airport to issue visas on arrival in the foreseeable future, as is the practice in many countries. This procedure will be organized and hassle-free. It will take between 10 minutes to an hour depending on the tourist traffic. Before the new rules come into effect, tourists can only get a free transit visa if they visit Sri Lanka and stay for no more than two days.

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    Documents Required

    Sri Lanka Visa For Indians On Arrival

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    The documents required for applying for a visa vary according to the type of visa. The mandatory documentation that is required to be submitted for procuring a Sri Lanka visa for Indians on arrival is listed below:

    • A passport with at least 6 months validity. There should also be at least 2 unused pages in it for exit and entry stamps.
    • Xerox copy of the passport’s first and last page.
    • A filled Sri Lanka visa application form.
    • Three recent headshot photographs of the size 4X6 centimeters. If you wear specs, you’re advised to use transparent lenses since photographs of people wearing colored lenses are mostly rejected.
    • Proof of funds amounting to living expenses in Sri Lanka.

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    Sri Lanka Visa For Indians In Advance

    Sri Lanka government introduced a new ETA Visa

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    Indian tourists who plan to visit Sri Lanka will have to apply for an e-visa, also called the electronic travel authorisation (ETA). In January 2012 Sri Lanka government introduced a new ETA Visa for a short visit to Sri Lanka. Travelers from all over the world can apply e-visa for Sri Lanka online without having to visit an embassy or consulate.The e-visa costs INR 4,500. It takes about 24 hours to process and allows you to stay for up to 30 days.

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    Where To Get It

    Where To Get Sri Lanka Visa For Indians In Advance

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    The Sri Lanka visa for Indians in advance is issued electronically. Tourists can apply online for the ETA. The approval for the authority to enter Sri Lanka is further communicated via email. Applicants will receive their visas via email, after filling the application form with the necessary information and once the online credit card payment is completed. The entire process is quick and easy. Standard e-visas are issued within 3 working days, but please be aware that very occasionally there can be unforeseen technical problems which might cause delays.

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    Documents Required

    Xerox copy of the passport’s first and last page

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    It is advisable to keep a copy of the ETA approval with you to be produced at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. All ETA holders should fulfill the following requirements at the port of entry:

    • A passport with 6 months validity from the time of departure, along with a minimum of 2 unused pages in it for entry and exit stamps.
    • A recent passport size photo. The photo should strictly be of the size of 4X6 centimeters and ideally, have at least 80% of the area covered with the face.
    • A confirmed return ticket.
    • Personal bank statement of last three months duly stamped by the bank.

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    If you wish to extend your stay in Sri Lanka, an extension to your visa should be applied. Extension may or may not be granted depending upon the reason for the extension, and whether the Department of Immigration and Emigration is convinced that the applicant does intend to return to his/her country after the stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka tourist visa for Indian can be extended upto a maximum duration of six months. Book a trip to Sri Lanka at the earliest and experience the gorgeous coastlines of this idyllic island nation.

    Common Queries Related To Sri Lanka Visa For Indians

    Q. Can I get a visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka?

    A. Yes, visas on arrival are granted to over 30 countries including India. It is also granted to other countries including Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Thailand, the UK, Australia and more.

    How much does it cost for a visa to Sri Lanka?

    A. The e-visa cost of Sri Lanka visa for Indians is INR 4,500. The processing time for the visa is 24 hours and allows one to stay for up to 30 days.

    Can Indian citizens get visa on arrival in Sri Lanka?

    A. Yes, Indians get free visas on arrival in Sri Lanka. It is an effort to boost tourism by Sri Lankan Government.

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