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    If food is what you think about always and want to go on a food spree where you can feast on some of the most unique and interesting flavors that burst into a tsunami. Flavors that lure you in from one street to the other, one vendor to the other, one restaurant to the other and one festival to the other. If so, then Jakarta is one such country where people can play with flavors and spices and taste some of the best recipes. The country is so rich and diverse when it comes to flavor. From different and quirky food creations to secret family recipes and classic food, street food in Jakarta is a foodie paradise.

    7 Best Places For Trying Street Food In Jakarta

    Since Jakarta is one of the most popular hubs amongst its neighboring places, it is full of some of the best restaurants but even then, it is only the street food that has made the place very popular. People can dig into some of the simplest and delicious recipes. There are several street food markets in Jakarta where people can head to and meet like-minded people while discovering sumptuous food and great recipes.

    1. Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

    Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

    Image Source

    No visit to Jakarta is complete without visiting this place. This is a legendary place where people have been coming back and again for years. Today the place is run by the grandson of the actual owner who continues to sell the equally delicious mutton fried rice that made this place famous. The skillful workers make the rice right in front of you in a large wok in a very artistic manner. The fragrant rice along with various Indonesian spices invites anyone crossing that area.

    Location: Jalan Kebon Sirih Barat Dalam, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    2. Gulai Tikungan

    Gulai Tikungan

    When looking for the best night street food in Jakarta, Gulai Tikungan tops the chart. The marvelous place leaves no passerby and compels everyone to indulge in this spicy savor gravy which consists of beef slices. People swamp all around the place some in cars and some on foot waiting for their turn to come. There is no one who leaves from here with just one plate of Gulai Tikungan.

    Location: 28 Mahakam, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    3. Warmindo Abang Adek

    Warmindo Abang Adek

    Image Source

    The street food of Jakarta is absolutely famous for instant noodles and there are many places where these worldwide famous noodles can be feasted on but there is only one Warmindo Abang Adek. The place is known for their oh-so-hot noodles that will blow the whistles of you. Upon placing an order, customers will be asked how many chilies would they like in their noodles. This varies from person to persona nd can go uptill 100.

    Location: 8 Mandala Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    4. Warteg Warmo

    Warteg Warmo

    Warteg means a streetside food establishment selling ready-to-eat food at cheap rates and Warteg Warmo is one of the most popular warteg in Jakarta. The place is known to sell really inexpensive but utterly delicious food. The place is a big hit among the tourists as well as the locals and contains a big menu. Choose one of the many things from the menu which will instantly be served to you, piping hot with rice. This place is located in one of the best street food areas in Jakarta.

    Location: 1D Tebet Timur, Raya, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    5. Roti Bakar Eddy

    Roti Bakar Eddy

    The place was started many years ago in a small place and today it has chains all over the country. But even so, after the amazing success, Roti Bakar Eddy still sits at its original location selling its world-famous food. They are known for the wide range of toast filling with toppings which is homemade bread.

    Location: 11 Raden Patah, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    6. Seafood 68 Santa

    Seafood 68 Santa

    Image Source

    If you are a seafood lover, then Seafood 68 Santa is your go-to place. It is widely popular, so much that many celebrities too have enjoyed the food here. Their food is inexpensive and abundant. 2 dollars will fetch you a generous amount of clams, squids, a plate full of stir-fried water spinach. No matter how inexpensive, they DO NOT compromise on the taste, flavors, authenticity, and freshness of the food. There is a reason why it’s a hit among many celebrities and the place is always flooding with customers.

    Location: 58 Wolter Moginsidi, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    7. Seafood AYU

    Seafood AYU

    Image Source

    Another abode for the seafood lovers, Seafood AYU is some of the most famous places in the whole of the country. They are known to serve 5-star restaurants like dishes in their place is super nominal charges with generous quantity. They have everything from fish to prawns, squids, lobsters, crabs and many more. Their ready to be prepared food pares up well with stir-fried water spinach.

    Location: Boulevard Bar, Raya, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    Because of such much variety and a lot to offer Jakarta streets are full of small and big vendors selling some of the most amazing food and recipes. In fact, the country also organizes many street food festivals in Jakarta. These festivals are a place where every food lover must visit to calm their frenzy in their taste buds. Street food in Jakarta is amazing and people must plan a vacation that solely focuses on food. Interested? Plan your trip to Jakarta with TravelTriangle and get ready to treat your palette with some of the most delicious flavors.

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