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    a beautiful blend of history and culture

    Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and is considered one of the busiest cities in the world; the 7th busiest city in the world, to be precise. It is located on the northwest coast of Java and is a beautiful blend of history and culture of varied influences ranging from Malay, Javanese, Chinese, Indian, Arab to European that can be experienced in the language, architecture and food.

    There are awesome things to do in Jakarta with its beaches and historic colonial buildings in Glodak. Let’s check out the different places to be explored by tourists to enjoy your holiday and take back with you wonderful memories of the land.

    Top 7 Things To Do In Jakarta For The Modern Traveler

    Witness the best of history, culture, fun activities and more in this capital city of Indonesia. Include the experience you love the most in your Indonesian holiday package.

    1. Lose yourself in a shopping spree and in the pristine beaches

    visit the endless beaches with your loved ones

    If you have more time on your hands and wondering what to do in Jakarta for 4 days, you will not lack things to do in Jakarta. You can take a day trip to the Thousand Islands called the Pulau Seribu where you have endless beaches, inlets and coves to explore. The evenings are ideal to go shopping in the flea market in Menteng, where you can take your pick from a plethora of goods including arts and crafts, beautiful textiles, and street food.

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    2. Discover the exhilarating nightlife and enjoy the amazing bars and buzzing streets

    offers panoramic views of the Jakarta skyline

    The nights in Jakarta are truly full of life. Jakarta is often known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. The nightlife in this city is always talked about and there are scores of things to do in Jakarta nightlife because of the number of nightclubs and events taking place almost every day. The skyline is lit up in the night with scores of lights making it so irresistible. Young tourist will definitely love the music and dance into the early hours of the morning. Some of the popular nightclubs are Dragonfly, Colosseum, Jenja and Fable. The Jalan Jaksa Street is buzzing with activities where you can savour the culture, enjoy culinary delights or just take a stroll around. Enjoying the nightlife should be a must to do on your list of things to do in Jakarta. The old Port and the Chinatown are a must see. One of the things to do in Jakarta at night is definitely to visit the great bars and amazing restaurants spread across all over the city. Skye Bar located atop the BCA building in the city centre offers panoramic views of the Jakarta skyline

    3. Get lost in the local culture and architecture

    get a beautiful view of the city

    All those solo travelers looking at Jakarta as your best destination have so many things to do in Jakarta, so start packing your rucksack. You can just lose yourself in the rich culture and tradition. There are enough things to do in Jakarta alone. It is recommended by some of the solo travellers to start your trip around Jakarta from the top of the Manas Towers where you get a beautiful view of the city you are ready to explore for the next couple of days. The Museum Nasional or the National Museum is the ideal place to come to if you are interested in culture and history. It is filled with sculptures and reminisces of Buddhist and Hindu culture.

    4. Take bus tours of Jakarta

    experiencing the local city of Jakarta

    Travelling along with other tourists and experiencing the local city of Jakarta must be on your list of things to do in Jakarta. If you are a foodie get enrolled in the art and culinary bus tour that happens every Saturday night where you can hang out with other travellers and experience the food and culture of the land. Two other bus tours that operate are History of Jakarta tour and Jakarta Modern tour. At every stop of the bus tour, a bus arrives every 5 to 10 minutes.
    Fee: Free of cost

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    5. Experience the thrill atop Monas

    enjoy panoramic views of Jakarta

    The visit to the Monas Tower tops the list of the most fun and unusual things to do in Jakarta. The Sky Bar is perched on the 56th floor of the BCA Tower giving you the finest view of the city at sunset. The Cloud Bar is equally popular. The Monas was erected in commemoration of the nation’s struggle for independence. The lift here takes you to a height of 132 metres to the observation deck, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Jakarta
    Entrance fee: $1.00

    6. Explore the business centre and enjoy the local traditions in South Jakarta

    a cultural center depicting the local traditions

    The Southern part of Jakarta is the business centre that has developed rapidly. Things to do in south Jakarta are Setu Babakan, a cultural center depicting the local traditions, the Basuki Abdullah Museum, Ragunan Zoo, Schmutzer Primate Centre, and Kidzania Pacific Place. With so many places to visit in the South of Jakarta we can easily spend a day doing it.

    7. Have all out fun with the family

    you can have a fun holiday with your family especially

    Unlike the general feeling that Jakarta is visited for only business purposes, you can have a fun holiday with your family especially when you have small kids coming along. Or better still combined business with pleasure and let your kids have fun visiting the lovely places in Jakarta. Some of the things to do in Jakarta with family is the Kidzania Jakarta that tops the list. The children experience a mini city equipped with everything with urban facilities and they get to role play any profession to help them choose what they want to become! Atmosfear at fX Sudirman which has an inbuilt crazy slide, the Kite Museum, Dunia Fantasi theme park and the Planetarium Taman Ismail Marzuki , all are worthy enough to be on your list of things to do in Jakarta Indonesia are so many that you need to prioritize the places on your wishlist within the time of stay in the country. We recommend the Taman Mini Indonesia Park, Ancol Dreamland, Indonesia National Museum, Jakarta Chinatown and Kota Tua to name a few.

    Jakarta is fast becoming a favorite holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. With the number of beautiful white beaches and a heritage worth visiting, there are great things to do in Jakarta 2018.  

    So don’t wait, plan your Jakarta Holiday and enjoy a customized itinerary.

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