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Travel is all about the destination, its culture and tradition, the journey, and most importantly the food. No destination is complete unless one tries the local flavors the place has to offer. Nepal too is one such country that has loads to offer in terms of the local cuisine. In fact, the street food in Kathmandu is all about a variety of flavors. Gorge upon these local delicacies as you wander through the streets of Kathmandu.

The Best Street Food In Kathmandu

Here are the top food items that the streets of Kathmandu has in store for its foodies. Try all of these lip-smacking Nepali street food recipes on your next trip here:

1. Momos


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Without a doubt, the absolute best Nepalese street food in Kathmandu are the momos. Known via various names today like dim sums and dumplings, in the streets of Nepal, today too they are our very own momos. The commonly identified food item which needs no introduction, the momos are one dish that one has to try when in Nepal. Apart from the streets, this staple food of the country is a common affair in every household of Kathmandu. The red chilli chutney served alongside is what takes this Kathmandu food to another level altogether.

Where to try: Shandar Momo

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2. Chatamari


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This is a traditional dish of the Newars of Kathmandu. Chatamari is also famous as the Newari pizza and is a type of rice crepe. Once prepared during festivals and special occasions, now this rice pancake, Chatamari is a popular snack. You can find small eateries and stalls selling the tantalizing Chatamari with toppings of either eggs or ricotta cheese.

Where to try: Bhoe Chhen

3. Choila


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This is another Kathmandu famous food. A unique Newari dish, Choila is mainly spicy grilled buffalo meat. Mostly eaten with Chiura, rice flakes, Choila is hot and spicy. It is now served with various kinds of meat like mutton, chicken, and duck and would definitely leave you wanting for more. Try it at the local restaurants of Kathmandu. It is one mouth-watering dish that you’ll find on every Kathmandu food menu.

Where to try: Himali Kitchen

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4. Sekuwa


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Prepared by roasting in a natural wood fire, Sekuwa is a traditional snack of the Limbu people of Nepal. Today this Nepalese country food has made its name amongst the Kathmandu street food adorning the local stalls of the city. The meat dish is seasoned mostly with spices and natural herbs.

Where to try: Bajeko Sekuwa

5. Lakhamari


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For all the sweet tooths, the streets of Kathmandu have in store a wonderful food item called the Lakhamari. It is a flaky textured, crunchy bread. It is made of flour, butter, and sugar primarily. It is an important sweet in the Newar culture and is especially present at their weddings. Today it is famous amidst all the Nepalese ethnic groups.

Where to try: Kasthamandap Mithai Bhandar

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6. Sel Roti

Sel Roti

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Sel Roti is the local Nepalese doughnut which is reddish brown in color with a crispy texture. It is a ring-shaped sweet bread made of rice which is mostly prepared during the Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar. Sel Roti has now become the sweet street food of Kathmandu. The main ingredient is rice flour and it can be customized further for various flavors.

Where to try: Chettrapati

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7. Samosa


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This easy takeaway snack is a common street food in Kathmandu. It is similar to the samosas one encounters in India. The outer layer which is made of flour is usually crisp with a tantalizing filling of potato. Variations can be made to the stuffing by adding onion, ginger, peas, and chilis. Samosa is usually served with a chutney and is a commonly found street food in Kathmandu valley.

Where to try: TipTop

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8. Pani Puri

Pani Puri

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Pani Puri is a common Nepalese street food. It is a common street snack found in almost every part of the Asian subcontinent. The puri is a fried and crisp hollow which is filled with flavored water. In Kathmandu, other than Pani Puri one can also hog on the delicious Dahi Puris. This is another version of the same snack, a common street food in Kathmandu where instead of the water, the Puri is filled with curd.

Where to try: Mangalbazar, Patan

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9. Thukpa


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Originally a Tibetan dish, today Thukpa is an easily available noodle soup in Kathmandu. Easy to prepare it is a tasty bowl of broth with both vegetarian and meat variants. One doesn’t need a special occasion to enjoy this bowl of delight. It is a comfort food which is quite filling and a meal in itself. Enjoy this tasty bowl of Thukpa at the local shacks of the Kathmandu streets and the Kathmandu food trucks.

Where to try: Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

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10. Aloo Chop

Aloo Chop

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This is a tasty potato and chicken Nepalese croquette found easily at Nepalese shacks. It is a tasty snack which is served with a tamarind flavored chutney. The aloo chops are quite popular amidst both the locals and tourists. They are an easy takeaway street snack. Do gorge upon them when in Kathmandu!

Where to try: Tukche Thakali Kitchen

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Craving already to try all this street food in Kathmandu? Book your trip to Nepal and enjoy all these delicacies that the streets of Nepal have in store for its travelers!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Street Food In Kathmandu

Which is the affordable staple food that Nepalese eat from street vendors in Kathmandu?

Dal Bhat is the affordable staple food, which the Nepalese eat from street vendors in Kathmandu. Dal-Bhat-Tarkari is served as lunch and dinner.

Which are the most affordable street delicacies available with street vendors in Kathmandu?

You must try the popular Pani Puri once in Kathmandu Tour. The street vendors in Kathmandu serve this delicacy from the afternoon onwards.

Do the street food vendors in Kathmandu serve the Nepalese cuisine only?

No, the street food in Kathmandu is available in Bhutanese, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, and Western cuisines.

What types of authentic Nepalese cuisine does the street vendors in Kathmandu serve?

They serve Himalayan cuisine, Kha’s cuisine, Lohorung cuisine, Newars, Terai cuisine, and Thakali cuisines in Kathmandu. These cuisines are vegetarian and non-vegan types.

What are the best street foods to eat while in Kathmandu’s holidays during the winter season?

Aloo Chop and Samosas served hot are the best to eat while in Kathmandu holidays during the winter season. They are much more affordable and you can get them with street vendors in Kathmandu.

Are vegan food available in Kathmandu with street food vendors?

There are many street food vendors and restaurants who serve vegan food only. You can try the popular Khas, Newars and Thakali cuisines, which are pure vegetarian foods.

What are the timings of street food available in Kathmandu?

Most of the street food vendors are open from 09:00 AM and close by 11:00 PM.

Is it possible to get food during the late-night arrival in Kathmandu?

Yes, a few street food vendors and restaurants are open during the wee hours to serve international tourists arriving in the late-night in Kathmandu.

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