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One of the many islands in Indonesia, the Sulawesi Island is a great place to spend your vacations. There are numerous activities to create everlasting memories. While the best time to visit the island is during the sunny and dry days between the months of May to September, you can plan your trip here throughout the year. But before you do, here’s more about the things you could do while you visit this island.

10 Things To Do In Sulawesi Island That You Must Experience

Sulawesi island offers a lot of experiences that will delight you. So, we have chosen the best ones for you. Take a look!

1. Indulge in water sports

indulge water sports

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If it is an island nation, you got to be indulging in the water sports. The cool waters, interesting and serene environment, give you enough to test your lungs and thrill for such adventurous sports. You could do scuba diving, snorkelling, rafting, and swimming of course. Jump into the series of exciting features that these sports provide you. And the fun is unlimited.

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2. Have fun at the water parks

a specially designed marine park

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To boast and enhance tourism, there are a number of water parks. These are all theme based so you will be spoilt for choice. And if you have the time, you must surely visit each one of them, for the uniqueness they have got with themselves. The fun and frolic you would have would be just like an edge of the seat thriller kind of experience. There is a specially designed marine park, so if bored with the water park, you should visit this place too. Get yourself such one of its kind experience!

3. Visit Trans Studio Makassar

gaze into the sprawling fields

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This is a place to involve yourself in an activity of your choice. The theme park is located in the Makassar area of the nation. Also, you could spot tea plantation around and take some time out to gaze into the sprawling fields.

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4. Explore Gorontalo

witness the vibrant waterfalls and have a picnic there

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This region of the nation has got you a number of experiences to explore. Be it enjoying on the beaches, and the activities there, or the diving deep to locate one of the reefs, or you could also spot a forest and other nature and wildlife-related places to explore. Then you could witness the vibrant waterfalls and have a picnic there.

5. Connect with nature

rejuvenate and revive yourself

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This island nation has got so much of lush greenery, soothing beaches, engaging natural setting that you should take your me-time’ to be spent in here. The hills, the environment invite you to rejuvenate and revive yourself. The torlando lake that gives you a motorbike experience, the tropical setting of the togian beaches, and the hill of love are so charming that their mere sight pleases you.

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6. Enjoy sumptuous food

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For the seafood lovers, this place is a treat to your stomach. With numerous and tempting seafood dishes, this island sports a culinary delight for the foodie in you. So do visit various restaurants all designed in their unique style to serve you wonderful dining options.

7. Trekking and hiking

a great and amazing exploration

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This one could be a great and amazing exploration. You could trek all your way to the national parks here, spot cute owls and other creatures, get them photographed and have a pleasant time. There are other places to trek and hike like the Hill of love. Few others could be asked by the friendly locals. Walking down any city or nation gives you a clear image of the lifestyle and society there.

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8. Feeding experience

get to feed the little calves

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There are nurseries and farms in this tiny island nation. So you could visit one and get to feed the little calves and other toddlers of the animals there. This could be another interesting and sweet experience to get yourself.

9. Indulge in some outdoor fun

exotic aerial view

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To add to your gala time in central Sulawesi, there are these paragliding and parasailing activities to check out for. Just imagine, a picturesque place with landscaped beauties is all set to give you a view of it from the top. You will feel so free and the cool breeze that flows, all this will never want to you to come down. The exotic aerial view with fascinating marine life beneath you will be so exciting that this will an experience of a lifetime.

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10. Explore the culture

get to know about their culture

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There are a number of shopping malls, cemeteries, architectural buildings, gardens, museums and a list of places, you should visit. Visit the alleys renting a bicycle or a motorbike maybe. The local people are lovely and amiable to solve your queries if any. So witness how they evolved and get to know about their culture and life like an insider.

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