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    travel tips sydney

    One of the best cities of the most exciting country in the world, Sydney has the best of Australia, all in one city. From elegant museums to rustic galleries, from nature parks to shopping streets, and the best restaurants to some good old street food, Sydney has it all! For all of those who are travelling to Sydney for the first time, here are some Sydney travel tips to make your trip an experience that you’ll remember all your life!

    Top 10 Sidney Travel Tips

    Be comfortable, safe, and travel seamlessly with these Sidney travel tips. Consider them all before you set out to plan your holiday to the Australian city:

    1. Plan your trip in advance

     trip in advance

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    Air travel to and from Australia, and especially Sydney can get quite expensive. If you do manage to plan in advance, you will get a much better deal. Also, if you are on a budget, consider booking a connecting flight that stops for a day or two on the way! This way, you will also get to see another destination too! Opal card is the best way to manage your transport money while travelling in Sydney.

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    2. Opt for a ferry

    Opt for a ferry

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    Ferries are a common mode of public transport in the city. It is popular amongst locals as it is the easiest way to get from one place to another in Sydney. It is cheap and fast, and also fun, as the harbour views can best be enjoyed on one of these ferry trips. You can book and pay for the ferries using the Opal Card. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can either charge the card daily, or even weekly.

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    3. Keep buffer time while commuting via public transport

    buffer time

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    Sydney is huge, and the public transport may not always run like clockwork. So, plan accordingly and keep some extra time just so you reach on time. There are also some areas of the city that are perfect for exploring on foot. In such a case, do check out the transport to and from your hotel. The restaurants are closed either on Sunday or Monday, so it is best you check before you plan your day!

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    4. Reach early

    Reach early

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    Sydney is a city of the early birds. With the sun rising early, the sky turns light pretty early in the day. Most of the cafes will open around 7 AM. While this is perfect for those days you want to spend sightseeing, the early closing time of the restaurants and even bars seem like a slight downside of this culture. You may find some bars and pubs that are open beyond 10.30 PM at night, but you may have to travel further away from the city for those.

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    5. Install the local taxi app

    local taxi

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    If you ever considering hailing a taxi during rush hour, refrain! It is best to book a cab using any of the taxi apps here. They are cheaper compared to the regular taxi, and also very easy to use. There are some apps that are local to Sydney, and they work perfectly for tourists. Take note that markets, malls, restaurants, bars, and even galleries are open till late into the night.

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    6. Shop responsibly

    Shop responsibly

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    When it comes to handicrafts made in Australia, there are some rules and regulations. So, while you buy any such items, make sure you have the relevant documentation for it. Also, protect yourself from the sun while shopping outside. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. So, make sure you are carrying some SPF 30, and a water bottle at all times!

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    7. Keep an eye out for no smoking zones

     no smoking zones

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    Some areas in Sydney are designated no smoking zones. There are signs everywhere, and in such a case, refrain from smoking in these areas. To give you a broad idea about such areas, they may include playgrounds, train stations, building entrances, near any eateries, and even some public recreation areas. If you’re caught smoking in a no smoking zone, chances are that you’ll have to shell out a huge fine.

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    8. Overcome the minor wifi hassles

    minor wifi hassles

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    Wifi in Sydney is great, but it is limited to areas like cafes, gardens and train stations, among others. For those who are on a tight budget, it is recommended that you check with the hotel about the wifi before booking it, especially if you expect to get some work done back in the room. Having said that, CBD in Australia has seamless wifi connectivity.

    9. Make sure to visit the free art galleries

     visit the free art galleries

    Image Source

    There are many art galleries in Sydney that are free for all. Serving as a platform for budding artists, as well as professionals who want to share their work with all, these offer some great insights into different types of art forms of Australia. Make sure to arrive at these galleries early in the morning because most of them tend to close by mid day.

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    10. Reduce your carbon footprint

     carbon footprint

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    Sydney has one of the best cultures for tourists. Walks that range from nature walks, heritage walks, and even sightseeing tours are available for all types of tourists. You can either opt for a nature tour and explore the green hues of Sydney, or head to the streets of the city and learn about its history. Also, make sure to take a dive in one of the Sydney beaches only after taking the necessary precautions.

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    There you are, the 10 important Sydney travel tips for first time Australia travellers. Check them out, and plan your vacation to Australia accordingly. We assure you that you’ll have the trip of your lifetime.

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