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    Best Things To Do In Astana

    With futuristic, impeccable and unique architectural marvels dominating the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana (now Nur Sultan) is slowly emerging as one of the hottest tourist destinations. This flourishing cosmopolitan city is known for its surreal and fascinating skyline formed by a blend of sci-fi architecture and Kazakh flair. There are numerous things to do in Astana that will certainly make your trip to this offbeat destination worthwhile and exciting.

    Astana experiences a cross-culture of Kazakhstan and Russia majorly. Cheerful, happy, and forward-looking young faces of this capital city make the travelers feel welcomed and at comfort. Restaurants serving finger licking dishes, contemporary architecture, peaceful parks, and numerous exciting activities will make your trip to this capital city of Astana a memorable one!

    10 Things To Do In Astana

    There is no dearth of offbeat experiences in this amusing city. Once a northern steppe, Astana is a rapidly developing capital city and is already ready to showcase the finest architectural skills in the 21st century. To keep you on the right track we have compiled a list of activities that you can partake on your escapade to Astana.

    1. Bayterek Tower

    Bayterek Tower In Astana

    Image Source

    Built with keeping an old local folktale in mind, Bayterek Tower is one of the unique and major attractions of the city. A golden sphere that symbolizes an egg that is resting upon pointed metallic spires that denotes tree limbs, depicts an ancient tale about happiness and beginnings. The tower looks like it has been taken straight out of a sci-fi movie. Head over to take a look at this tower and witness the wonder for yourself!

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    2. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

    Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center View

    Image Source

    Tagged as the largest tent in the world, this entertainment center is built with translucent materials that allow the sun rays to fall on the interiors of the center. Suspended by a network of cables, this architectural beauty blankets an area that is even larger than ten football stadiums together. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center comprises of an urban-scaled park with a jogging track, shopping centers, lines of restaurants, cinemas and entertainment squares. It feels like a whole new town altogether. One realizes that there are limitless things to do in Astana at night when visiting this beautiful spot glistening with lights.

    3. Palace Of Peace And Reconciliation

    Palace Of Peace And Reconciliation

    Image Source

    Compared to the ancient wonders of the world, the Palace of peace and reconciliation is another impressive architectural highlight of Astana. Constructed in the shape of a majestic pyramid, this palace represents religious faiths of the world and houses a university faculty, educational facilities, meeting spaces, opera house, and a national spiritual center. Travelers looking for peace and tranquility can surely head over to this place as the pyramid keeps up with its name.

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    4. City Park

    City Park

    Image Source

    For travelers looking to spend some leisure time with nature, strolling around the City Park will turn out be a peaceful and serene experience. Fountains and flowerbeds nestled in the center, surrounded by the popular monuments and attractions of the city is a treat to the eyes. At night, the glitzing monuments add a touch of sparkle to the already beautiful location.

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    5. National Museum Of Kazakhstan

    National Museum Of Kazakhstan

    Built with a beautiful combination of shades of blue and white, the National Museum of Kazakhstan showcases an unusual exterior profile. Housing the conventional and contemporary cultural history of Kazakhstan, this museum allows the visitors to get an insight into the rich and diverse heritage of the country. There things to do in Astana for every kind of traveler, including the suckers of historical knowledge about various destinations. Covering almost every part of ancient and modern history from ethnography and modern art to hall of gold and other artifacts exhibits, this museum is a one-stop destination to learn about the country.

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    6. Sky Beach Club

    sky dive

    Image Source

    Located under the largest tent of the world, Khan Shatyr, Sky Beach Club is a perfect hub to relax, restore energy, and chill on a vacation. Giving the vibes of an actual beach, this club is well equipped with all kinds of beach activities including areas to play sports such as volleyball, building sand castles, sunbathe, swim and much more. Get to experience the tropical climate even if its bitter cold on the outside of the tent in winters.

    7. Duman


    Duman is an Oceanarium Entertainment Centre that houses more than a hundred species of the marine wildlife including piranhas, seahorses, porcupine fish and many more. The main attraction of this center, the big aquarium, allows the visitors to walk a few centimeters from sharks on the sea bed. Along with the aquarium, another feature that attracts the people to Duman is the 3D cinema. This cinema reflects various atmospheric and water effects makes this one of the best things to do in Astana.

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    8. MEGA Silk Way

    MEGA Silk Way In Astana

    Image Source

    Largest shopping center in Kazakhstan. MEGA Silk Way blankets an extensive range of shopping and entertainment facilities. This mall not only allows travelers to have a shopping experience in Kazakhstan but also allows them to indulge in scrumptious delicacies in restaurants or at the food court, watch their favorite movies in a 10-hall cinema including an IMAX screen, get a glimpse of jellyfish in an aquarium, and many other rejuvenating activities.

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    9. Ajar Center


    Once an underground park, this lifestyle center is now Astana’s GT Park. With events like Drift racing, party nights with renowned DJs, M1 Fights, the Ajar Center deserves a spot on the traveler’s list of things to do in Astana. Along with such events, this center also envelops retail outlets, entertainment center for the circus, local musicians and dance, ice skating, and much more. This is certainly a hub for travelers looking for a blend of experiences.

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    10. The State Theatre Of Opera And Ballet

    The State Theatre Of Opera And Ballet

    Image Source

    The beautiful gold and red combinations of the interiors of this Opera theatre simply complements the shows that are performed by some of the renowned and talented artists. Giving a classic touch to the surroundings, and the building, the State Theatre Of Opera And Ballet hosts really beautiful Kazakh, Russian or Italian opera. For travelers that appreciate any form of art, attending this opera is definitely worth it.

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    With numerous things to do in Astana, from leisure activities to some offbeat experiences, travelers never depart from this place wondering that the destination has let them down. Keeping up with positive energy and unique escapades, Astana reflects a totally different experience for travelers. Plan your international trip with TravelTriangle and collect a pocketful of unique and unforgettable memories!

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