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    A huge number of festivities and celebrations are observed in the country of Kazakhstan. These festivals in Kazakhstan are the celebration of ethnicity, diversity, and unity among fellow communities. Attending these events will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime and also one-of-a-kind experience for the travelers visiting.

    As far as occasions and celebrations are concerned, Kazakhstan is unquestionably the most socially dynamic nation in Central Asia. ‘Humming’ is perhaps too enormous a word; however, something happens every day someplace in the nation. The 3 most dynamic urban communities are Almaty, Karaganda, and Astana where most of the festivals in Kazakhstan are celebrated in an extravagant way. They are a huge sports enthusiast too. They do play various sports like golf, mountaineering, bike racing etc.

    National Festivals In Kazakhstan

    National festivals in Kazakhstan

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    National festivals in the country consist of Independence Day, Republic day, Labour Day and so many that also ensures holidays.

    1. Constitution Day

    8th January is the day which is regarded as the constitution day of Kazakhstan. The constitution day honors the establishment of the Constitution of the Kazakhstan Republic. Road celebrations, marches, and the firecrackers can be delighted in at this day.

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    2. Victory day

    The day 9th May is celebrated as the Victory day in the country. Military motorcades and different occasions are sorted out to memorialize the Soviet Union triumph over Germany in Second World War.

    3. Capital City Day

    Just two day after the Independence Day of United States is the Capital City Day of Kazakhstan. 6th July is the date. It is celebrated as the birthday of the president Nazarbayev.

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    4. Republic Day

    So 25th October is the day which is recommended as the Republic Day of Kazakhstan. The day is commended with road celebrations and other a few occasions everywhere throughout the nation.

    5. Independence Day

    16th December is the most essential day of the occasion logbook in Kazakhstan as it is the day when the country achieved its independence. It celebrates freedom from the Soviet Union through road celebrations, marches, and firecrackers.

    6. Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday/Labour day

    1st May is celebrated as the Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday, and Labour day honors are given to the Kazakh specialists through road celebrations and marches.

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    7. Day Of The First President

    This is a new extension of the festival and celebrated on 1st December. It is another expansion to the developing identity faction around Nazarbayev. Various marches and shows are done on this occasion.

    8. Men’s Day

    23rd February is celebrated as Men’s day in the country. Beforehand, Feb 23 was praised as the official Soviet Army Day in the Soviet Union. Presently it is renowned as Men’s day and they, as a rule, get the endowments from ladies. This is very honorable for all the brave men across the country. There are some other festivals as well that actually consists of international celebration and festivals or maybe festival of the region where the country is situated such as new year in Central Asia, International Women’s day, etc.

    9. St. Valentine’s Day

    As we all know 14th February is the day for love. On this day, individuals trade the blessings and cards to express their adoration and care about one another. For the most part, the adolescents take more enthusiasm to cheer this day.

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    10. Universal Women’s Day

    8 March is praised as the International Women’s day in all around the globe. Kazakh ladies additionally get blossoms and blessings on this day.

    11. Nauruz

    This is a two day long festival in the springtime 21st and 22nd March and is among the most popular festivals celebrated in Kazakhstan. Celebrated crosswise over Central Asia, the entire area invites springtime with the tune, move and great nourishment. In Kazakhstan, kokpar diversions and aitys (medieval Kazakh fight rap) rivalries are particular for Nauruz. In Almaty and Astana, there is free nourishment and shows on the primary squares.

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    Traditional Festivals In Kazakhstan

    Traditional Festivals in Kazakhstan

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    Every nation always has some religious festivals that carry the tradition of the people from history. Since the country is basically Muslim dominated, all the Islamic festivals are celebrated. As well as some other festivals depending on the region are also celebrated. And in Islamic Festivals the fact is there is no particular date to celebrate as it depends on the rising of the moon. Here are some of the best traditional festivals in Kazakhstan that you must attend!

    12. Uraza Or Ramadan

    Ramadan is well known as multi-month of daytime fasting and rehearsed by the Muslims in everywhere throughout the nation.

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    13. Kurban

    Kurban is counted among the most important festivals in Kazakhstan and you ought to attend this festival on your trip. The finish of multi-month of daytime fasting i.e. Ramadan is praised by devours. On this day, enormous blowouts and festivities are sorted out by the Muslim individuals.

    14. Russian Orthodox Easter

    Russian Orthodox Easter is one of the most famous traditional festivals in Kazakhstan. The second Sunday in April brings the festival of the revival of Jesus. Unique bread, known as “Kulich”, is heated for this celebration.

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    Other Popular Festivals In Kazakhstan

    popular festivals in Kazakhstan

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    The impression of nations’ one of a kind ethnic and religious synthesis can be found in a large portion of the celebrations in Kazakhstan.

    15. Food festivals In Kazakhstan

    Almaty apple festival is celebrated in September. The most famous creation of Almaty is celebrated by conducting a festival where various kinds of apples are in display.
    Music festival in Kazakhstan: Astana International Contest of Kazakh Song is the festival where one can view the tribute to Kazakh music. The Contest of Kazakh melody is held every year in September. Abroad entertainers from all over Poland, Uzbekistan and Germany contend to sing Kazakh tunes in their local dialects. The celebration is a major occasion in Astana, with nearby choirs and youngsters’ gatherings being called upon to go with a considerable lot of the challengers.

    16. Biker Celebration ‘Protect Balkhash’

    Held in July by the shores of Lake Balkhash, this festival mainly occurs to attract regard for the biological issues encompassing Lake Balkhash. Lots of fun stuff happen in the festivals regarding sports.

    17. Four E

    This is celebrated in the month of August and in Almaty. This is a 3-day New Age celebration with a great deal of yoga, “quantum” workshops, and present-day people music. One must visit this festival there as there are lot of fun activities done by the people including dance music etc.

    18. Chabana Festival

    Imparted to the Kyrgyz individuals and held close to the Kazakh-Kyrgyz fringe in August, the Chabana Festival, or Cowboy Festival, is an occasion which unites nearby herders to participate in games and entertainment. A standout amongst the most well known, and most profoundly established in Kazakhstan’s history in which ladies are given a head begin on horseback and sought after by men, additionally on horseback, trying to get them.

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    19. Khan Tengri Mountain Festival

    A trial of physical quality and perseverance, the Khan Tengri Mountain celebration is a tiresome ascending occasion held each year in August. More than 500 members from around the globe endeavour to achieve the Khan Tengri Peak more than 20 days. The occasion draws in enormous names as competitors Cimono Moro and Alexander Lvov.

    20. Kazakhstan Golf Open

    Golf fans will be upbeat to realize that the yearly Kazakhstan Golf Open happens each year in September. Held in Almaty, the Open is a men’s genius competition which draws the greatest names from around the world. Making up one segment of the yearly “Test Tour,” the Kazakhstan leg offers golfers the most astounding fiscal prize all things considered and is in this manner exceptionally aggressive.

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    The general population of Kazakhstan gets empowered to praise their national, customary occasions and extraordinary events. They wear customary Kazakh garments and appreciate occasions with recreations, horse racing, singing, moving and substantially more. The traditions of the migrant individuals and the Middle Eastern impacts can be effectively perceived while appreciating the customary celebrations of the nation. Take an international trip to Kazakhstan for a vacation experience like no other.

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