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    Debrecen, the second largest city of Hungary, has a lot to offer to the tourists and visitors and you will find a lot of things to do in Debrecen. The city is also termed as Calvinist Rome, due to the city’s links to this religious denomination.The city of Debrecen is relatively small, but it has a wide assortment of attractions to captivate the tourists visiting this city. Though a bit far away from the capital city, Debrecen is worth visiting to explore a different side of Hungary. Here in this article we have discussed some of the best things to do in Debrecen. Read on to know more about the popular places and the interesting things to do in Debrecen, Hungary.

    10 Best Things To Do In Debrecen

    The city of Debrecen has earned the title of the Capital of the Great Plain and rightly so. The places has a lot of interesting attractions that the people would love to visit. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most interesting places to visit and things to do in Debrecen. Take a look at the list to know about the various Debrecen activities.

    1. The Great Reformed Church


    Image Source

    The great reformed church in Debrecen, Hungary is the most significant protestant church in the country and a great example of Protestantism in Hungary. The church was built during 19th century with significant neoclassical styles and Baroque architectural elements being added later on. Rakoczi Bell is the largest bell in Hungary, housed the the high west tower of the church. The visitors of the church are allowed to climb this tower. From the top of the tower you can see a nice panoramic view of the city.

    Location: Kossuth, Debrecen, Hungary

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    2. The White Rose Of Revolution

    The White Rose Of Revolution

    Image Courtesy

    This beautiful monument is a reminder of the rebellion that took place in Hungary in 1956 and of the people who died in the struggle. The revolution uprose to free the people of Hungary from the control of the Soviets, unfortunately the revolution was crushed by Soviet troops. This memorial sculpture designed by Miklos Melocco, a member of the Academy of Arts, Hungary stands in front of the Reformed Church University.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

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    3. Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths


    Image Source

    The Aquaticum bath facility is quite a popular ome in Debrecen, Hungary. Unlike other thermal baths in Hungary, this place is quite different. The facility has a domed roof structure, decorated with lots of tropical plants, giving the vibe of summer all year round. There are also many adventure elements added for the children including wave pools and water slides, while the adults can enjoy in the Jacuzzis, cave baths and massage jets. The place also offers spa facilities at an additional charge. At Aquaticum Baths, you are sure to have a relaxing time.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

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    4. Hortobagyi National Park

    Hortobagyi National Park

    Image Source

    Hortobagyi National Park is one of the largest national parks in Hungary and located quite close to Debrecen. The park is famous for traditional Hungarian agriculture and rich cultural heritage. Visiting the park, you can get an idea of the involvement of agriculture in the Hungarian tradition and the ways of farming in Hungary. You can also spot many wildlife species in the park including Przewalski horses, which are under constant monitor for conservation purposes. Debrecen is the perfect spot to jump to a trip to Hortobagyi National Park, making for a nice day trip in the vicinity of the city.

    Location: Petofi ter, Debrecen, Hungary

    5. Nagyerdei Water Tower

    Nagyerdei Water Tower

    Image Courtesy

    This is a popular landmark monument in Debrecen. The water tower was constructed in many decades ago, which was renovated later in 2015. The tower is an epitome of the industrial history of the region and the renovation of this structure has seen to repurpose the existing structure. The bottom level of the structure consists of a restaurant, bar and an exhibition center. The place also hosts many music concerts and events. The central pillar of the tower has been restructured into a climbing wall, which leads you to the top of the tower. From the top of this structure you can get a nice, panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

    6. Deri Museum

    Deri Museum

    Image Source

    The Deri Museum is located in the heart of the city of Debrecen. The museum is housed in a magnificent neo-Baroque building. The museum is one of the top collector of historical and cultural artifacts from all over Hungary. Parts of the Christ Trilogy by Mihaly Munkacsy, Calvary and Ecce Homo are two of the most popular collectibles in the museum. The outdoor complex of the museum has 4 sculptures created by sculptor Ferenc Medgyessy, who won the Grand Prize in World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, for these sculptures. Among other exhibitions in the museum, you will find a history of the city and a exhibit about the birds in Debrecen region.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

    7. University Botanical Gardens

    Botanical garden

    Image Source

    This botanical garden houses a wide assortment of plants native to Hungary and many from other regions as well. The garden is 8 hectares of landscaped and ornamented ground with many greenhouses and natural forests. About 2 hectares of this garden falls under the Nagyerdo oak forest. One of the greenhouses in the garden houses many succulent plants from Central and Eastern Europe. The garden is open to the public all year round, although they shut down early in the winter months.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

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    8. Lake Fancsika


    Image Source

    This lake located just outside of Debrecen is a perfect spot for fishing. A lot of fishing enthusiasts visit the location to enjoy fishing using line fishing techniques. The lake has many different species of fishes living in the waters and many fishermen and women come to this lake especially to catch the local carp. On the lake shore there is also a children’s playground, a log castle and the area is very green and you can also enjoy a nice picnic with your family whilst waiting for a fish to catch your bait.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

    9. St. Anne’s Cathedral

    St. Anne's Cathedral

    Image Source

    With such a iconic protestant church in the city , it is really surprising to find a prominent Catholic church in the same city. The existence of such a huge Catholic church in city is very fascinating, considering the number of Catholics in the city was so low, that the religious practice almost died out in Debrecen. The church displays an exhibition of Catholicism history in Debrecen region and you can also see a replica of Turin shroud inside the church.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

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    10. Lake Vekerei

    Lake Vekerei

    Image Source

    Lake Vekerei is located just 13 km away from the city center and a perfect day trip from Debrecen. The place is perfect for fishing, although you need a fishing license to go for fishing in this lake. There are opportunities for boat ride as well. You can take out row boats and go for the ride on the lake waters, or you can also indulge in horse riding on the shores. If you want to stay overnight and absorb nature a little bit more, then there is also a campsite on the shore of the Lake.

    Location: Debrecen, Hungary

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    These are some of the best places and activities that you can consider on your Debrecen visit. Make sure to visit these places on a trip to this city, to absorb the true taste of Debrecen. Plan a visit to Europe, head to Debrecen and indulge in the fun!

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