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    A view of Bratislava in winter

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    Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The city is located along the Danube River. The whole country is surrounded by vineyards. The crisscross roads are simply perfect for cycling and hiking. So it is an ideal place to spend a perfect holiday. It is seen that Bratislava is mainly located on the border of three countries. These are Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. The country came into existence during the 18th century and is famous for cafes and bars. So, most of the tourists mainly prefer to visit this place for spending a wonderful vacation. Winter in Bratislava is something unique.

    Weather In Bratislava During Winter


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    During winter the whole area covered with snow. Even the mountains are fully covered with snow and it looks really amazing. Most of the lakes, including the rivers are frozen. The roads and streets are fully filled with snow. So if anyone has a passion for snow, then winter is the best time for going to Bratislava. The trees are filled with snow. As the whole area is covered fully with snow most of the people do skating throughout the roads. Bratislava winter weather is highly enjoyed by people.

    Things To Do In Bratislava During Winter

    Now let’s have a glimpse of some of the activities that can be specially done during the winter months. There are many Bratislava winter festivals that take place during this time. In fact, the Bratislava nightlife in winter is simply amazing from all angles.

    1. Old Town Bratislava

    Old Town Bratislava

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    This place has many wonderful buildings and wonderful small streets. It is found that each and every corner of the street is a perfect spot for a photoshoot. If you love to take photos, then simply stand on any corner of the street and give wonderful poses. There are many things to do in Bratislava. During the winter month, people may find various types of Christmas market that takes place here and there. There are many administrative buildings that are located in this place. During the daytime apart from tourists, many people come here for various work purposes. This place is also a great historical center. Further, the nightlife of Bratislava is much more vibrant and attractive.

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    2. Main Square & Old Town Hall

    oldest museum of Slovakia

    Inside the town hall, there is the oldest museum of Slovakia. If anyone climbs up the narrow stairs of 45 meter high tower one can take the view of the whole Christmas market that takes place during this time of the year. There are various stalls that usually take during part of the year. There are many activities that take place in this market. So if you are spending a lot of time in this market, then you will surely observe something new and amazing here.

    3. The Statues


    Image Source

    This place is considered to be the most photographed spot in Bratislava. You can also find various types of sculptures that are found throughout the place. It will really be a great experience to take beautiful pictures with Cumil or Napoleon. Most of the people, mainly spend a good time by taking snaps with sculptures. The Bratislava Castle is said to be a landmark of the city. The museum takes us to the Stone Age that can be really experienced by the people. The Museum is always the favorite place for all age of people. Since a long time, it has really been the attraction of many people to take snaps with these historical characters. So with the statues, it seems like a dream come true.

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    4. St. Michael's Gate

    St. Michael's Gate

    Image Source

    This type of unique gate is the main attraction of Bratislava. Most of the visitors, mostly climb up the upper terrace up 51 to meter. From this height, the tourist can take the perfect view of the Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. The whole scene looks extremely fabulous.

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    5. Walking Around Danube River

    Walking Around Danube River

    Image Source

    It would really be an amazing experience and feeling to walk by the side of the Danube River. The temperature lowers down to a great extent during this time of the year. If you walk by the side of the river, then you can come across the Stary Most Bridge. The entire view turns out to be very amazing in all respects. A walk during the evening and morning is simply a great one.

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    6. The UFO


    Image Source

    It is also a great attraction in Bratislava. It is an observation deck and the whole scenery looks quite different at this point. With a height of 95 meters the whole viewpoint looks simply great and so it can also be watched during the winter time. If you are in Bratislava, then make a plan to reach this height and take a glimpse of the whole city. This place has beautiful architecture. This deck was opened to the public during the 1970s. Till now it has attracted a lot of people.

    7. The Blue Church

    The Blue Church

    Image Source

    This church is said to be the fantastic destination of photo shoots. Most of the photo shoots are done in this place. This church is also by the name of the St. Elizabeth Church and it came into existence during the 20th century. The blue color of the church can be a perfect background for photo shoots. The church opens sharp at 7 am in the morning and closes at 7 pm in the evening. Most of the photo shoot events take place during this time. This place is also called the fairy tale spot.

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    8. St. Martin’s Cathedral

    St. Martin’s Cathedral

    Image Source

    This 85-meter high tower mainly dominates the whole city. Most of the people walk up to this place and mainly tries to take a glimpse of the whole city. The best view comes only when the castle is seen along with the garden. This place has a good rush throughout the year.

    9. The Primate’s Palace

    The Primate’s Palace

    Image Source

    The light pink color of the palace is also the main attraction of Bratislava. Most of the people who come to Bratislava always try to visit this place. There are ample things to see in this palace. Apart from this, the main attraction comes at the point because during winter people opt for ice skating. It gives a very great experience. Never miss to visit this place and include it on the visiting list.

    10. Bratislava Christmas Market

    Bratislava Christmas Market

    Image Source

    Perhaps the best thing to do in this market during the winter months is to explore the Christmas market. During this time the whole market is flooded with beautiful and decorative items. All the items are available at a very cheap price. Apart from this, there are other tasty and delicious dishes that are also found here. If you wish, you can taste those foods and relish another type of foods. This market is not commercial like other European markets. So it can be a perfect place for shopping.

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    Bratislava is a fabulous place where the visitors can do numerous things. Apart from taking beautiful views from high peak, they can take good snaps at various places. Further, the markets during winter become an ideal place for shopping. A lot of items can be purchased from these markets at a relatively low price. Most of the items are of an innovative type. If you are now really wandering to go to some wonderful place during the winter months, then, this place is the appropriate place. So, plan a trip to Europe and witness the wintery beauty of this place!

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