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Are you yearning to be surrounded by nature? Do you dream of wandering in misty tea plantations nestled amidst green hills as they show in the movies? Well, then Ella in Sri Lanka is the perfect place for you to visit. Even though it’s a smaller hill station as compared to Nuwara Eliya, it will never let you get bored! Waterfalls, caves, joyful train rides, laid back vibes, and picturesque landscapes, Ella has it all. This tiny town has something in store for both nature enthusiasts and sybarites – those who love to be pampered. Here are some fabulous things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka that will make you want to stay here forever!

Best Time To Visit Ella, Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit Ella

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What makes Ella an irresistible location is that it can be visited year-round, but the best time to visit during the summer is between March and June and in Winter from December to February. Ella faces a low season during the Monsoons due to the travel restrictions put in place during a heavy downpour.

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Fun Things To Do In Ella

Given below are some of the most fun things to do in Ella that will tell you why it’s among the most favorite hill towns for travelers across the world.

  • Ella Rock – Have A Picnic
  • Ravana Falls – Take A Dip
  • Little Adam’s Peak – Climb To The Top
  • Nine Arch Bridge – Watch The Sunrise
  • Ella Tea Factory – Know How Ceylon Tea Is Made
  • Ravana’s Cave – See What Mysteries Lie Inside
  • 98 Acres Resort – Ayurvedic Massage
  • Cafe Chill – Try Ella’s Local Cuisine
  • Dhowa Rock Temple – Seek Eternal Blessings
  • Ellawala Waterfall – Hike To This Hidden Beauty
  • Ella Town – Go Explore!
  • Ella Railway – Ride A Train Through Tea Plantations!
  • Diyaluma Falls – See Panoramic Views
  • Lipton’s Seat – Know Where Your Favorite Iced Tea Originated
  • Ella Spice Garden – Learn To Make A Sri Lankan Meal

1. Ella Rock - Have A Picnic

Ella Rock in Sri lanka

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If you like starting your mornings with a refreshing trek, then you must visit the Ella Rock. This lovely hike takes about 2-3 hours to reach its final stop – Ella Rock. The best of all is that this activity is one of the free things to do in Ella. There is no doubt that tourists often lose track of time admiring the scenic views on their 8 km trek. And, if the weather is great, we suggest you pack some snacks for a picnic because the trek has loads of stunning views. It is advised you take a guide or a friendly local along, someone who is familiar with the trail, as this trek isn't signposted well.

Location: Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Hwy, Ella, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: Open 24X7
Entry fee: Nil

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2. Ravana Falls - Take A Dip

Ravana Falls

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Do you enjoy swimming in water bodies surrounded by picturesque views? Well, the Ravana Falls in Ella is the perfect place for you to cool off and enjoy a swim. Admire the water cascading over the edge while you take in the gorgeous views surrounding you! Taking a dip in the Ravana Falls is definitely one of the most fun free things to do in Ella for adventure seekers and couples. But just make sure you are attentive around here as rocks here tend to get very slippery.

Location: Beragala-Hali Ela Hwy, Bandarawela 90122, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: Open 24X7
Entry fee: LKR 250

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3. Little Adam's Peak - Climb To The Top

Little Adam's Peak

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As is obvious by the name, this is a smaller version of the famous Adam's Peak of Nuwara Eliya. This particular trek takes around 2-3 hours, as this stands at 2,243m. So, make sure you take regular breaks to rest and admire the views. Near the summit is a rock formation that resembles a huge footprint. It is also one of the most popular treks in Ella, so you can expect bumping into other travelers on the way. Along the trek, you'll pass lush tea plantations and tea pickers that will make great subjects for your Instagram feed. If you are on a budget then you are in for a treat, as this activity is one of the many free things to do in Ella.

Location: Ella - Passara Rd, Ella 90090, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: 5 AM - 6:30 PM
Entry fee: Nil

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4. Nine Arch Bridge - Watch The Sunrise

Nine Arch Bridge

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The Nine Arch Bridge in Ella was built when Sri Lanka was under the British rule. The British relocated the steel which was to be used to complete the construction of the bridge. But, this didn't break the spirit of the talented craftsmen of Ella and they still managed to build this magnificent bridge using stone bricks and cement. The bridge can be reached by a taxi ride from Ella. Don't miss the quiet sunrise at the bridge. There are very few tourists here in the morning so you'll have uninterrupted views of the blissful sunnrise and panoramic views.

Location: Gotuwala, Ella 90090, Sri Lanka
How to reach: You can take a taxi to the top for LKR 200 or walk all the way up there that would only take you about 30 minutes.
Opening hours: Open 24X7
Entry fee: Nil

5. Ella Tea Factory - Know How Ceylon Tea Is Made

Sip Tea at The Tea Factory in Ella

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Just outside the small town of Ella, located in Dambatenne 9 km northeast of Haputale, is the popular tea factory of Ella town known as the Halpewatte Tea Factory. Owned by Amba Estate Ecological Tea Plantation and Dambatenne Tea Factory, this tea factory was built way back in 19th century by a Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton. You can take the opportunity to learn more about the local Ceylon tea and also purchase freshly-made tea here, followed by a tea tasting session. Visiting this factory and information center is one of the most unique things to do in Ella, more so due to its historic significance.

How to reach: You can get here by a bus ride from Haptuale which will take just 20 minutes.
Opening hours: 8 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: LKR 500

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6. Ravana's Cave - See What Mysteries Lie Inside

Ravanas Cave

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This cave was supposedly used by Ravana to hide Sita. Ravana's Cave is located just 2 km from the small town of Ella, and it lies close to a cliff that overlooks the valley. It is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions located in Sri Lanka as it holds great historical significance. The pathway leading towards the cave is pretty steep, so we advise you to wear proper clothing and sturdy shoes to stay comfortable and safe during your visit to the Ravana Cave.

Location: Ella, Sri Lanka
Distance from the entrance of the cave: 700 steps

Opening hours: 8 AM - 4 PM
Entry fee: LKR 250

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7. 98 Acres Resort - Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

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If you didn't know, Sri Lanka is also known for its famous Ayurvedic massage. Treat yourself with a much-needed massage after your sightseeing activities in Ella. If you do plan on going for a massage, then 98 Acres Resort is considered to have the best spa in town. There are other local massage centers, but you deserve treating yourself to a royal massage after all the traveling and trekking around the town.

Location: Greenland Estate, Ella - Passara Rd, Ella, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: 6 AM - 10:30 PM
Starting price: LKR 5,000/-

8. Cafe Chill - Try Ella's Local Cuisine

Cafe Chill

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Get a taste of the Sri Lankan and Western cuisine at Cafe Chill – the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the local cuisine. This quiet little cafe is considered to be one of the most favorite local joints in Ella visited by almost every visitor of Ella. Dream Cafe, Matey Hut, Ceylon Tea Factory Restaurant, AK Ristoro, Curd Shop, 360 Ella, Downtown Rotti Hut, Little Folly Restaurant, and Cafe Guru are some of the many famous cafes and restaurants that one must try in Ella.

Location: A23, Ella 90090, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: 10 AM - 12 AM
Cost for two: LKR 600/-

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9. Dhowa Rock Temple - Seek Eternal Blessings

Pray at the Dhowa rock temple

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Dhowa is a small village which is located on the main road of Badulla – Bandarawela in Ella. It also happens to have a 2 millennia old temple which is also known as Rajamaha Viharaya. This place is considered to have great historical emminence and draws a huge influx of travelers and pilgrims here every year. It is also frequented by art and history lovers who like to watch the old artwork and carvings on the walls of the Dhowa Rock Temple.

Location: Beragala-Hali Ela Hwy, Bandarawela 90122, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: Open 24X7
Entry fee: Nil

10. Ellawala Waterfall – Hike To This Hidden Beauty

Ellawala Waterfall ella

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After Ravana Falls, you sure should check out Ellawala Waterfall which is super easy to reach from Ravana Waterfall. All you have to do is go further down on that same road until you reach this cascading beauty enveloped by nature. The best thing about this place is that it is still pristine and untouched since not many people know about it and it’s not as popular as Ravana Waterfall. It’s a wonderful little spot which the eye easily misses since it is located away from the main road, thus offering privacy and seclusion. One of the most fun things to do in Ella is taking a relaxing dip in the pool that you will see at the base of the waterfall.

Location: Alikote Ara, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: 6 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: Nil

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11. Ella Town – Go Explore!

Ella Town Cafes

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If you’re searching for fun things to do in Ella at night, then you must totally head over to the main town. Owing to its chilled out vibe and laid back environment as compared to that in Nuwara Eliya. In fact, you’ll be able to meet a lot of young tourists and explorers hanging out at some of the most happening spots that make this town so popular amongst travelers. Though the town is not very big, there are plenty of awesome bars, cafes, and restaurants in Ella for you and your friends to check out and which surely is one of the top things to do in Ella. The best part is, they are incredibly cheap and offer late-night deals as well.

Location: Badulla District, Uva Province, Sri Lanka

12. Ella Railway – Ride A Train Through Tea Plantations!

Train ride around ella

If you don’t indulge in the joy of riding the train around Ella, then you will have missed the best experience of this town. In fact, it was this exhilarating train ride offering people breathtaking views of the green hills and rolling tea pastures that made this town popular in the first place! The Kandy to Ella train journey is the most famous train journey in the whole country and takes you via vast open tea plantations and rich rural settings while the cool mountain breeze tickles your senses in this beautiful blue train. Offering the most Instagram-worthy views to travelers, it’s one of the best things to do in Ella to make your trip memorable.

Location: Ella Railway Station. You can either ride from this station to cities like Clombo or Kandy, or vice versa.
Duration: 4 hours
Ticket price starting at: LKR 120 (second class) | LKR 1,000-3,000 (first class)

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13. Diyaluma Falls – See Panoramic Views

Diyaluma Falls ella

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This is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, and offers stunning views of Ella and beyond from the top. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Sri Lanka, Diyaluma Falls is also not as popular as Ravana Falls as it too lies a little far from the main road and only has about a couple of small cafes around it. If you wish to reach it, you can just follow the main road leading to Ravana Falls a little further and you will be able to see these majestic falls from the side of the main road after a distance. Taking stunning pictures of the town with the falls in the front from this point is one of the top things to do in Ella and a combination you won’t find anywhere else in Sri Lanka.

Location: Colombo – Batticaloa Hwy, Ella, Sri Lanka
Entry fee: Nil

14. Lipton’s Seat – Know Where Your Favorite Iced Tea Originated

Lipton’s Seat ella

Image Source
Fans of the famous Lipton Iced Tea will instantly realize what we’re talking about here! This is the spot where the legacy of this popular iced tea brand began! The place now called Lipton’s Seat was once Sir Thomas Lipton who had employed the acres worth of tea plantations in this very area to develop this enormous tea empire and give us our favorite iced tea flavors. You can either choose to walk the 7 km distance to the top from the main town in order to reach this spot, or you can simply take the bus from Ella or Haputale. Other than showing you how the whole process of tea making was carried out here, this place also offers spectacular panoramic views of the town below.

Location: Dambethenna Estate, Lipton Seat Rd, Haputale, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: 6 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: LKR 100

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15. Ella Spice Garden – Learn To Make A Sri Lankan Meal

Ella Spice Garden cooking class

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Book yourself an engaging cooking session in the Spice Garden of Ella so that you too can master the art of preparing a delightful Sri Lankan meal and surprising your friends and family! Owing to the range of processes involved in making the spicy and savory cuisine of Sri Lanka, learning to cook it is considered to be one of the best things to do in Ella as compared to simply enjoyed it after it has been served to you! You won’t just get to learn about the different ingredients involved, but will actually get to pick them on your own from this spice garden itself. Make sure you book yourself a seat well in advance so that you do not end up missing the opportunity!

Location: Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Hwy, Ella, Sri Lanka
Opening hours: Open 24X7
Entry fee: Starting at LKR 2,000

How To Get To Ella, Sri Lanka

How To Get To Ella

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By Air: Colombo Airport to Ella: 235 km

By Train: It is very convenient to take the bus to Colombo Fort Train Station and then take a direct train to Ella. The train ride captures the Sri Lankan highlands and will become a highlight of the trip.

By Taxi: You can also take a direct taxi to Ella from Colombo airport for added convenience. It will take you about 5.5 hrs from the airport to the hill station.

By Bus: You can easily take a bus to Colombo Fort and from there change to the bus to Badulla. Get off at Kumbalwela junction which is 10 km from Bandarawela. Kumbalwela and Ella are 5 km apart, so you can take a small bus ride or even a tuk-tuk. Traveling by bus is a bit tiresome, so we suggest taking a train or a taxi to reach Ella.

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There are many free things to do in Ella, along with a few that you can treat yourself to. For a fulfilling vacation to this Sri Lankan paradise, start searching for all must-sees and must-dos in the destinations of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Ella

What is there to do in Ella at night?

Ella is in vibrant mode during night. You can wander around the town and check out the many cafes, clubs, bars, and restaurants to enjoy a memorable evening.

How do you travel around Ella?

Ella is a small town that you can explore while renting a bike or a scooty. Apart from this, if you have enough time, you can explore the place on foot.

Is it safe to visit Ella during Covid times?

Yes, you can plan a trip to Ella during the current Covid situation. The government has been taking extra precautions to ensure traveelre’s safety. Besides this, travelers are also advised to abide by all the protocols that include wearing a mask, sanitising hands, maintaining social distance, etc.

What are the special places to visit in Ella?

Ella Rock, Ravana Falls, Little Adam’s Peak, Nine Arch Bridge, Dhowa Rock Temple, and Ravana’s Cave are some of the most special places that you can visit in Ella.

How long does it take to climb Ella Rock?

It takes about 2 hours to climb Ella’s Rock. So, it is advised you start your trek to the top early in the morning when the sun is rising. This way, you can ensure you are able to climb back in the daytime itself.

How many days do you need to explore Ella?

To enjoy the best of Ella, you need to plan a trip of at least 2 to 3 days. During your trip, you can enjoy sightseeing, indulge in several activities, and enjoy shopping experiences.

How long is the train from Kandy to Ella?

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to get to Ella from Kandy by train. You can also choose to take a train from Colombo to Ella, which will take roughly the same time.

Where should I stay in Sri Lanka?

Colombo, Galle, Matara, Arugam Bay, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya are the best places to stay in Sri Lanka. Other than this, beach towns like Bentota, Pasikuda, and Kalkudah beach have some awesome beach resorts where you can stay.

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