Things To Do In Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and it offers the beautiful as well as unique sights for the travelers so that they can enjoy their holiday. This is one of the finest places in the world that can give a lot of information about history. It has rocky as well as steppe hills that can easily catch the attraction of the visitors easily. Here are some things to do in Kazakhstan.

Best Things To Do In Kazakhstan

One should do some research work before visiting Kazakhstan so that you can enjoy the place appropriately.

1. Singing Dunes in Altyn Emel National Park

Singing Dunes in Altyn Emel National Park

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It is a mountain of sand in the Altyn Emel National Park. The dunes are impressive 150m high as well as 1.5km long. One of the best things about this dessert is the sound that is heard when the winds are blown. The entry fee for this place is 962 tenge. With the help of the internet, you can look for more details about this place. The national park may be a bit like a desterland but it full of local fauna that would enchant you.

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2. Sharyn canyon

Sharyn canyon

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This place is located in the Charyn river valley which is close to the Chinese border. Although it is not as deep as Grand Canyon, its sides, as well as colors, make it more attractive and alluring. A person can easily do river rafting and can enjoy the holidays appropriately. Once there, do try the beshbarmak, which is made up of boiled meat and wide noodles.

3. Burabay


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North Kazakhstan is gifted with the unique place that has slopes of fresh smelling pine trees as well as bright blue lakes. It is the protected place from last 1898 and it offers the place n number of different species. This is the perfect place for the people who love to do hiking and various other adventurous sports. The rocky hills and the pleasant breeze will offer you a different version of sightseeing altogether.

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4. Baikonur


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It is the perfect place where people could collect information about many things that are related to space. It is situated on the near the desert. It is one of the finest places for the people who wish to know and correct more information about spaceships as well as of the past of spaceflights. You can have a look at the museums and see the unique creations.


1. Medeo High-Mountain Skating Rink

Medeo High-Mountain Skating Rink

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Although ice-skating is an adventurous way of enjoying the holiday, but when it comes to ice-skating in the mountain it is really thrilling. The Medeo high mountain skating rink is located 1700 meters that too above the sea level and it is the highest in the world. It is located in the former capital, Almaty and still has different as well as exciting winter sports events. It is one of the best things to do in Kazakhstan in winter so as to enjoy the movement properly.

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2. Sightseeing day tour

Sightseeing day tour

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You can have a look at the beautiful, natural as well as amusing places in the city. This tour takes place for 5 hours and gives all the information one needs regarding different places. The first destination of this tour is Almaty parks- 20 Panfilov guardsmen. In this part, you can have a look at the world’s most beautiful building that is made up of wood. After completing the tour it is suggested to try the most delicious sweets, dried fruits, as well as a different eatable item that is famous in Almaty.

3. Kolsai lakes

Kolsai lakes

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It is a beautiful lake that gives the warm welcome to the visitors. All the visitors who are visiting this place for the first time can make the time more memorable by having lunch near to this lake. It is suggested to stay in the saty village as it is just 20 minutes away from the lake. Then, after visiting the lakes you are taken to the most popular places for the townspeople where they can shop and get the special things.

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1. Astana opera

Astana opera

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One of the most attractive thing about this place is the sound. It has gold as well as a red color scheme that is really pleasing to eyes. It is one of the best places in Astana where you can watch any show. Moreover, the rates are pocket-friendly so that people can buy it easily. The beautiful decor and the famous performances will have you spellbound. The opera show is very well liked. Head here if you want a quiet evening in luxury.

2. City Park

City Park

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It is the best place to where you can see the different building of the government. People can easily walk on the path and have a look at the oasis that is placed between presidential place. Even there are many monuments from which you can collect information about the past. The park is large and the area is a great addition to the urbanized area of the city. You will be able to see all the big landmarks of the whole city.

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3. National Museum of Kazakhstan

Museum of Kazakhstan

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This museum gives all the detailed information about the history of Kazakhstan. Moreover, it has the perfect layout that looks more tempting to the visitors. Even there are shops that offer a good collection of crafts of Kazakhstan. People those who wish to know that history, as well as future about Kazakhstan, must go to this tour. It also has illusion wings that you would surely like.

4. Pyramid of peace and reconciliation

Pyramid of peace

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This pyramid of reconciliation, as well as peace, attracts the attention of all the visitors who are visiting Kazakhstan for the first time. It is surrounded by the park along with stone and trees. It is one of the best places where people could sit and enjoy quality time. Inside the building, there are different halls and pictures of monuments. The mesmerizing is topped by only the serene feeling the pyramid fills you with.

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So before visiting, read this listing on some things to do in Kazakhstan to make the trip more adventurous. The country has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. Also, remember to read more before visiting Kazakhstan as the country has some laws and regulations that must be followed even by tourists. 

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