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Despite being a small nation off in the center of nowhere, Latvia appears to be the house of one of the most charming ancient towns of Europe. With a vast number of places and things to do in Latvia, it’s no wonder that it’s growing a favorite tourist destination for lots of backpackers touring Eastern Europe, who remain beyond their projected route, relishing the lively but comfortable environment of the towns, or the laid-back elegance of the little cities.

8 Best Things To Do In Latvia

So, while you’re still wondering about whether to visit this place anytime soon, make sure you know more about the various experiences waiting to be tried in this scenic country!

1. Shopping


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It would be meriting having a glimpse at the Central Market merely to watch the infrastructures that possess it — five arcades formed upon ancient German Zeppelin sheds in Art Nouveau custom. Though there are lots of more things to do in Riga Latvia Market, it’s the biggest marketplace in entire Europe, so there’s a great opportunity you can explore for and discover astonishing richness there. Not only is it an enthralling spot for travelers but, unlike various markets in prestigious European towns, a genuine point of trade for various Latvians, who purchase their everyday products and groceries there.

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2. Jurmala


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Jurmala is around 25 km/16 miles at Riga's west. It is a resort thorp with a 33 km/21 mile extent of the white-sand shore. It was once a popular resort for high-level Communist Party executives, prominently Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. These days, affluent fashionable people idolize the sun among spa therapies. However, unlike various European resort thorps, most of Jurmala’s hotels and restaurants are different blocks apart from the beach, which retains the seaside pure on a Latvia holiday.

One perspective of concern in Jurmala is the wooden homes, each unique in shape and decor dating from the nineteenth and first half of the 20th Centuries. The architecture is described in traditional, ethnic romantic and contemporary styles. The city has an approved list of 414 ancient infrastructures under protection, along with over 4000 wooden constructions.

3. Nightlife


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With inexpensive rates, helping residents and visitors, and lots of bars, Riga now becomes a party destination on the tourist map of Latvia. To experience as many endowments as possible, various hostels arrange pub crawls, for instance, Naughty Squirrel. Tourists and locals love to singing karaoke at the great Rock Café; this is among the best things to do in Latvia. But it’s not always mean partying raucously. The favorite bar I would like to recommend you is an excellent spot to rest there and taste a drink, as is Chomsky. It's not the end here, there are also clubs, serving to all flavors and tastes such as Nabaklab, and ONE ONE.

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4. Favorite Cat House

Favorite Cat House

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Plausibly the most photographed infrastructure in Latvia (which has presently turned out to be a representation for the town), you can’t avoid the rust-colored house in Old Town decorated with a pair of black cats at the top of its roof. Out of all the arts the keeper could have picked, why black cats? Well, as myth has it, the affluent trader created his house on the same plaza as Riga’s Great Guild, the top-tier guild for the businessperson in Riga.
The trader sought association into the Guild yet was denied. The trader engaged the cat statues to be installed on the roof of his house where everyone could watch them seeking vengeance… oh, that's why the cats were placed so that their posterior-ends facing the Guild. (How’s that for an inventive revenge conspiracy?) Incensed by the merchant’s efforts, the Guild struck a compromise with him – he would change the cat’s posteriors to look apart from the Guild, and in turn, the Guild would permit the trader to get into their club.

5. Local Alus

Local Alus

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Alus (beer) is extensive in Latvia, and various thorps generate their own beers. Travel to the prominent Folkklubs ala Pagrabs, a beer lounge, and restaurant located in Old Town, to taste an extensive assemblage of Latvian beers on the patch is the best among the fun things to do in Latvia, Europe. On a similar note, the feast at Folkklubs will be one of your favorites in Riga – the food is incredibly yummy and affordable, the servings were large and the beer hall ambiance was a lot of entertainment.

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6. Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park

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It is the biggest national park in Latvia moving from Sigulda's north-east to Cesis's south-west beside the Gauja River valley. With a broad assortment of fauna and flora, it flourishes near the natural forested desert and is perfect for traversing on foot and by bike. It was instituted to preserve imperceptibly disordered natural areas, improve nature tourism and guarantee sustainable improvement in the region. In the park are around 149 bird plus 900 plant species and 48 mammal varieties. Additionally, there are more than 500 monuments of culture and history. These incorporate stone castles, hill forts, churches, manors, windmills, water, as well as different architectural, archaeological, and art monuments, etc.

7. Cross-Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

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Ice skating is not just the things to do in Latvia in winter. It is possible to do Cross-country skiing if there is also a lot of snow. Ordinarily, the trails of cross-country skiing are welcoming from January, it last until the spring comes. But, apparently, the climate changes, and now these days no one can actually prophesy when the wintertime will begin. So if you are passionate to experience the pleasure of ice skiing, the perfect time to trip in Riga is between January and February. There are numerous accommodations for experiencing the cross-country skiing in Riga, most of them are very near to the downtown.

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8. National Library

National Library

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The library is also recognized as “Castle of Light” or “Gaismas Pils.” The unique layout was encouraged by a Latvian folktale regarding a quartz mountain and by the nation's experience overwhelming the gloom of war and profession. The infrastructure has freshly reestablished to the populace after attending as the Latvian EU Presidency headquarters. Trips with a guide addressing in English are a steal at simply €2 and the only approach to get into the glass observation level at the peak. The building also possesses a unique setup – air-conditioning!

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Latvia is yet among the areas in Eastern Europe that are hardly explored by the tourists, but now it is beginning to get observed as a point of attraction for the tourists from around the globe. Thanks to its abundance of tourist destinations and a lot of fun things to do in Latvia. Formerly Latvia was a pagan nation that encompassed Christendom later than several of its acquaintances, and there is yet a famous folk legend here that can be observed in the rituals, architecture, and festivals of the communal. There are lots of places to visit here along with a huge bunch of things to do in Latvia, just have a look at the destinations where you can explore the beauty of Latvia. So, pack your bags and plan your trip to Europe for a scenic tour of this charming land!

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