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    Moldova is a European country that is famous for wine. It has some wine regions that are popular throughout the world. Various flavors of wine are produced here and are sent to other countries of the world. Moldova is bordered by Romania in the western part. There are ample tourist attractions in this place. Every year a lot of people come to this place to cherish its beauty. The official language of this country is Moldovan and Romanian.

    10 Best Things To Do In Moldova

    Now let’s have a glimpse at some of the 10 things to do in Moldova which will let you experience the best of the sights and enjoy around the region.

    1. Cricova Winery

    Cricova Winery

    Image Source

    You can plan for a full day tour to this place. It will be a very unique experience to know about how wine is prepared and what things that are included as its ingredients are. You will really love to see the preparation. Apart from this, the entire premise of the winery is well maintained. This place should be explored if you really intend to try out some of the best things to do in Moldova.

    Location: Petru Ungureanu St., 1, Cricova 2084, Moldova

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    2. Dendrarium Park

    Dendrarium Park

    Image Source

    This park is beautifully decorated with flowers and trees. They are very nicely maintained. If you wish, you can walk within the park premises. There are pavements that are specially made for walking. Even there are chairs that are used for sitting and relaxing. A minimum entry fee is required for the entrance. This amount is spent on maintaining the park. It will be quite relaxing to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature in this park. These are some crazy things to do in Moldova.

    Location: Alexei Sciusev St., Chisinau, Moldova

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    3. Old Orhei Archeological Complex

    Old Orhei Archeological

    Image Source

    This is really a very beautiful place that must be visited if you are in Moldova. This archaeological place is very well maintained. Even one can gather a lot of information from this place about past history. Most of the things are nicely preserved. There is an entry fee that is taken from the visitors. Since all time archeological units always have special importance. They also carry significance in the history of different ages. Thus, attempts should be taken to preserve them at any cost. The initiative must be from all angles.

    Location: Trebujeni, Moldova

    4. Stefan Cel Mare Park

    Parc Stefan cel Mare

    Image Source

    If you wish to spend some lonely time anywhere, then this place is the best one. The park is very big and there are many sitting areas. You can sit here quietly for a moment. Apart from this, there are some eating places inside the park that serves tasty delicious. If you wish, you can avail such food. During the night, this park is beautifully decorated.

    Location: Blvd Stefan cel Marc, Chisinau, Moldova

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    5. Catedrala Nașterea Domnului


    Image Source

    The building was constructed in the year 1836 and since then it is in same conditions. Some years ago it underwent some renovation work. This place is a very vital place for Orthodox Christians. There is a huge area inside this building. People can even roam here and explore more about this place. During any type of ceremony, you can enjoy the whole thing.

    Location: Stefan cel Mare Parcul Catedralei, Chisinau, Moldova

    6. National Museum Of Ethnography And Natural History

    National Museum of Ethnography

    Image Source

    The style of the building is of Moorish style. The interior architecture is far better and interesting. You can even explore many important things and informations. There are some histories that can only be explored in this place. So if you are Moldova then this place must be visited. Most of the schools, usually bring their students to these museums. They find it a very interesting matter.

    Location: Mihail Kogalniceanu St, 82, Chisinau 2009, Moldova

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    7. Asconi Winery

    two glasses and bottle of red wine

    Image Source

    It is also a very popular winery of Moldova that must be visited during the trip. The winery is a very old one. It produces high quality of wines and about 90% of the wine is exported to other countries of the world. A visit to the winery must be included within the Moldovian tour. There are many restaurants that are found in this area. You can also some delicious items in those restaurants. The visit to this winery can be included as a day trip. Visiting amazing wineries is definitely included within the list of top things to do in Moldova.

    Location: FCP Asconi SRL, s.Puhoi, Ialoveni 6824, Moldova

    8. Soroca Fortress

    Soroca Fortress

    Image Source

    If you have a great passion to know about the ancient world history, then this place must be visited. Nothing much is known about the history of this fortress. If you like then you can roam around it and gather some information. There are guides available that can also assist you to know something more about this place. It is always best to hire a guide for completing the tour. The fortress is located in the countryside of Moldova. It takes about 2 hours to reach this spot.

    Location: Cetatea Soroca Independentei 68 | On the bank of Nistru River, Soroca 3000, Moldova

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    9. Botanical Garden Of The Academy Of Sciences Of Moldova

    Beautiful Flowers

    Image Source

    If you are in search to see some rare species of plants and birds, then this botanical garden is the best option. You will really take a long time to see the whole place. The garden is full of wide varieties of trees most of which are very rare and hardly seen. The whole garden is kept clean and well maintained. The birds are very large in number. Walking is the best way to see the whole garden. So it is advised to walk as much as possible.

    Location: Padurii St., 18, Chisinau 2002, Moldova

    10. National Museum Of Moldovan Art

    National Museum Of Moldovan Art

    Image Source

    This museum has an unexpected collection of art that cannot be described in words. All these arts are wonderfully preserved and good care is taken for its proper maintenance. There are security guards who take good care of the visitors. If needed, they can assist you to fetch a taxi. The museum mainly preserves the art of 19th and 20th-century painters. You can gather a lot of information about those arts at this museum. Many people who do research work come here for collecting informations.

    Location: August 1989 St., 31, Chisinau, Moldova

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    Moldova must be explored in a unique. If you have a great eagerness to know about the ancient art and architecture, then the above mentioned places must be visited. It will really assist you in collecting ample information. Apart from this, it is best if you hire a cycle for a few days and roam all along the town. This will also enable you to know the town more specifically. Every country has some features so Moldova is not an exception to this. So come and discover the beautiful part of Moldova that cannot be expressed in words. There are really some interesting things to do in Moldova Romania which you can experience while on your Europe tour.

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