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    A landscape silhouette in South Africa

    Oudtshoorn pronounced as “oudt-shorn” which is a world-renowned place for ostrich and also known, as “the ostrich capital”. Besides ostrich watching, there are many other interesting things to do in Oudtshoorn for travelers. Situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, a nature-friendly town in the Klein Karoo. In the north, it has Swartberg Mountain, and in the south, it has the Outeniqua Mountains which eventually make this place heaven for those who love and appreciate nature.

    16 Best Things To Do In Oudtshoorn

    March to May and September to December are the time to visit Oudtshoorn and admire its beauty. Here are the lists of amazing things and activities that you can do while you’re traveling to Oudtshoorn:

    1. Cango Caves

    Cango Caves

    Image Source

    One of the main attraction near Oudtshoorn is The Cango Caves which are situated in Precambrian limestone. This cave attracts many tourists from around the world. Being a cave, it’s extremely dark inside. So, it’s better you’ll have torch lights before entering there. The cave was discovered in the 1700s and found limelight in 1930, when archeologists found artifacts and some other cultural items during their research, which makes it more fascinating.

    You have to pass from the chambers in this cave. Tours for Cango Caves are happening at regular intervals. There are two types of packages named as “Standard Tour”, which takes an hour and “Adventure Tour”, which takes half an hour. The tours let you crawl through contracted routes and jump up the sharp rocks, thereby enjoying the place fully.

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    2. Cango Wildlife Ranch

    Cango Wildlife Ranch

    Image Source

    It was 1977 when The Cango Wildlife Ranch was started like a crocodile show farm. But later on, it highlighted on crocodile population as well as paid attention to the number of species which were on the verge of extinction. Today, it is home to more than 80 species of animals and reptiles. But what makes it more interesting is the interaction of humans to crocodiles. Cango Wildlife has the world’s first cage diving experience. A person is closed up in a cage and then the helper will take this cage into the water. The whole purpose of this “cage-diving” is, to have personal understanding of the lives of these species living under water.

    3. Rust en Vrede Waterfall

    Rust en Vrede Waterfall

    Image Source

    It is situated 18km from Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo. Rust-en-Vrede means “rest and peace”. Outside this waterfall many facilities can be seen like Braai (barbeque) and many picnic places are available at the entrance for the amusement. Small entrance fee is charged from people. It’s one of the wonders in Oudtshoorn, and people are advised here to maintain and marvel this nature’s wonder. You can walk over small bridges and look at the fresh crystal clear water coming straight from the mountains.

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    4. Meerkat Adventures

    Fur Meerkat Wildlife Wild Nature Alert Animal

    Image Source

    Another thing you should be doing while in Oudtshoorn is to take part in Meerkat adventures. Meekat is a place where you encounter with wild animals in their natural habitat. You can see and enjoy the fauna. It’s better to visit Meerkat when the day is sunny, so that you will be able to see all those species there easily.

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    5. Mooiplaas Ostrich Farm

    Mooiplaas Ostrich Farm

    Image Source

    This tour will take your 1-1.5 hours to show you how modern day’s commercial farm operates. This tour will give you a chance to meet those amusing ostriches in the farm rings. Then you will get to see how people in farm feed them, their advanced methods and techniques for taking care of ostrich’s eggs and how they hatch them. Then they’ll show you how those chicks brought up and when they are all grown up they’ll send to those big ostriches. Some of the tours will even let you ride on ostrich or watch ostrich races.

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    6. Karusa Winery

    Karusa Winery

    Image Source

    Karusa is a family owned business which operates and manages Southern Cape Premium Wine and Craft Brewery. It is wine and fruit farm which is well-known for its Cap Classique and Mediterranean style wines. Karusa winery offers exceptional blends of white and red wines, craft beers and freshly picked fruits. They charge some fees to taste their exquisite wine but if you’re buying them, then tasting is free.

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    7. Grundheim Cellar

    Grundheim Cellar

    Image Source

    Grundheim wines established in 1858, a family business in which they’re farming in Oudtshoorn for more than a century. The farm uses more than century-old historic wine cellar. Grundheim products include Muscadel, Port, homemade liquors, and “witblits” made in a traditional brandy-still. Grundheim is known for their traditional method of winemaking. It specializes in sweet wines and liquors. Do visit the Grundheim's and taste their exquisite wine.

    8. Guarrie Trail

    Guarrie Trail

    Image Source

    The Guarrie trail is 700 meters long and will take your 20 minutes to complete it. This trail displays some of the fascinating local bird species and beautiful Klein Karoo’s vegetation. If you are in Oudtshoorn with children, or with old people, then this trail is for you. It is less tiresome and comes to an end in no time. It is rich in flora which eventually makes your mood better.

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    9. Minwater Trail

    Minwater Trail

    Image Source

    The Minwater Private Game Reserve is situated outside Oudtshoorn in the Karoo. It is a must visit place, and is not far away from Oudtshoorn. The Minwater Trail consists three trails. The Rooiberg is the first trail, which is 7km long. Then there is Steenbokrant trail, which is 4.5km long, and the last trail is Sandberg, which is 17km long and has two additional ones, named as, Kloof and Die Gat. The best part about Minwater trails is that you don’t need to hire a guide. With proper preparation, you can manage your routes on your own. And enjoy your visit to Oudtshroon to the fullest.

    10. Piet Barbet Trail

    Piet Barbet Trail

    Image Source

    This is another must visit area while you are in Oudtshoorn. Piet Barbet Trail is in the Klein Karoo within the Cape Floral Kingdom. This trail is known to be as one of the plant wonders around the world. This trail takes you to the wonderful unmatched plant diversity. Pier Barbet Trail is 4.1km long, where you can see the beautiful vegetation.

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    11. Gamkaberg Nature Reserve

    Gamkaberg Nature Reserve

    Image Source

    The Gamkaberg Nature Reserve covers almost whole part of the mountain, which is now a World Heritage Site. It was established in 1974, with the mission to protect a population of endangered Cape mountain zebra. Besides zebras you can find antelope, including klipspringer, red hartebeest, eland, and others. Various birds, reptiles and insects are also found in this reserve. Additional attractions in this reserve include kloofing and rock art sites as well as mountain biking through the 30 kilometers overnight trail, which is best for adventure junkie in you.

    12. Swartberg Mountains

    Swartberg Mountains

    Image Source

    The Swartberg Mountains a.k.a. Black Mountain in Afrikaans, situated in a mountain range in the Western Cape of South Africa. The Swartberg Mountains are tallest in the Western Cape and most of the mountains here are ranging up to 2,000 meters tall. These mountains were once called impassable but now it has three passes through it. Swartberg pass was built between 1881 and 1888, plentiful of Swartberg is now a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should visit here and admire the stunning scenario ahead of you.

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    13. Hot Air Ballooning

    Hot Air Ballooning

    Image Source

    If you love the feeling of “top of the world” then hot air ballooning is for you. Once you are above in the sky you’ll enjoy the sense of peace and tranquility. You don’t need to put any effort at all, your presence in the balloon will be fine and let the pilot do his job. The feeling of euphoria can’t be explained when you’re 1,000 feet above the earth’s surface.

    14. Buffelsdrift Game Park

    Buffelsdrift Game Park

    Image Source

    Buffelsdrift is a game farm in the lower range of the Swartberg Mountains in the Cargo Valley. Buffelsdrift Game Park became part of the 6th South African World Heritage Site in 2004, which offers a treasure of endemic plant species. Buffelsdrift game farm consists of luxurious accommodation, enormous lounge, conference facilities, the charming wooden chapel for intimate gatherings, and a restaurant for your appetite.

    The restaurant specializes in local cuisine, an open bar which provides a wide range of local wines and soft drinks. There is a spa to relax your muscles, a novelty shop where you can buy local arts and crafts, clothes and your needed items. With these amenities, you can also enjoy some outdoor activities which include early morning safari drives, Meerkat safaris, or brushing and feeding elephants.

    15. CP Nel Museum

    CP Nel Museum

    Image Source

    The sandstone building with clock-tower, known as CP Nel Museum was built in 1906 by Charles Bullock. This prominent building is famous for the best small town museums in South Africa. This museum mainly focuses on the ostrich industry, concentrating on the ostrich feather boom period which dated back from 1900 to 1914. Ticket price varies, but it’s a must visit the place to gain some historical insights of Oudtshoorn.

    16. Bella Mia Olives & Pottery

    Bella Mia Olives & Pottery

    Image Source

    A few years ago, Chris and Mariana left their field of expertise and jumped into olive farming and pottery making in a small farm in Schoemanshoek, which is situated between Oudtshoorn and the Cango Caves. With their hard work, now both of them are happy with their business of olive farming and pottery skills. You should visit there, enjoy the olive farming, and buy yourself a piece of pottery by Mariana for your return gift.

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    Travelling will always make you speechless, no matter how small or unpopular the place is, it will eventually make you a wiser version of you. After reading about so many fun activities in Oudtshoorn, your travel bug must be awakened. Plan a trip to Africa this year and head to Oudtshoorn in South Africa, and if you’re lacking in money then start saving it. You simply cannot afford to miss any activity while you visit Oudtshoorn.

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