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    Best Things To Do In Petra

    Jordan never loses its ability to entice travelers from every part of the world, despite being in conflict every now and then. Especially the Nabataean city, Petra, which is a pink-hued necropolis and most treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The locals of Petra welcome tourists with warm hearts and make sure that you have a great stay in the city. Along with top attractions, there are a number of things to do in Petra that one can indulge in. This small city is capable of surprising everyone with the options of activities that one can opt for when traveling to Petra. If you are planning a getaway to Jordan with your family or friends or even solo then you will definitely be spoilt for choices in Petra.

    Top 8 Things To Do In Petra

    This list of 8 eclectic things to do in Petra, Jordan, will make you realize that there is a lot to do in this small city that were unknown all this while. So, take a look at these activities and what all you will do on your Petra vacation.

    1. Sightseeing


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    One and foremost thing to do in Petra is exploring the ancient ruins and teleporting back to as old as the 3rd century by visiting some of the top tourist spots. This includes narrow walkways od Siq, Ad Deir monastery, Al-Khazneh Temple, Royal Tombs, Tomb of Aaron, Obelisk Tomb, and Little Petra. The bizarre-looking formations and golden, narrow gorge of Petra will definitely leave you in awe and make you wonder if you have been looking under a rock all this while. So, if you are planning a visit to this city then do not forget to include these top places to visit in Petra.

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    2. Traverse Through The Hiking Trails

    Traverse Through The Hiking Trails

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    Wondering what to do in Petra, Jordan? Well, you will be shocked to know that there are umpteen hiking trails, from easy to difficult, that you can opt for. Petra is a city to be explored and not to laze around. So, lace up your boots and go for some hiking trails like the Main Trail, Wadi Farasa Trail, High Place of Sacrifice Trail, Monastery Trail, and Treasury Viewpoint Trail. Make sure you keep some snacks, nuts, and water to replenish yourself and do not forget to pack your camera to capture the beauty that you have not seen before.

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    3. Chill At The Bar

    Chill At The Bar

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    Your trip is not worth it if you are not going to the oldest bar in the world. Yes, Petra houses world’s first bar that occupies a 2000-year-old Nabataean rock tomb. The bar is said to stay open till four in the morning and is usually teeming with people on summer nights. They do not entertain their guests with an elaborate menu, instead they have kept it short and simple by serving some of the basic dishes including salads, pasta, burgers, and cocktails. If you are staying at the Petra Guest House Hotel then even great because the Cave Bar is located just next to the hotel.

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    4. Camel Ride Is A Must

    Camel Ride Is A Must

    A getaway to Petra is incomplete without riding on the back of a camel so when you are tired with hiking, opt for this ride and hold on tight. The best part about this ride is not only the ride but also indulging with the Bedouins who are humble and generous to talk to. Get to know about the stories of Petra that you might not get to hear from anyone else. You will be shocked to know that some Bedouins even know as much as seven languages and can speak fluently in them. Make sure you take a ride on the decked up camels and click photos with them as it is one of the fun things to do in Petra.

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    5. Explore The City Ruins On A Horse


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    Explore the city of Petra like ancients used to do and take a horseback ride that will give you the true feel of a Jordanian. Explore the tribes and meet the locals to know about their stories. This is one of the best things to do in Petra as you will get to experience life above and beyond the trivial matters and get a chance to admire the pristine wilderness left on earth. So, if you are adventurous soul and looking for a thrilling activity then you must go for a horse ride in Petra.

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    6. Marvel At The Sunset View

    Sunset View

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    Get ready to mount 800 stairs and witness the most amazing view of sunset in Petra. The second-most famed monument of Petra, Al-Deir, lets you marvel at the beauty of changing hues of the sky. Make sure you visit this monument in the evening so that the time when you reach the spot you will get to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Earth. Get mesmerized as the color of the cobblestones turn into rose gold with the last rays of the sun.

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    7. Pamper Yourself By Indulging In Shopping


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    Looking for a place to buy souvenirs in Petra? Well, there is no dearth of spots for shopping like Umm Raami’s Shop, Indiana Jones Gifts Shop, Why Not Shop, and the famous Andalusia Bazaar. These shops showcase some of the best natural and traditional crafts like handcrafted jewelry, aromatic soaps, embroidered shawls, silver tribal jewelry, sand paintings, Dead Sea salt, and glass tesserae. You will find all these products in different range and can buy according to your convenience. Go for a shopping spree while the sun is setting as it is one of the best things to do in Petra at night.

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    8. Sate Your Appetite By Sampling Local Food

    Sampling Local Food

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    After all exploring the city, you must be hungry and want to have some comfort food in Petra. Get ready to taste some flavorsome dishes like baklava, pita bread and hummus, maklouba, kebab, zarb, falafel, and many more. Are you drooling already? Well, we don’t blame you because Jordanian cuisine gets every foody drooling over the choices of food dishes.

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    With all these top activities to indulge in, you will not get bored for a moment in Petra. So, get ready and pack your bags for a trip to Petra and explore the ruins of the city to teleport back to the 3th century. Stay, live, and eat like a Jordanian with your family or friends. Gear up to tick off this destination from your bucket list and plan a safe Petra excursion with TravelTriangle. Get a chance to plan your itinerary according to your own budget and treat yourself this year. Make sure you include all these things to do in Petra and take your trip to another level.

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