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Boating In Salt LakeThe capital city of Utah, Salt Lake City was formerly a domestic tourist place in the US. Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, it has gained popularity as one of the quality snow posts in America.

Since then, this lake city is a popular place for recreation and adventure sports activities for domestic and international tourists. It is an all-season tourist place in the western parts of the US. This place is known for its vast salt lake with the backdrop of Wasatch Mountain Ranges in Utah. There are many things to do in Salt Lake City. Vibrant aura and urban vibes define the atmosphere that one tends to come across when traveling to the city. Here we have listed the top experiences that you should embrace when traveling to Utah! It is a tourist-friendly place with modern facilities and amenities.

Top 10 Things To Do In Salt Lake City

With so many things to do and so many attractions to witness, Salt Lake City is one of those destinations that has plenty to offer. TaTrek To Ensign Peakke a look at some of the best experiences that you can embrace on your escape!

1. Swimming In Antelope Island State Park

Swimming In Antelope Island State Park view

Image Credit: Annica Beckman for Pixabay
Antelope Island State Park is the best to visit for aquatic things to do in Salt Lake City. It is the only beach place and lake water area good for swimming. You must be here in summer to sunbathe and swim in this lake. This is the best lake for those who do not know how to swim too. This is because this salt-water lake makes anyone float naturally. It is advisable to swim in permitted places only. There is no special dress code in this area. You can wear a swimsuit, bikini, and swimming gear. It is advisable to come to a group for swimming. This lake water has many trout fish and lake water birds. It is advisable to take a fresh water bath as this lake is having more salinity than seawater. Yet, you will get more mineral values after swimming in the lake. However, you will find some difficulties to swim, as this is hard water.

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2. Hiking And Biking In Millcreek Canyon

Hiking And Biking In Millcreek Canyon view

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The Wasatch Mountains has one of the enigmatic canyons in this world. The Millcreek Canyon is one of Jordan River Parkway Trailthe nearest ones to Salt Lake City to access first. This is the only canyon, which is accessible throughout the year. It is the best place to visit by nature and adventure seekers once in Utah. Hiking is an important thing to see this canyon from the lower terrain. It will be surprising to see those massive rocks and natural pathways. Energetic people can try biking. Yet, the route is with varied difficulties. It is advisable to avoid rigid terrains if you are new to biking on uneven topography. There are also permitted camping sites, where you can take a rest for a while. It is advisable to carry enough water and food before entering Millcreek Canyon with a pass. If you are healthy, you can trek to Mt. Aire and Grandeur Peak and see this nature’s wonder from 2000-ft above the mean sea level.

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3. Trek To Ensign Peak

Trek To Ensign Peak view

Image Credit: Tyler Moore for Pixabay
Reaching the Ensign Peak is the best way to view Salt Lake City from an altitude of 5,417-ft above the mean sea level. The nearest way to trek this peak is from the Utah State Capitol. It will take 30-minutes only to reach this peak. Trekking this peak is of moderate difficulties. Yet, average people can trek and reach this peak from the backside of the Utah State Capitol building. From the peak, you can view the white salt beauty of this lake. It is advisable to see the sunrise and sunset from this peak if time permits. The peak is a citadel top. You can even camp for the day and watch the moving clouds, mountain mist, and snow in winter. You cannot find any other peak, which is very easy to reach by trekking in Utah. Yet, there will be some difficulties to trek when there is a snowfall. The summer season is the best to be at the peak for a long hour.

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4. Cycling in City Creek Canyon Road

 Cycling in City Creek Canyon Road

Image Credit: Antonios Ntoumas for Pixabay
The City Creek Canyon Road is close to Salt Lake City. Cycling is the popular way to cross this nature’s pathway in a canyon once in Utah. It is a 10-km canyon road, which takes almost 3-hour to cover that distance by an average person. Yet, it will be cool to cycle during the winter. You can find snow. It is advisable to come in the early morning to enjoy cycling to the fullest. This is because; you can find public traffic afterward. April to October is the right time for cyclers to explore this canyon road. You can take a break in small café and food vendors found here. The tourist new to canyon cycling must try mild skill level ride. The professional cyclers can try all skill levels once in this City Creek Canyon Road. It is advisable to follow the speed limit by the cyclist as you can find other vehicles to pass by. There are also runners and hikers with dogs crossing this canyon road. Therefore, you must be very careful during the peak tourist season.

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5. Jordan River Parkway Trail

Jordan River Parkway Trail's view

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The Jordan River passes nearby Salt Lake City in Utah. The Jordan River Parkway trail is one of the scenic trail places one must take once in Utah. This is a 64-km trail with good tar road and walkway path. Hiking will take a day to cover the entire long-distance trail in this parkway. The river streams, swamps, Wasatch Mountain backdrop and the salt lake surroundings view are very eye soothing. During the winter, you can find snow here. This makes it a better place for skating. It is advisable to take a horseback ride to cover this trail in a half day. You can also try cycling if you are energetic. Cycling and horseback riding is the best way to cover this long-distance Jordan River Parkway trail. There are many places with seating facilities for the trial takers. It is advisable to carry sufficient water and food while taking this trail. You can enjoy Mother Nature and breathe fresh air throughout the trail. This trail will lead to jaw drop as you can see much scenic topography.

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6. Drive Through Parley’s Canyon And Visit Parley’s Summit

Drive Through Parley's Canyon And Visit Parley's Summit

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Once in Salt Lake City, you must try the scenic drive route on interstate 80 which happens to be one of the most exciting things to do in Salt Lake City. This is of the best and most scenic route on the Wasatch Mountain. Parley P. Pratt is the man behind this road. You can see his statue on the Parley’s Summit with a survey tool. This is because; he mapped and surveyed this mountain road feasibility in Utah. Traveling in an SUV in the early morning is advisable to see its mountain, canyon, and Salt Lake vistas throughout your drive. A mountain passes lead to Parley’s SumDrive Through Parley’s Canyon And Visit Parley’s Summitmit. It is of some difficulties if you found snow in this pass. When you reach the summit, you will be at an altitude of 7,120-ft above the mean sea level. You can view the beauty of the Wasatch Mountain Ranges in Utah from this summit. A day trip is enough to take a scenic mountain drive and reach this mountain summit by small trekking. This mountain summit and its surroundings will look white during the winter.

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7. Shop At Foothill Drive

foothill shops

Image Credit: Pixabay
The foothill village is one of the posh areas of Salt Lake City. There are more than sixty shops present here selling provisions, garments, sports gear, and utilities. This is the ideal place to buy skiing gear or any snow sports kit. You can buy a good pair of shoes matching the hiking and trekking trail needs once in Salt Lake City tour. You can find branded and multi-brand shops. It is the best place to buy winter clothing from here. They are made of natural fur and keep you warm in the snow condition weather. Apart from shopping, this is also the finest place for food. There are branded chain of restaurants and cafes.

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8. Boating In Salt Lake

Boating In Salt Lake's view

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Boating is one of the recreational and adventure things to do in Salt Lake City. You can find a boat matching your boating needs. Exploring this lake via single mast boat and sloop boats is the best one for those who do not know how to row a boat. They just go away with the finest flow of wind on this salt lake. Those who know how to swim can try the rowboat made of fiber. You can find many tourists enjoy boating in Salt Lake City during the peak season.

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9. Fishing In Salt Lake

Fishing In Salt Lake's view

Image Credit: Ahli sejak for Pixabay
Once in Salt Lake City, you must try fishing in this lake. This is a recreational thing to do on this salt lake. There are many trout fishes here. You can try your luck to catch a rainbow trout fish. You can get a fishing kit rental from its shore vendors. You can hire them on an hourly basis or for a day. You can do angling from the shore or from a boat. It is advisable to do angling in the permitted areas of this lake. This is because there are also huge fish and other water species living in this salt lake.

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10. Hike On Salt Flats

Hike On Salt Flats

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Once in Salt Lake City tour, you must try the salt flats in the east of this city. From here, you can know how this salt lake name has come. After reaching here, you can find a vast salt desert. You can find them like powder snow. Yet, they are natural salts. They have dried up since the ancient times, where a large lake existed. Today, it is a racing ground for high-speed testing of motor vehicles and for advertisement purposes. The smell of the salt may hamper your hiking. Yet the cool wind will take away those smells. It is the best place to take photos with glittering white topography.

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Salt Lake City is one of those destinations that is ideal for those who are seeking some offbeat destinations to pay a visit to. The capital city of Utah, Salt Lake City is a massive metropolis that hides some of the most unmatchable experiences. With an extensive number of things to do in Salt Lake City, it is adamant that no traveler senses any sort of boredom. Thus, whenever you are planning a vacation to the USA, do add this beautiful city on your bucket list!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Salt Lake City

Is salt lake good for swimming?

For swimming, Salt Lake City is the best to do at Antelope Island State Park. This lake water is very high in salinity. Normally, one can float on this lake water.

Are there resorts in Salt Lake City?

Yes, Salt Lake City has budget-friendly to luxury resorts for tourists, skiers and for recreational purposes. Since 2002, Utah promotes Salt Lake City as resort tourism.

Is Salt Lake City is safe to take a tour by a solo woman?

Yes, it is advisable to visit here under any of the all-inclusive Salt Lake City tour packages. This will include your transportation, sightseeing, stay and with a local guide.

Is Salt Lake City has two time zones?

Yes, it has UTC−7 (Mountain) and UTC−6. This time difference is due to the altitude difference of Salt Lake City and its vast Wasatch in Utah.

Is a day trip is enough to go for all things to do in Salt Lake City?

No, you need to take a weeklong Salt Lake City tour to enjoy all things to do in Salt Lake City. These are water adventure sports and recreational purposes.

Is it possible to tour Salt Lake City on a day trip?

Yes, you can cover this city on a day trip visit. There are many local tour operators here. It will be much affordable to commute in its public mode of transportation and take a city tour without a guide. This is the best for a solo tourist.

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