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Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Marshall did the most unimaginable hitchhiking experience ever! Enlisted by Scottish brewers “Innis & Gunn” as their promotional ambassador, he traveled from Edinburgh to India (7600 Km) and used the brewer’s 120 cans of “India Pale Ale” craft beer in exchange for accommodation, lifts, and food.

His hitchhiking adventure was a part of an homage being paid to the 18th-century brewers of “India Pale Ale” who used to send beers on 6 month long routes from Britain to India in the earlier times!

120 cans of craft beer as currency!

Cans of IPA Craft beer

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Trusting the power of ‘beer exchange’, Manny bartered the beer cans with travelers for food, stays, and what not. According to him, the “craft beer” was famous enough to persuade people for exchanges and looking at his awesome trip, we certainly agree!

Here’s his beautiful journey!

1. From Paris with love

Manny in Paris during his hitchhiking trip

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2. To Athens

Manny hitchhiking in Athens

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3. Beer can selfie with a ‘Just Married’ couple at Charles Bridge

Manny with a couple at Charles Bridge

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4. Trading beer for free rides!

Manny exchanging beer for lift on his hitchhiking adventure

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5. To making new friends

Manny and his friends on his hitchhiking experience to India

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6. Warm welcome in Delhi

Manny hitchhiking to Delhi

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7. Beer unites us all

Manny making new friends in India

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8. More fun on the way

Manny on his trip to India

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9. Finally Goa! The best place to enjoy a cold beverage!

Manny with his can of beer in Goa

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Now that is some serious ‘BEER’ love!

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