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For all those who’ve been awe-struck after watching this extraordinary phenomenon in the movie “Life of Pi”, must not let this opportunity slip away as the waves hitting the shore of Juhu bay have been glowing with shimmering effect of bioluminescence microbes.

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Many locals of Mumbai have been thrilled post witnessing the neon blue lights that suddenly lit up the waves hitting the shores at Juhu beach.

Though this natural occurrence was also witnessed by Nilesh Mane, an Ecology & Environment Conservation student and his friend Abir Jain in January this year, it is a must see for all Mumbaikars.

bioluminescence lights up juhu beach in mumbai

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Post witnessing late on Wednesday night, Nilesh Mane, urged Dr. Parvish Pandya, a Zoology professor and vice-principal of Bhavan’s College in Andheri not to miss such a wonderful sight who later rushed to the beach.

Caused by phytoplanktons called dinoflagellates found in coastal regions, the neon blue waves are created when these microbes come into contact with each other. When they are disturbed, it is their retortion to the pressure caused by water due to which the neon lights are produced.

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Also, it is believed that such occurrences get surfaced when there is a change in the water current during full moon. The high tides cause disturbance in water that hits these micro-organisms.

bioluminescence phenomenon witnesses in juhu beach in mumbai

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As a result of which, they emit light for a while and ultimately die due to being highly sensitive. Though such an occurrence is not common in western coast, the beauty of mysterious bioluminescence is that it can surface anywhere.

So if you too feel the urge to watch the bioluminescence magic, head to the cement dock that offers the perfect stance at Juhu beach.

Don’t miss your chance this time as this magical show is expected to be on for few more following nights!

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