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    A person with selfie stick doing cliff walking in Huashan Mountain - one of the most extreme adventure activities

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    Mountaineering is okay, how about hiking to the Everest Base Camp? You might have tried sea diving, but would you dare to try diving deep into the Blue Hole in the Bahamas? Camping is okay too, but how about cliff camping at a height of 1200 feet?

    The most daring souls across the globe are raising the bar of adventure to unimaginable levels! Are you up for the most extreme adventures around the world? Have a look at the images below and decide for yourself!

    1. Hiking to Everest Base Camp, Nepal

    Trekkers on their way to Mount Everest Base Camp

    Image Source

    2. Hiking in Angel’s Landing, Utah

    People in Angel’s Landing in Utah

    Image Source

    3. Cliff walking at Huashan Mountain, China

    A person with selfie stick doing cliff walking in Huashan Mountain - one of the most extreme adventure activities

    Image Source

    Must Read: Mount Huashan: World’s Deadliest Hike

    4. Cliff sliding from a height of 50 ft at Lake Powell, Utah

    5. Sky lodging in Peru

    Skylodge in Peru

    Image Source

    Must Read: Skylodging In Peru: Camping While Hanging Off A 1,200 Feet Cliff

    6. Cliff camping at Mt Buffalo Gorge, Victoria

    Suggested Read: In Pictures: Crazy Camping Ideas To Try Before The Fire Runs Out

    7. Trekking the frozen lake in Ladakh, India

    People taking Chadar Trek - an extreme adventure trek

    Image Source

    Must Read: Chadar Trek: A Complete Guide For That Walk Of Life

    8. Zip lining in Snowdonia, UK

     A person ziplining

    Image Source

    9. Paddling in the Bashkaus River, Siberia

    People rafting through Bashkaus River

    Image Source

    Suggested Read: River Rafting In India: 15 Places For Where You Can’t Just Sit And Watch

    10. Waterfall kayaking at Evan Garcia, USA

    A kayak falling from waterfall in Evan Garcia

    Image Source

    11. Diving into the Blue Holes, Bahamas

    Suggested Read: Explore The Breathtaking Underwater Universe At India’s Best Scuba Diving Spots

    12. Snorkeling between the tectonic plates in Silfra fissure, Iceland

    A diver between the tectonic plates

    Image Source

    13. Ice diving in the Antarctic Peninsula

     Diver rising on the surface between the ice

    14. Camping with the emperor penguins in Antarctica

    Campers interacting with penguins

    Image Source

    15. Skydiving at Wollongong, Australia

    People skydiving - one of most extreme adventures

    Image Source

    16. Sky surfing through storm clouds in Florida

     A person sky surfing in thunderstorm cloud

    Image Source

    17. Cycling the Death Road in Bolivia

     Cyclists cycling in the Death Road Bolivia

    Image Source

    18. Cycling The Great Wall of China

    A rider attempting biking on The Great Wall of China

    Image Source

    Must Read: Crazy Adventures You Need To Try At The Great Wall of China

    19. Running with the bulls in Spain

    People getting chased by the bulls in Spain

    20. Volcano boarding in Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

    A person trying volcano boarding

    Image Source

    Which of these extreme adventures are you going to try before you die? Take a call before planning a holiday.

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