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    Portugal is a stunning travel destination for all the travel enthusiasts out there with its magnificent beaches, stunning cityscapes, welcoming locals, and the delicious European cuisine. If you are travelling to Portugal for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with the place. It has many beautiful destinations that are worth visiting and with these best travel tips for Portugal mentioned below, your trip to the country will surely be more enjoyable and convenient. Take a look at our list of travel tips to Portugal to make the most of your Portugal vacation!

    14 Top Travel Tips To Portugal

    These 14 best travel tips for Portugal will come in quite handy on your next EuroTrip. Take a look and do take notes for planning an impeccable vacation with your loved ones.

    1. Travel out of peak season

    Travel out of peak season

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    Though June till September is the best time to visit Portugal, but the beautiful beaches and tourist attraction spots are usually overcrowded during this time of the year, so the best thing to do would be to visit Portugal during the shoulder season like autumn when the beaches are generally less crowded during these times and so you can enjoy a quiet time at the beaches and unwind yourself at peace.

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    2. Keep important documents

    Keep important documents

    Image Source

    Before travelling to Portugal make sure that your passport is up to date and you might need at least six months if you are visiting from any part out of EU. Also by Portuguese law, you always have to carry a photo ID like driver’s license with you while on your trip to Portugal.
    If you are a resident of EU then you are required to bring your European Health Insurance Card.

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    3. Be cautious at the beach

    Be cautious at the beach

    Image Source

    Towns in Portugal like Ericeira, Peniche and Nazare re famous surf destinations and that is not for nothing. The beaches in these locations are popular for producing gigantic waves and some of them could be detrimentally large so much that they can even knock adults over. So while on these beaches practice precaution and keep an eye on your kids and not let them go very near the water edge.

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    4. Travel light to Lisbon

    Travel light to Lisbon

    Image Source

    While travelling to the beautiful capital city of Lisbon, Portugal travel tips to remember would be to wear comfy footwear. Now, this might seem a bit absurd but especially if you are visiting the beautiful hilly city of Lisbon, the streets are cobblestone lined which might create an unstable footing and also makes the roads quite slippery. Also you need to carry on most of your outings on foot so be sure the most comfortable pair your shoes.

    Another pro tip for travelling to a major destination like Lisbon, pack light. Carrying around a cumbersome luggage with you can be quite tiring. You can find pretty much anything you need in Lisbon, so the good idea is to carry only a travel backpack with the bare essentials.

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    5. Vegetarians – beware of the soups


    Image Source

    Vegetarian options in Portugal restaurants are actually quite limited. You have to be prepared to eat a lot of salads. A very famous soup that you’ll find in many restaurant menu is ’Coldo Verde’ a very famous, tasty and traditional dish in the country. Although the soup is considered vegetarian and the waiters will also tell you the same but mostly there are a few chunks of sausage in the soup.

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    6. Use sun protection

    Use sun protection

    Image Source

    If you are visiting Portugal, you are definitely going to visit the beaches. Whether you are strolling around the sand or laying on the beach or simply wandering around the cities, don’t forget to use a sun block, especially between 12 P.M to 3 P.M. This is the hottest time of the day and you need to protect yourself from the heated rays of the sun.

    7. Brush up your Portuguese

    Brush up your Portuguese

    Image Source

    Although English is widely used in many regions of Portugal including Lisbon, Algarve and Porto, but it is not possible that every person that you come across in Portugal is versed in English and as you go outside from these major zones, you’ll fewer people speaking English. So, it is recommended that before you go travelling around Portugal, brush up on your Portuguese speaking skills.

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    8. Check travel time duration between locations

    Check travel time

    Image Source

    If you are planning to visit more than one location it is necessary to check the travel time and distance between the locations that you visit. It doesn’t make sense to spend your entire holiday rushing between destinations due to improper knowledge of travel itinerary.

    9. Portugal Money

    Portugal Money

    Image Source

    Money matters in Portugal and it is a great destination for budget travelling. There are ATMs in all the international airports in Portugal that that you can directly withdraw euros from. Credit cards are accepted in majority part of the country but the smaller outlets prefer taking cash only. Also keep note of the fact that every purchase that you make from your debit card will be charged, so it is necessary that you keep a tab on your expenses.

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    10. Safety


    Image Source

    Although Portugal is one of the safest place around the globe, but it doesn’t harm to take some precautions and know where to ask for help. If you are need of any emergency medical service or contact the police, dial 211. It is Portugal’s equivalent of 911 and this number is also toll free and does not incur any charges.

    11. Make use of your G.P.S

    Make use of your G.P.S

    Image Source

    Portugal is hands down a beautiful location to explore. But also you need to be prepared for getting lost in the midst of nowhere, especially people travelling from abroad countries, who are not used to driving on European roads and can easily be confused by the road signs and signals. G.P.S comes in handy in such situations as you can weave out of nowhere and find the road to your destination again.

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    12. Choose transportation wisely

    Choose transportation wisely

    Image Source

    If you are on budget travelling, you have to make wise decisions while choosing the mode of transport for your travelling. While car rentals and other such transportation modes can be quite costly, you can opt for travelling via the rail routes that are relatively cheaper and save a lot of your money.

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    13. Dine like the locals

    Dine like the locals

    Image Source

    Portuguese cuisine is generally of very supreme quality and high value so you can without any doubt stick to and anything that is grown or made locally. Also the fish and seafood in Portugal are fresh and very fine. Not to mention the equally excellent local wine. So while in Portugal you can rely on the local Portuguese food and drinks to enjoy a good meal.

    14. Plan at the best time

    Plan at the best time

    Image Source

    Although you can visit Portugal all throughout the year as per your preference but if you want to enjoy a lot of outdoor fun and hanging around the beaches then you should avoid visiting Portugal during the winter months. The best time to visit Portugal would be in the summer months between June to September when weather is warm and the ocean temperature is also relatively warm, so that you can enjoy your visit to Portugal to the fullest.

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    Travelling to Portugal can turn out to be a very exciting and worthwhile experience. You can relax in the scenic beaches and roam around in the major cities exploring the beauty that the country is. So, make sure you take a note of these tips to plan a perfect Europe trip with TravelTriangle with your loved ones.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Tips For Portugal


    Q. Which is the best time to visit Portugal?

    A. The best time to visit Portugal is between March to June and September to November. During these times, you can enjoy warm weather, fewer crowds and great deals on flights and hotels.

    Q. Which are the best places to visit in Portugal?

    A. Some of the popular places to visit in Portugal for an amazing vacation are:
    1. Jeronimos Monastery
    2. The Lisbon Oceanarium
    3. News Museum
    4. Porto Bridge
    5. Cais da Ribeira

    Q. What should I know before traveling to Portugal?

    A. A few useful things that you should know before traveling to Portugal are:
    1. Don’t assume starters to be free
    2. Prefer local food as they would be fresh, healthier and more inexpensive.
    3. Prefer traveling during the shoulder season as you can get better deals on hotels and flights.
    4. Not all vegetarian soups in Portugal are actually vegetarian and you can find small chunks of sausages in it.

    Q. Should you tip in Portugal?

    A. You are under no obligation to tip in Portugal and is a matter of your choice. If you wish to tip the attending staff for the restaurant for their excellent service, a tip amount of 10% of the total bill is what would be expected as a tip.

    Q. Which are the places to avoid in Portugal?

    A. Places such as Libson are where you can encounter drug dealers, and it’s advisable that you avoid any conversation or eye contact with them and if possible avoid visiting this place alone at night.

    Q. Is traveling in Portugal safe for solo female travelers?

    A. Portugal is considered the safest place for solo travelers, and if you are planning to travel all alone, there you can be assured that you have nothing to worry as the crime rates in Portugal is petty low.

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