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As the biggest landlocked nation in focal Asia, ninth biggest on the planet, Kazakhstan flaunts a rich and mind boggling history loaded with impacts from the numerous clans and people groups who have brought it home throughout the centuries. Consolidate its past with staggering view, from mountains and chasms to lakes and valleys, and it before long turns out to be certain that a climbing experience over this astounding scene offers the opportunity to find dazzling and different verdure and in addition antiquated consecrated settings from underground sanctuaries to a petroglyph site well known for its stone artworks. On this note, we convey to you a rundown of wonderfully cut must visit spots for trekking in Kazakhstan.

Best Treks In Kazakhstan

Throughout the centuries and ages, the changing atmospheres and consistently moving nature has cut and weathered the stone countenances into beautiful developments and undulating shapes. Check out this list to explore these gorgeous views.

1. Mount Burkitaul

Mount Burkitaul

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This Mountain, 3373 metre high, 18 km southwest of the town of Katon, is mainstream with mountain climbers for its delightful pyramid shape. At the base of the mountain are expansive stands of birch abounding with mushrooms, however higher up, its work of art, distinct taiga woods. Burkitaul can best be come to from the town of Topkay In.

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2. Belukha And Rachmanov Springs


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Ascending Belukha is for genuine mountain dwellers, yet climbing to the foot of the mountain, the course and the upper base camp is inside everybody’s grip. A decent construct for visits in light of foot is Kokkol, a phantom town worked under a roaring course in the 1930’s to dig for quartz, wolframite and molybdenum. From Kokkol, it takes 2 days to climb to Rachmanov springs.
At Rachmanov springs, the climbing conceivable outcomes are interminable. Loads of bears, however, yet in addition delightful snow capped glades, taiga, cascades, vegetation, stone engineering, and so forth.

3. Past Katon Karagai Valley

Past Katon Karagai Valley

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Interfacing Katon and West Altai is conceivable. Genuine travelers can begin from Turgusun, wherefrom the street drives north to an Old Believers town called Kutikha, and onwards to a secured zone called Nizheturgusunk. From that point, you can climb to the Black Knot zone.
So also, associating Katon Karagai valley with Lake Markakol is conceivable. It’s a 2-day climb along the Austrian Road, with perhaps some troublesome swimming.

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Wildlife In Kazakhstan


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Other than its people groups’ entrancing history, Kazakhstan is home to a different reiteration of intriguing creatures because of its fluctuated landscapes. As a feature of your epic voyage, climb through the stunning scene of Altyn Emel National Park; in the shadows of rough mountains, pay special mind to the wild jackasses, ibex and gazelles that meander indiscriminately over this semi-desert landscape, also the reptiles who make their home here. Make the trek down into close-by Kapchagai store to take part in the flourishing business here with a spot of angling. The government protected habitat of previously mentioned Berikara Gorge is another favored spot for fishers and, with its lovely forested territories pressed with birdlife, explorers will be spoilt for uncommon species to find – bear in mind your binoculars.

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Trekking In Kazakhstan: Must Visit Landscapes

Beautiful Landscapes

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Obviously, a scene loaded up with such a scope of untamed life makes for a staggering background; in the event that you are looking for clearing displays and perspectives to sustain your camera focal point, treks crosswise over Kazakhstan won’t disillusion. Investigate the icy pinnacles, falling falls and moving fields of Aksu-Zhabagly nature save, the most established in focal Asia. Here in the lower regions of the Tien Shan Mountains, you can climb to the Taldu Bylak – Kazanchy Kyr characteristic limit and along the shore of waterway Zhabagly. Head into Aksu ravine, cut by the compelling waterway of a similar name, in Sairam Ugam National Park, close Shymkent. Spend your days strolling, picnicking and taking photographs in the normal wild and your evenings outdoors, encompassed by dazzling magnificence, or nestled into comfortable guesthouses.

In the Turgen River Gorge, a diving elevated valley only 40 miles east of Almaty, venture through old-development woodlands, shining icy masses and rough crests to the stupendous Kairak cascade, colliding with its stone pool. In Charyn National Park, in the mean time, you can climb down the trail into the second biggest ravine on the planet, after the Grand Canyon.

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Trekking In Kazakhstan: Must Visit Highest Peaks

Must Visit Highest Peaks

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For a definitive experience, make an activity stuffed trek through the Turgen Valley area, heading for the Turgen Basecamp. Spend your days climbing up the bluff substance of a crevasse to the lifted prairies of the Assy Plateau, where Kazakh travelers wander and camp amid the midyear month. Trek onwards and upwards toward the Temir-Tas waterway for perspectives of the Zailiskiy Alatau Mountain extends lastly plummet down to the Turgen Basecamp, following the way of the stream. Spend every night outdoors underneath a continuous shelter of stars.

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Trekking In Kazakhstan: Best Time To Visit

Beautiful place and weather

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The perfect time to endeavour this trek is from mid-June to the period of October. Amid this time, the temperature extends between 8 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius which is appropriate to a great many people over the world.

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Do as Kazakhstan’s migrant individuals once did and by and large still do and investigate this stunning nation by foot. Lash on your strolling boots and go along with us on a whistle stop voyage through a portion of the features of climbing in Kazakhstan. Plan your trip to Kazakhstan with TravelTriangle and get ready to rejuvenate your senses amid the soothing sceneries of this land!

Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Kazakhstan

Which are the best trekking zones in Kazakhstan?

The nature of Kazakhstan is alluring for those who love to add adventure in their life while traveling. If you want to trek in Kazakhstan, you can choose places like Mount Burkitaul, Belukha and Rachmanov Spring, Past Katon Karagay Valley, etc.

What is the best time to trek in Kazakhstan?

Usually, for the general visitors, Kazakhstan is the most beautiful during July and August. But, if you are a trekker, you can go for trekking in Kazakhstan between April and September when the weather is soothing and perfect for hiking.

Is Kazakhstan too cold to trek in winter?

Kazakhstan has a continental climate throughout the year. That’s why summer is quite hot there as the temperature goes around 30°C. On the other hand, winter is chilling with the temperature around -20°C. So, it is not a good idea to trek in Kazakhstan in winter.

What are the wild animals you can see while trekking in Kazakhstan?

While you are trekking in Kazakhstan or visit the national parks like, Altyn Emel National Park, you can experience a wide variety of species that includes wild jackals, gazelles, ibex, and different types of reptiles, bear, and different species of birds.

Which are the best hiking trails of Kazakhstan?

Besides trekking, adventurists can also find the marvelous hiking trails which can introduce them with the outstanding natural beauty of this country. The famous hiking trails are Kok Zhailau, Peak Kumble, and Three Brothers, Peak Panorama, Peak Furmanova, the Butakova WaterFalls, Kim Asar Gorge, etc.

Why trek in Kazakhstan?

Travelers can experience the awesome beauty of the mountains, valleys, lakes, and the gorges while trekking in Kazakhstan. Besides that, one can also watch numerous species of flora and fauna here.

Which are the essential things to carry?

There is always a risk of hypothermia in Kazakhstan, so cover yourself with woolens, gloves, etc. Also carry your oxygen cylinder, waterproof and comfortable trekking shoes, binoculars, navigation map, etc.

What types of food you can carry during trekking?

You can carry some dry foods like chocolates, biscuits, cookies, etc. Carrying ready-to-eat meals is also beneficial for trekking in Kazakhstan.

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